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Albany, NY -- Dec. 7, 2007


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He did it yesterday

I have been thinking ( :8: ), some posters keep insisting Clay will have to work with a vocal trainer, etc, to be able to perform 8 shows a week, but with this show, he sings almost all the songs, many challenging, and does a rehersal every day as well. Is n't that more like he is doing 10 shows a day right now? I think he is pretty strong as a performer.

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I love it when he introduces himself :wub:

Crowd is going nuts at the end of AIW!

I can't imagine why he would need a vocal trainer to do Spamalot 8 days a week. It's not that vocally taxing. I would think, if anything, he might need to work with a physical trainer to get the dance moves down. LOL. But I think he'll do just fine.

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HotMomof5's recap from the CH:

Here is my recap. I'm really frustrated because I just wrote it, forgot to copy it, and lost it...I'm gonna scream. Really. I need coffee.

Albany M&G recap

I got to the will call window early and Mary brought over the passes-I got mine, it is the one we've seen with the boy on it. Three other winners came, one is a gal I know so that was nice. We eventually were taken to the Palace lobby, where the other two were-Jerome came down to take us to our place. We went across the lobby, where they were popping theater popcorn, to a stair to the hall outside the balcony. There was set up chairs and a table-one for Clay facing the others. We put our gifts on the table (I brought a blue hoodie with white printing of cell phone bars that said 'get connected' and has the Bible verse John 6:14 printed on it, some Payday candy bars, and dog treats for Durham) and sat. Jerome said the rules, in a good-natured way, and mentioned about cameras-that at the show, pics could be taken, but if he saw a flash, he'd take the camera. He also apologized for the hall situation, saying the venue was short rooms, and that it might be a bit rushed because they could not let in the public until this was over (we were in the public hallway). Mary and Jamie, pretty gals, came and sat on the stairs. Jerome went downstairs to get Clay...

and there he was! Glasses, hair similar to pics posted from last night (I don't think it was yet styled, it looks like maybe he just ran his brush through it) grey hoodie with 'K-State' on it, blue sweatpants and black mens' slippers with no socks-boy has some pink heels, hee! He's not at all heavy-in fact, I'd call him slight. Not skinny, but slight. He must of lost at least 20 lbs since summer.

He shook all our hands and asked where we were from. He too apologized for having to rush, I joked, at least it smells good (like popcorn)! He jokingly said, they won't give me (Clay) a bag.

I'm going to paraphrase the questions and answers. It's not word for word but the content is there.

One asked, what was his family traditions growing up? He said he'd go to his dad's family on Christmas Eve (I'm assuming Ray's since Jamie nodded) and his Grandma's on Christmas Day. He also said his mom had a tradition of putting an orange in the stocking, among other things-the orange was a tradition.

One was, if he was stranded on a desert island, what one food and drink would he want? After expounding that he goes on food jags, he said, Mac and Cheese and Dr Pepper!

I next asked (the one I asked), when he has kids, as a teacher, would he homeschool them all or part of the time (like when he's on the road?) He said no, he'll use public school. He has socialization concerns. I told him that I've done both and had good experiences with both.

Next was, would he consider doing a TV Christmas show again? He said, if he did, he'd use the format he's using this tour. The follow up was, would he have his mother on it? He did a 'finger down throat' motion, hee. If you have or know kids, particularly boy ones, you know what I'm talking about.

One girl said she'd just graduated with a degree in the industry (entertainment?) and asked Clay what advice did he have. He said he'd defer to Mary, and she jokingly said, yes, don't do it.

Now, Jamie was collecting stuff for Clay to sign. I'd brought a pic I took of Autumn, wearing her 'Clay Rocks' tshirt and playing her cello. Clay asked me, is it spelled Autumn like the season? I said yes. He said, she's adorable. I said, thank you (while I melted inside!). The pic is a gift for Autumn.

Next, TeacherClay told us that we would line up in the order Mary read our names, to take pics. Mary read mine first, then said the others, then it seemed like everyone started talking at once and Mary said my name again and another gal started calling me too-I said confusedly, I don't know where to go and everyone is calling me. Clay good-humorously said, you're still talking! I laughed! I got to the spot and Clay said for us to take off the stickers. I stuck mine on the gal I know, and he put his arm around my shoulders and I, across his back. I'm so short that I barely come up to the guy's armpits. Ok, I finally wanted to know, what does Clay smell like? In that hall, you know what he smelled like? Popcorn! In an instant, it was over.

I stood nearby and Clay was still taking questions (although they were rushed, he really seemed to be trying to fit in as much as he possibly could) and someone asked, what is the most adventerous thing you've ever done? Clay actually said, I'm not at all adventerous. We all protested!!! He said, he didn't even feel adventerous walking around in Afganistan. We were all kind of amazed at this answer.

Next was, what do you want to impart to your children as they grow up? Clay joked, you're all giving me children tonight (if only...*g*) and said, he'd want them to be independent thinkers, that so many people cannot even think their way out of a paper bag.

Last one (I believe, I don't think I missed any, I apologize if I did) I missed some of because I was getting my sticker back, but the gist of it was, how does Clay plan out the show and details every night? He started to answer, then as part of the answer, went down the line and asked us all what our occupations are. When he got to me, I said, I'm a mailman, and he pointed excitedly at me and said, that's it, that's the one I'm looking for (anytime Clay, lol). He asked me, do you think about your job that you do every day? Now, I'm not dumb...I know the answer Clay wanted. Had I answered truthfully, I'd of said, heck ya buddy, gotta stay one step ahead of the crackheads, nuts and dogs I face every day! But, I'm not dumb, so I said-oh no, it's the same routine every day. He said, there ya go! These shows are routine to him, it's what he does every day.

Then he said, thank you, we said, thank you, and he was gone...

For me, it was a great experience. I told some meers yesterday, I don't think Clay tried to put us at ease, he didn't have to try, he does it naturally with his manner and demeanor. I thought he seemed happy, relaxed and comfortable, despite being in the open in that hallway. I thought we gals were a good group, Clay seemed to like all the questions and no one fame-whored or tried to snark him. It was really nice! Clay is the kind of person you could hang out with , maybe sit on the sofa with and eat pizza and talk (and argue even) for hours. He'd make a great meer! *g* He's the real deal, real and down-to-earth. I feel blessed to have had the chance to share a few moments of my life with him...

Feel free to share this on other boards. I'm going downstairs to get my freakin' coffee, hee.

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