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Knoxville, TN

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West Wing theme. Very faint.

I can't make out most of the banter. It's hard to tell because I think I know what he's saying cuz I sorta "know" what he's saying. Know what I mean?

Talking to someone in the audience. Letting her do the speil?

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ok it's back

something about eating butter pecan cookies that forced him to go to the hospital... can't make out much of anything... "why are we talking about this anyway" back to theme songs

Yeah well...the Twins just got swept by the Lover All Alones. *sniff*

well that doesn't help MY team at all.

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On the other hand, the Phillies have the bases loaded with only one out. Way things are going, I am sure the batter will hit into a double play!

bwah... I know the feeling this year

Well, they got a hit with 2 outs but only one person scored. One got thrown out at the plate.

I hear nothing but laughter every so often.

Wait - the audience is singing the Brady Bunch theme.

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West Wing Theme

You love it don't you Quiana.

Jesse you like it.

I like it a lot. I watch a lot of TV. That's all I do...sing, sleep, eat and watch TV

Calling someone up from the audience.

What is your name?


It took you 4 hours to get from Nashville, did you walk?

This is your third show and you think you are an expert?

Full House

Give her a round of applause.

Quiana would you like to talk about what I talk about.

Can't hear what she is saying, but audience laughing.

You feel better now.

Talking to Quiana

I have an allergy to tree nuts and last time we got a gift of cookies from someone and we had to teach them a lesson, so I went to the hospital, completely fake?

Facts of Life...doing Brady Bunch...audience is singing.

Very nicely done.

TV themes get stuck in your head....AI audition story...Always and Forever...walked in and sang

Perfect Strangers

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The audience sang the "HIT" for Quiana. That's a funny bit. She said "I'm doing it!"

This cellcert is soooooooooo quiet!

Even the thread is quiet!

I can't make out much of the banter. Last night was sooooooooooo good.

I know I always feel good when I hear laughter, whether I can understand what's going on or not...this will have to be a clack downloaded show for me.

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I thought the Greek was fantastic. The NJU guy in front of me was blown. away.

Being a forever fan tho' I'm rather partial to the studio version myself.


Talking about having to word things carefully.

You people are so durty...

I do interviews and I am constantly asked another question; always the same question...who are my favorite singers, grew up with, inspired. Don't listen to radio much nowadays....the truth is the best voices that I know today are these two ladies. When we go on tour; for the last 4 years, I always have them entertain me.....laughter....musically. Some of you people are so dirty. I have them perform a musical number to entertain the audience and me. So put the spotlight on Quiana...she said something...audience laughter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Quiana Parler


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TV Banter...brought the girl up; gave her microphone so she could do his part.

Quiana left the stage for a minute; her underwear was cutting off her circulation and had to go back stage and fix it.

Clay was going to put the guy in the front's row name on billboard if he didn't get up and dance.

He was talking about bug last night...the bug was probably still in Angela's shirt and too comfortable to come out.

Joking around about the bats and they were singing really high because they were attracted to it.

He made up the hospital stuff...trying to teach Quiana a lesson; she thought he was at the hospital for 3 hours.

Quiana...re: spotlights. Clay has two back up singers and we're black and if you don't put the spotlights on us all you will see is teeth.

Security came over to Meesa three times and told her not to take video, but she wasn't.

No flash photography

wearing boots...shirt untucked....haircut?

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ok quiana brought him cookies with treenuts..and clay played a trick on her... pretending to go to the hospital..I'd kill him.

QUiana said she and Ang are black up singers... and they need to light them so people can see them.

Anybody listening to CV..what's the Ethel story?

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*whew* Lost my Internet connection for a moment.

Guy had trouble with overhead lights, so Ethel stood up with a flashlight and was shining it on the audience.

Standing ovations for first the two or three songs and Quiana's songs.

Audience is really into it.

Can't tell about the shoes because of the monitors on the stage...going to ask someone.

Wearing Boots!

Shirt not tucked in.

Looks like he has a haircut...it is short.

Full Venue

At the beginning of the show, some woman went up to the stage to hand Clay something and Jerome escorted her out.

Still has bangs.

Lot of the guys have been here before with their wives.

Lady sitting next to her, first concert of this tour and she is very excited.

There is a sign from girls sitting behind them that says "Clay, Please Come to Japan"

Not wearing ring tonight.

Might be the jeans from Cary.

Entered from stage right.

No way to get into the audience tonight.

Talking to M&G'r. Wearing 5230 shirt, khaki shorts, sandles and his hair was all messy like he just got up.

Absolutly no other new information.



Here we go...

Orchestra! Lights! Clay!

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