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Hee, treenuts, we rented The Knowing last night too! But we found it pretty corny.....by the end we were basically rolling our eyes at both the story line and the acting. I love Nicolas Cage so I was surprised not to like it that much. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! To each his/her own, right?

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Bwah!! luckiest, I believe my hubby's reaction was the same as yours. I think I'm more into "corny" than most of my family. Hey maybe that's what attracts me to Clay so much. He's been know to be quite corny too. hee :lilredani:

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We saw District 9 this morning.

We LOVED it!!!!!!!!

It is very violent, like being inside a video game. Cross between Independence Day, The Defiant Ones, and that old Dennis Quaid movie where he learns to bond with an alien.

The acting is good, especially the lead, who is a new guy. Not a big budget, but very well done.

Lots of social commentary, it is set in Johannesburg, and apartheid is skewered, with a dose of corporate weaponry and genetic testing.

I don't look for movies to be Important and Change My Life, keep that in mind! On the other hand, the movie made me think about more than just the violence.

Two previews looked hilarious (well, to me and Jacob, anyway!) - Woody Harrelson stoned and killing zombies (not a stretch, I think) in Zombietown USA and also a movie called The Vampire's Assistant.

Evidently it is more difficult than it would seem to be turned into a vampire by John C. Reilly and then be his assistant.

We decided that Final destination 2 or whatever just looked stupidly gory.

Legion looks good, mainly because it is v. nice to gaze at Paul Bettany in a black leather biker Angel suit.

Um, Paul is wearing the suit.

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Saw Inglourious Basterds. Very violent, very funny, typical Tarantino movie, really entertaining!

The first morning $5 viewing was at 11:30 am, and it was almost sold out.

Avatar looks to be really good, or at least the movie will be very beautiful.

Hard to get excited about the 435th animated Scrooge movie, this time with Jim Carrey, but the animation looks remarkable.

I was wondering what happened to Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes movie - evidently Guy Ritchie felt it was missing a really evil Moriarty, so he asked Brad Pitt to be Moriarty, and so now they are shooting new footage. Mmmmmm, Downey, Jude Law, Brad Pitt.....

Inception with DiCaprio looks good, but looks like it borrowed heavily from The Matrix and Minority Report.

AND Robert Downey Jr. will be the vampire Lestat in a remake!!!!!!! Or no he will not!!!!! Anyway, there are rumours which he debunked, dangit.

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We saw Zombieland.


Don't go if you hate mindless violence and smart-ass sarcasm and/or dead-pan humor.

Woody Harrelson was hilarious, although I am never sure if he is actually acting.

I hope I can manage to see John Cusack's 2012 at the IMAX theater.

I was wondering why they didn't wait until it was closer to 2012, but then hey! maybe the Mayans are right!

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Couchie, I would love to be a movie reviewer, but I don't know how many people like vaguely sarcastic movie reviews.

I love to go for the laugh. Heeee.....I could write reviews and make them topics in a large database!

Or maybe start a blog.

Anyway, Zombieland is a hoot, and Bill Murray makes a hysterically funny appearance -

Bill: I saw Eddie Van Halen at the Hollywood Bowl last night

Woody: - Wow! How was he?

Bill: He's a zombie

The delivery is superb and perfection. You gotta be there, though.

Treenuts, when I can afford the ticket (and the gas, nowadays) I take my grandson to the $5-before-noon showings. (He lives with me, he is 14.)

We have a great time, we don't buy anything to eat or drink, we love the trailers as much as the feature films.

We are pretty eclectic, but mostly see stuff a 14 year-old wants to see - which can surprise me, we saw The Proposal because Jacob was SURE he would get to see Sandra Bullock nekkid.

I have found that if I just go to be entertained for a couple of hours, and have fun with Jacob, it takes away a lot of the worry about whether a movie is "good" or "bad" - besides, for almost ALL trailers we tell each other "That looks good!!!! Let's see that!!!!"

Oh, BTW, we saw Surrogates, and it was kinda meh except Bruce Willis looks very strange with a full head of hair, and not nearly as sexy as when he is all balding and scruffy.

Heeee......Scrooge - Jim Carrey and other people connected with the film talk non-stop about how different this movie is from all the other Scrooge movies (Bah! They will never ever top Scrooged. Never! Bill Murray rules!) - and go on and on about how true they are to the actual story.

