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#14 We were all up on him screaming "Yeah! Yeah!"


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I wanna be all up on him screaming "Yeah"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :TourExcite: :TourExcite: :TourExcite:

This tour totally rocked, and I mean that. Just shows to go ya.

ETA: thanks for the PMs correcting my reliable/unreliable gaff.

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bottlecap makes a note to edit future muskifest posts expressing a desire to "tie Clay's shoes" to "read the Bible with Clay". Posts expressing an admiration for his "beautiful humugous cock" will be modified to "exemplary morals and sense of decency."


Clay's like a storyteller... I like that. He is. He's weaving a story for us all. And I just wanna sit on the carpet at his feet (heh) and listen to it unfold (that's for muski - God, what do you think it sounds like?!?). And fwap the kid next to me who keeps interrupting and jumping in to yell, "I know what's gonna happen next!".... SHHHHH!!!!! I wanna hear the storyteller.

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I want to tie Clay's shoelaces and read the Bible with him

You can read it, I'll explain it!!! :cryingwlaughter:

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I want to tie Clay's shoelaces and read the Bible with him

You can read it, I'll explain it!!! :cryingwlaughter:

Fine, but I call dibs on that book of the Bible with all the 'begats' in it...I'll explain THAT one to him via laboratory work....

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Fine, but I call dibs on that book of the Bible with all the 'begats' in it...I'll explain THAT one to him via laboratory work..

OK by me, I'm done begating! :cryingwlaughter: I'll take everything that has to do with the laying of hands and whatever!

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Yah, clayglo...my begatting days are over, too (thankthestars)...but I figure I could teach him all the steps, donchaknow.... :whistling-1:

Anyhoo....saw this over on CH--F'Dawg resurrected this compilation of reviews (snippets of whole articles) from the AI2 tour....I had such fun reading it, I thougth I'd share with my favorite women... :lilredani: I had to bold some parts that I especially loved...The first paragraph is by the poster, whose name, unfortunately, I don't know.

Okay, I wanted him to have that moment, too. But look at this. He has been having moments galore all across the country. I've been saving reviews and last week I put some quotes together. I think this is pretty amazing when you see so much of it at once and I don't think he would trade all that is happening for that one stinking moment. He did win. We know it, he knows it now and so do all of these writers. Fox and 19E are idiots. Everybody knows it. And they couldn't ruin this. They tried, but it didn't work. (And if this doesn't make it okay, maybe it will at least make us feel better.)

Chicago Tribune

If there was a winner of this perpetual competition, it was Aiken...only Aiken has he

natural charm to do justice to the "Idol" mantle.

Expect him to steal your heart

St Paul Star Tribune

Aiken, 24, from Raleigh, N.C., showed true star quality. Not only was he a natural on-stage, conversing with confidence and glee, but he also commanded the stage.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Other 'Idols' perform admirably but runner-up on top Clay Aiken may not be the American Idol, but he is America's sweetheart, hands down. He owned the audience at U.S. Bank Arena before ever stepping on the stage Sunday night as part of "American Idols Live.

Indy Star

His hot streak continued in Saturday's live setting, where he was quicker with a quip and stronger with a lyric. After an audience member tossed something past Aiken's face and into the carpet of dry ice that lined the stage, the singer responded with deadpan self-deprecation: "If those are somebody's panties, I'm out of here."

Luckily, the item was a harmless knitted-doll likeness of Aiken himself. <snip> When the duo re-created the roles of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney for "The Girl Is Mine," Aiken displayed twice the vocal range.

Albany Times Union

Clay Aiken, the most accomplished performer and most likely to have a long career... Aiken's voice had too few chances to go on and on- he didn't do 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' for instance, and his new single, 'Invisible,' is undistiguished FM Lite- but the guy's got immense talent and he's developed significant charisma."

Buffalo News (The audience) were clearly "Aiken for Clay." His performance left no doubt as to why: He hits the high notes, charms the crowd, and has a surprisingly powerful stage presence. The audience could hardly catch a glimpse of Aiken without bursting into deafening screams... "Idol" fans may have heard much more from him by the time that kid grows up.

