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Albany, NY -- Dec. 7, 2007


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Originally posted by Flower:


I will be going to see Clay's Christmas Show in Albany, NY on December 7.

We got our tickets a few weeks ago and we are center orchestra row 4.

Hope we are permitted to take pictures. Will anyone else be going to this

Christmas Concert in Albany? If so maybe we can connect and have the

chance to get acquainted.


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One stop information for this show....

Venue: The Palace Theatre with more information about Clay's show here.

Clay Aiken´s Magical Holiday featuring the 40 piece Capital Region Orchestra 12/7/2007

7:30 PM

As the runner-up to Fox TV´s second American Idol, vocalist Clay Aiken wowed television audiences with his Southern charm, sweet demeanor, and bright, glorious voice, and became a pop star. Out of 7,000 hopefuls, the Charlotte, NC, native won the hearts of the judges as well as millions of fans across the globe. It was Clay’s personality and stunning voice that led him to his 2nd place spot on Idol, a record deal with RCA and numerous hit songs and Holiday Specials.

This December Clay Aiken returns to the Palace Theatre with the 40 piece Capital Region Orchestra to perform holiday favorites that are sure to warm the heart of everyone, young and old alike. Join Clay as he transforms Albany’s Palace Theatre into a true winter wonderland!

Visit on line: www.clayaiken.com

Member Only Pre-Sale Date 7/25/2007

Public On-Sale Date 10/6/2007

Seat Regular

A $51.50

B $51.50

C $41.50

Tickets on sale to the general public through Ticketmaster after October 6, 2007.

Palace Theatre seating chart

Ticketmaster Seating Chart

Venue capacity is 2844.

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Me toooooooo! Any pre-concert reports yet? I'm kinda still watching NB clack....can't seem to tear myself away. ;)

Cellcerter says that there is something there that bills the concert as "Magical Christmas Tour" instead of Christmas in the Heartland.

Men further back but the front is "Claynation central".

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It's like a movie theatre, they sell popcorn at the concession stand. The ceiling is painted - reminds her of Hogwarts.

From CH:

Pre concert info from cellcert.

Handing out professional Spamalot flyers with Clay's head photoshopped on Sir Robin.

Meet and Greet: natural hair, glasses, slippers, no socks, sweatshirt

Said he didn't want his children home schooled.

When asked what he wanted to teach his children, he said he wanted them to be independent thinkers because some people can't think their way out of a paper bag.

OMG the cellcerter hung up. Whoops!

Jesse's on stage - here we go!

CH cert is very clear. Emmanuel now.

I feel like I'm talking to myself!

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From Simply Clayonline:

MarLovesClay's traveling buddie for this concert was at the Meet and Greet...

She was one of the girls who danced on stage at the Not a Tour... so she created a shadow box of the Lei she received and a picture of her with Clay on stage... and that was what she brought to the Meet and Greet for Clay to sign...

When Jamie gave it to him he said - oh I have to think about what to put on that and put it aside...

and then signed it later...

"_______, What a great lei - Clay Aiken

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What does "embouchure" mean? I played oboe all through high school in band, but I don't know that term.

I think that story was the same one as last night - about a Jewish girl's experience.

Jazzy medley now, certer is talking to her friends. I don't think I could speak during this medley. ;) At least, the sounds I was making were pretty unintelligable. :cryingwlaughter:

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