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Kalamazoo, MI -- Nov. 30, 2007


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I will be going to see Clay's Christmas Show in Albany, NY on December 7.

We got our tickets a few weeks ago and we are center orchestra row 4.

Hope we are permitted to take pictures. Will anyone else be going to this

Christmas Concert in Albany? If so maybe we can connect and have the

chance to get acquainted.


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I will be there with bells on! 2nd row baybee! There are actually 10 of us representin', including me, crimsonice, disneykid, cindilu2, goldarngirl and 4 friends, and my CB buddy heartocean.

Who else is coming?

Me too!!!!

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One stop information on this show...

Venue: Miller Auditorium

More information on the show is here.

Clay Aiken Christmas

performing with the KSO

November 30, 2007

Best-known for his many show-stopping live performances in concert and on television, Clay Aiken continues to prove to be a phenomenon. Performing with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Clay Aiken has the range and appeal for a top-notch performance that continues to show audiences that he is not only an American Idol, but a contemporary music icon.

Zone 1A Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4

$60.00 $60.00 $50.00 $35.00 N/A

Purchase ticket information (online, fax, via phone, in person)

Online ticket ordering

Seating Chart

Capacity is 3497.

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Tickets are for sale publicly on the site now. You can get a much better idea of where your seats are if you go in and pretend to buy tickets. It's one of those interfaces that allows you to click on the exact seat you want to purchase. So there is definitely a 3 row pit. But I'm not complaining - we are row 2 so that makes us row 5. I'm pumped!

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It's party-all-night time! We have an entire day to get to DC on Saturday. Can we have an after-concert party (well, after busline if there is a busline)? Is anyone from Kalamazoo? Where is everyone staying? I'm sharing a room at the Raddisson. Anyone have space for all of us? Any good places nearby?

We can add Solo and PerusingOne to the list and merrieeee's definitely coming -- we're flying out together.

I'll bring the chocolates. I hope PerusingOne'll bring the CheezDoodles.

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I am going also, and bringing a friend. Probably will not see anybody after the concert. We are heading back home after, it is a 2.5 hr drive. The only way we would stay is if the weather is really bad. I hope you guys party all night!

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Is meeting for breakfast Saturday morning before everybody heads out a possibility? I just wonder what would still be open after the concert and the busline...

In any case, I'd at least like to touch base with and meet a few more FCA'ers, if only it's to say "Hey!" in the lobby of the theater. I'll definitely be looking for rohdy at the Birthday Books table to tell her thanks for her fantastic idea and all her work organizing that project.

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I think our group would be good for either before or after the concert, or even a next-day breakfast. Is there anyone who is semi-local? I haven't a clue what's in Kalamazoo. :cryingwlaughter:

ETA: Damn, nothing ever got finalized for our FCA meet up? Well, hopefully we'll have the opportunity to check the web later today and see if anyone's decided on a meeting place and time.

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Everybody have fun tonight -- I'll be home MAYBE in time for AIW. Instead of listening to the birthday cellcert, I'm toodling on a recorder with my husband at a local Madrigal Dinner. Hey -- at least I get free food.

But I'd rather be with you guys.

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