Palm Beach Post

Aiken emerged as the true joy of the night... He can deliver a simple pop song with unbridled gusto...But he does it without a trace of ego and with a genuine sense of gratitude: Think a kid who hasn't left the candy shop. <snip> ... more distressing is how Idols has tried to mold a bona fide singer -- namely, Studdard -- into a sensation. Yes, he's got a sonorous voice, but he's also got all the personality of a lamppost.

Go Memphis

The Memphis crowd let it be known who they came to see, though, as they roared their loudest when Aiken's video montage came up and his voice echoed throughout The Pyramid as he sang the ballad “This is the Night“.

Deseret Morning News/Salt Lake City

It may have been Carmen Rasmusen's homecoming, but it was Clay Aiken's show when "American Idols Live" hit the Delta Center on Saturday night...

Daily Gazette (Upstate NY)

Aiken is a passionate, expressive singer, and he's got a long prosperous career ahead if his performance Monday night is any indication. Everything he sang ... was impressive. It was no surprise that the crowd-

which was heavily female- went nuts for this guy. Clay Aiken has got what it takes to go the distance.

Chart Attack: Toronto

One thing was clear after seeing these kids play live — while Ruben Studdard was likely voted American Idol fair and square, the people’s Idol is, without a doubt, Clay Aiken.

Cleveland Beacon Journal

Aiken no runner-up with CSU crowd Clay Aiken may not have won the competition but he has won the hearts of millions of females. When he rose out of the floor for his solo -- and every other time he took the stage -- he was greeted by screams that would make a family of banshees jealous.


Clay Aiken is the "American Idol." Sure, Ruben Studdard... won the "American Idol" title in May. That's just a technicality. Judging by the scream-athon that greeted Aiken at Thursday night's American Idols Live! show at Arco Arena, he's eclipsed the competition.

Richmond Times Dispatch

And that the hefty Roooooooben only narrowly topped Aiken for the "A.I." crown was evident in an ear-splitting way last night. Before Aiken even nudged a toe (Hee! Who knew his toe would become such a conversation piece? :cryingwlaughter: ) onstage, every videotaped glimpse of him elicited shrieks of lust and devotion from the audience of about 8,000... Many say, somewhat snidely, that he belongs on the Broadway stage. As if that is a bad thing. Broadway would be lucky to have him..

Salt Lake Tribune

Aiken was clearly the crowd favorite during the show,

Seattle Times

Runner-up Clay steals spotlight in 'American Idol' concert (audience members)...who were crazy for Clay.

The skinny, spiky-haired runner-up .. elicited the loudest screams when he appeared onstage...Wearing a pin-striped suit and a purple tie (in his first appearance), Aiken, 24, commanded the stage with the practiced ease of a talk-show host... Then he sang — and the boy can sing — and the crowd screamed, impossibly, louder.

Washington Post

it was runner-up Clay Aiken, a lanky Southerner with an epic voice and flirty ways, (my absolute favorite quote!) who swanned away with the audience gold.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

The arrival of Clay Aiken brought the house down with Beatlemania-type shrieks... With Aiken, the comparisons are true: the kid is a young Barry Manilow, right down to the body language. And like Manilow, he can really sing.

Miami Herald

If the decibel level on the applause meter could be converted into CD sales, runner-up and clear fan favorite Clay Aiken could retire a wealthy man about now. This makes sense, too. Clay is Idol's find. He's the one with the most talent, the surest voice, the most presence. His song choices could be schmaltzy (Elton John's Can You Feel the Love Tonight) but his charisma cuts through.

Orange County Register

They came screaming for Clay..<snip> ...Clay, however, has the advantage of being somewhat unique, let alone adored out of proportion...More beneficial to his rising popularity – more so than his dramatic voice wrapped in boy-next-door looks – is the fact that he's virtually alone in a field of young trad-pop stars. His appealing demeanor and ability to handle midtempo mainstream stuff better than, say, Rick Astley bodes well for his future.

LA Times

(Akin was) clearly the star attraction... it was Aiken who turned the Pond into the House of Clay. While his colleagues strained to show off their talents, Aiken eased through his numbers with effortless poise and charisma...

sigh....I lurve him so. :wub:

(and of course.. :DoClay::hubbahubba: )

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Muskifest I sooo enjoyed rereading the reviews...it has been a long time!

