New Brunswick, NJ -- Dec. 6, 2007

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Stealing for different sections of this baord, here is the official recap. nothing new to see here.

My review, you don’t need another set list so this is going to wander a bit.

OK, the quick answers about the mixed melody. I have to admit, while I was listening to Clay, I kept watching Jesse's face, Jesse went through so many emotions, confusion, panic, stress, curiosity, confusion again, it was like watching a cartoon or maybe someone whose life was passing before them. Clay was very cute and the audience thought it was funny. It was funny that when he sang tiny tots, he realized the music wasn't there for him and he stopped dead and said Chestnuts??? Then there was silence until he introduced Angela helped.

I was sitting in the 9th row, I think, and I was behind the fangirls, but in a not just us, mildly applauding group. Since there were couples around me, I am trying to figure out where this single seat came from.

I loved the flow of the concert, the moving to from one set/mood to another. The lighting complemented the moods and helped in the flow by darkening and lighting up again to delineate between songs. The attention that everyone paid to each other, the regimented look, all added to the mood. I was swept along and drifted into the famous Aiken fog, so that I did not even realize he was wandering off script until he stopped. Love the Aiken fog, I feel so good while I am in it, and then beat my self for falling into that drugged state again and lacking of details. My name is Playbiller and I am a fog addict.

Clay was beautiful, the women looked grand, Jesse played beautifully and the arrangements are fantastic. I can’t choose a favorite concert because that would be like choosing your favorite among children., but I loved this concert and I loved the vision that Clay had with it.

Here is my official proclamation!!!

Clack is no substitute for being there!

There, it is official. You can't judge the pacing, the environment, the very air you breathe. Clay works hard to make a visual and an aural set, when it is chopped into clack, it can't be evaluated as a whole. I love Clack, I am addicted to clack, but it does have it’s limits. The concert flows along and pulls you with it. One of the things I love about a Clay concert it how there is complete control (not so much last Christmas, but all other shows) and there is a single vision. Your eyes are drawn to specific spots and it is like a movie. Staring at Clay when Quiana is singing is not good for the whole picture. It may be interesting for a fan, but for me, it would interrupt the vision, the creation that Clay is presenting. This is not a guy who goes on stage and says " and my next song is...", the vision that some demand for his albums is there in every show. Clay is so much more than a singer, he is a showman. So.... Clack is no substitute for being there. My sympathies to those who for what ever reason cannot make it, but I cannot lie. Yes, I believe family and budget comes way before Clay Aiken concerts, having priorities straight is important to all. I recognize that I personally enjoy the freedom to go to these concerts and would take everyone with me if I could. This is a try not and miss it concert.

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