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Washington, DC - Dec. 2, 2007


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frpom Cb

Asked for a round of applause for their orchestra...

Something about all that is left to use is pre-kindegarteners but they have issues of their own.. so going to use "you".

Clay said that Angela and Quiana worked with students while "I slept in my dressing room."

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What are y'all talking about?

Sorry, BW. A CH'er who had a M&G said he told them something and swore them to secrecy. She said the other ladies promised, but she's the blabbiest blabber who ever blabbed. Hee!!!! Said it wasn't CD related, but that it made her happy and everybody would know in January. Also that it was related to something that already was talked about.

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merrieeee is doing the half-time cellcert on CH. She talked to clayamour who had a m&g and she said that they were told a secret, they aren't supposed to tell, but she is going to spill when she writes her recap because she can't keep secrets. In any case, whatever it is, everyone will apparently know the answer in January.
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Well, if he tells a secret in a meet and greet, I don't see how he can expect it to be a secret. I still can't believe the people from the summer have not spilled about the hair. Must not have been important.

BWAH! I love Merrieeee's description about the M&Ger so bursting to tell the secret, she will only need a little prodding to get it out. I know how she feels sometimes.

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