Did all these reviewers drop dead or go deaf? Where are they now?

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Muski, thanks for bringing that over. When I was cleaning my closet a few weeks ago I came across a few pages of reviews that I had printed out from the IT. They were pretty much the same. Almost all of the reviews were very favorable to Clay and many of them took pot shots at Kelly. It seems like yesterday and so long ago at the same time. He got some pretty goods ones this time around too. Sometimes I think it's an advantage to Clay to perform along side others, like he did on the AI tour and IT. When others are on stage too, you can really see how Clay outshines most other performers.
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KAndre quite nicely, but firmly...very firmly...actually you might say with a solid THWOCK, pats muskifest on the top of the head...

I'm an old school behaviour modifier, chick!

Clay is excessively cute.

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I think I did one of these for every tour after this one but haven't brought everything over to the NEW FCA yet. I'll have to get to that one of these days.... Clay always got great tour reviews except for JBT ironically since that's my favorite tour. 3 hours of goodness. Even this past tour had great reviews, even some exceptional ones..and really only one bad one. This one is from Millay of CH. She probaby did that first one as well.

Independent Tour Reviews: A compilation of Quotes

(gathered by Millay of the Clackhouse)

Clay Aiken, last year's "American Idol" runner-up, has made success look pretty easy.

*** "Simon Cowell's rallying cry is that contestants not only need vocal talent, they also need charisma. That kind of charm can't be taught, and Aiken has a joyful stage presence that is downright contagious"

*** "If Aiken's easygoing charms, honey-sweetened tenor and obvious popularity with the mostly female crowd were any indication, he doesn't have to play second fiddle to anyone anymore"

*** "Stardom isn't quite as simple as braving the ire of hack judges and winning a call-in contest. It takes personality, and that's something that can't be bestowed like a crown or champion belt. The U.S. version of the British show is well into it's third season and has only produced one real star: Clay Aiken"


*** Aiken's entrance was pure pop star

*** Aiken, the runner-up on the last "American Idol'' series, brought the women to their feet when he made a dramatic entrance from the back of the arena and walked down through the crowd surrounded by body guards.

*** The ladies began to scream as Aiken emerged from the back of the hall, singing Mr. Mister's 1985 hit "Kyrie" as he walked through the audience. And they continued to scream all the way through his final number and latest single, "The Way."

*** He made his appearance in true rock-star style - by entering from the back of the arena and singing the dramatic strains of Mr. Mister's rock anthem "Kyrie"

*** After his thundering opener, Aiken kept the energy strong

*** From the moment he appeared until and hour or so later, the screams of "Clay, Clay, we love you, Clay" didn't diminish from one part of the arena to the other.

*** By the sound of things, the audience, many of them mother-daughter pairs, came to see Aiken

*** And it was clear whom the crowd really had come to hear. They were on their feet from the opening note


~ He seemed every inch the star

~ His talent is serious

~ The age range this guy appeals to is almost as wide as his vocal range.

~ Move over, Kelly – Clay is America's 'Idol'

~ Clay Aiken was clearly this crowd's favorite of the evening.

~ Aiken... easily stole the show.

~ Aiken ran right off with the show,

~ Vocal Fans Idolize Aiken's Endearing Touches

~ Aiken was next and Aiken was better.

~ Aiken's fun personality made the show entertaining

~ His presence is polished and comfortable.

~ Aiken clearly was the crowd favorite.

~ (Aiken had) roaring approval from the sold-out audience

~ If crowd reaction is any measure of who is the real ``American Idol,'' give the crown to Clay Aiken.

~ Clarkson eclipsed by feats of Clay

~ Clay was the main attraction.

~ (Aiken) had the crowd in his palms.

~ Aiken, on the other hand, was full of charm, and he connected with the audience.

~ While Ms. Clarkson had love from the audience, Mr. Aiken had downright adoration.

~ The evening was all about Aiken,

~ Clay Aiken — high note of show

~ If the crowd liked Kelly, it loved Clay.

