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Merrillville, IN -- December 22, 2007

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Thanks bottle. I swear I looked over there and didn't see it. But now I do. I must be tired.

Sound tonight is beautiful, isn't it?

He sounds like he's in great voice. :wub:

Hey, BW, I'm tired, too! We had a really rough drive home, too, but it sounds like yours was worse. We had ridiculously high winds to contend with on I80, which made the driving difficult and exhausting.

It was great to see you last night!

Regarding Omaha clack: I read somewhere that Scarlett got five videos last night. I don't know which songs, though, other than the two medleys. I have WTOW and Christmas Waltz, and will upload them to the vault later. I also have audio of OHN, if you don't mind hearing a nasty security guard busting me for taking video partway through! I stopped taking video, but kept taking audio very sneakily until the end of the song.

It's so sad that this is the last concert. :( But we have Spamalot to look forward to!

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According to CV cellcert thread, the stories tonight will be Clay's favorites.

I wonder how many people are gonna die?

Gibby I was wondering how you did on your drive home. In addition to closing I29, they closed I70 in Kansas. I knew you weren't on it, but was wondering if y'all encountered any difficult weather. :F_05BL17blowkiss: Can't wait to see your video.

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Intermission report from CV - Very blond, prominent cheekbones, in great voice.

From CH:


He was talking about involving the community each year but they didn't want to do Middle School because they have attitude problems and skin problems.

Blond still, long bangs, looks like ATDW hair only blond.

Faye and Brett are there.

"He tore up Winter Wonderland."

His voice is absolutely perfect.

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Faye is all in black tonight. Wonder if she might be reading tonight? Just speculating here.

Invisible26 is also getting video.

Much squealing over the blond bangs. I can't wait to see the pics!

From CV:

Toni said that yesterday in the M&G someone asked him what he thinks about when he sings..he said that it only takes 25% of his brain to remember the songs the other 75% he is thinking either about his schedule, food or what was just on tv. He said that sometimes he brain isn't working and only 24% is on the song which is why is forgets the words sometimes
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Faye is all in black tonight. Wonder if she might be reading tonight? Just speculating here.

Heh, eeeenteresting speculation. It'd be cute to get a Clay kid story from her.

Happy (hmm) Last Concert of the Tour, peeps!

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