~ Crowd is Clay's in Idols show

~ People love Clay Aiken.

~ Even before the singing, and certainly during, it was Aiken's show

~ Aiken, in contrast, is a natural entertainer.

~ Aiken is a tough act to follow

~ No one, not anyone should follow Aiken on stage.


Aiken is: poised, charismatic and confident...the consummate showman... a natural entertainer...an engaging entertainer...completely at home onstage...charismatic and assured...immensely appealing... an ultra-confident, laid-back, rhythmically competent, bedroom-eyed hunk.

Aiken has: "It" with a capital "I"... little endearing touches...charm and confidence...the cutest southern accent this side of the Mason Dixon.


*** It's official: Clay is sexy.

*** I shaved my legs for Clay Aiken on Monday night, and I was not alone.

*** Let's face it: For some reason, this gawky boy-man with a sea-urchin hairdo, giant feet and 6-foot-plus frame is downright sexy.

*** (There were) screams from adoring fans

*** (Women were) swooning when Aiken belted out his No. 1 "Invisible."

*** The hordes of women ...not only shaved, but shampooed, perfumed and – as the Fab Five would put it – tszujed like crazy, just to be in the presence of the unofficial winner of last year's "American Idol" contest.

*** It's about time that mothers and daughters were able to find a boy they can agree on. Judging from the full house at Nokia Live on Friday night, that time has come, and that boy is the wholesome Southerner Clay Aiken

*** Two of my five companions admitted the thought had crossed their minds, that Aiken was the messiah who had come to Earth to lift us up in these depressing times.

*** Debbie went wild. Her friend went wild.

*** Others carried signs with the words "I Love Clay" or requests like "Clay, bring us backstage."

*** Fans, a mix of screaming teens and equally ecstatic middle-aged women, sat only when he did,

*** Through the rest of the night it sounded as though a thousand small screaming creatures had been uncaged. Clay was on.

*** She put out her hand, and he took it. She swooned, her eyes popping. The act seemed to make the rest of the audience jealous and way too vicariously excited.

*** People were crowding around the gate, hoping to catch a glimpse of him


*** Aiken, also sang beautifully

*** Aiken was more than able to sound smooth

*** As always, Aiken's clear and limber voice was impressive

*** Aiken has a cocky confidence that exudes charisma and a belief that he can cover any song and win over any audience. Judging by the reaction of the Wachovia Arena crowd, perhaps he can.

*** The reason, most likely, is how well he embraces the songs he sings. Through his gestures and mannerisms, he truly appears to capture the feelings of the songs' lyrics, and thus, makes them his own. (Elvis and Sinatra did the same.)

*** Aiken has an indescribable spark that lights fires in the ears of those who hear his unique voice. By the end of his set these fires were burning strong.

*** Mr. Aiken tackled an ultra-slow version of Prince's "When Doves Cry," before bringing it up to normal tempo. It was a risky move, but he pulled it off.

*** Aiken sang Prince's 1984 classic When Doves Cry...He sang his unlikely selection extremely well, revealing the gospel roots of the tune by opening it as a ballad amid hearty piano chords, and then taking it to a rousing finish.

*** Aiken was channeling a bit of Prince's energy with the onstage moves with one of the backup singers.

*** Aiken covering Prince's hit "When Doves Cry'' seems preposterous. But as judge Paula Abdul likes to say, it's all about making the song your own. And Aiken owned the song.

*** If there is one thing better than his voice, it's his stage presence. This guy sang his guts out, signed autographs, ducked beach balls and never broke a sweat.


*** When the North Carolina native joined Clarkson on stage for a concert-ending duet, Journey's ''Open Arms,'' the place exploded.

*** When Aiken joined Clarkson for a duet of "Open Arms" by Journey, the crowd went wild

*** Clay strutted back onstage to the uproar of high-pitched screams and performed "Open Arms" with Kelly.

*** It was a relief, then, when Aiken returned, duetting with Clarkson on Journey's "Open Arms." Suddenly the crowd was energized... Aiken, of course, looked as low-key as usual. Stardom may take a lot of work, but real stars make it look easy.


Whatever X factor makes an Idol an idol, Aiken obviously has it.

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