Then there is a clip of Scrooge hurtling through space clutching something vaguely rocket-like. Jim Carrey plays Scrooge and all the various Ghosts, though, so they have saved on salaries if the movie bombs.

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I finally saw Twilight. Not my thing. I didn't believe in the eternal love of these two characters (I just thought she was silly..and there was no build up to the great love) nor did the lead character have a personality to make 3 boys infatuated. I'm glad I saw it and there were some things to like.. Edward's "family" and all the other supporting characters. I liked the mood of the movie. I didn't hate the main characters but neither grabbed me and they couldn't carry it for me. Probably a sign that I'm too old..couldn't even get off on any eye candy.

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We are really looking forward to Avatar and Sherlock Holmes - and, I am informed, Legion. Oh well, buff angels in leather will be nice.

I had thought that Sherlock Holmes was being reworked to include Brad Pitt as Moriarty, but now I read that Brad will join Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the inevitable sequel. There is never too much pretty. :-)

When movie worlds collide - could not sleep last night, so I watched The Pianist for the first time. Right near the end, when a Nazi officer hands Adrien Brody his coat - I immediately thought NO!!!! At least take all the insignia off and wear it inside out!!!! This will not end well!!!!!

Because I saw what happened to Bill Murray when he thought it would be great fun to dress up like a zombie and scare people who had guns and were terrified of zombies.

And speaking of The Pianist - well okay, so what if it is just me - I was watching Community the other night and it seems that one of the characters had never seen a penis. She was not a virgin, just had never actually seen a penis. This completely cracked me up:

Shirley: “You’ve never seen one when you were growing up, like on the Internet, in a picture, or Harvey Keitel’s?”

How many of Community’s teenage viewers got that reference to Bad Lieutenant and The Piano?

Heeeee.....I wondered the same thing!

Notice the smooth segue from The Pianist to The Piano???????? I still find parts of The Piano too intense to watch, though, for some reason.

Here's another segue - from The Piano to True Blood - via Anna Pacquin -

No interest in seeing Twilight, but I certainly do love True Blood! And I find Stephen Moyer very attractive indeed.

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I finally saw "Taken" Sunday night. LOVED it!! And I told my DD that it was a "must see" for her before ever venturing out there on her own!

She informed me, "mom, I already saw it". I said...."and you will watch it again in a few years before leaving home"! :)

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Let's see........Avatar - gorgeous, great music.....terrible script, yes I know it was from a comic book, but really!!!

When all is said and done, would rather see District 9 again.

Alice in Wonderland - I loved every second of it! The 3-D is just right, the colors and cast and even the wardrobe are fantastic. I am happy that it has become a hit. Alan Rickman's gorgeous voice, Johnny Depp is perfect, Helena Bonham-Carter Red Queen is perfect, and the girl who plays Alice is perfect. Anne Hathaway perfect and funny as the White Queen. She has oddly huge facial features, but very beautiful.

Stephen Fry perfect as Cheshire Cat, and the guy from Little Britain also perfect as Tweedle-Dum and -Dee.

Even the Playing Card soldiers shuffled as they moved.

Depp managed to make the Mad Hatter, insane makeup and tatty clothes and all - oddly sexy. I would have stayed with him!

All, um, perfect. I have read reviews that say the plot is questionable or something, but I was too busy just soaking in all the pretty and fantastic. And really - who needs a plot for Alice in Wonderland? It is not like a John Le Carre spy story.

Hmmmmmmmmm.....thinking about it, I don't think Crispin Glover was all that great a choice to play the bumbling villain. Maybe the Cheshire Cat looked a little too cartoonish, like Garfield with twinkly blue eyes. But anyway, I recommend this movie wildly!

I am really really looking forward to a movie called "Shanghai".

John Cusack AND Gong Li AND Ken Watanabe AND Chow Yun Fat!!!!!!!!

There doesn't even need to be a plot!!!!!!!

I probably should just go ahead and order the DVD right now.

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Last night, on a whim, my daughter and I went and saw "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. I wasn't expecting anything, didn't even know what the movie was about, and figured it would be some teenage fluff......but hey, it was cheap night (half price Tuesday). Man, was I wrong. This movie was really, really well done. Wondeful acting, a storyline that was not predictable, not really a "feel good" movie at all, quite sad actually, but....it was SO GOOD! I highly recommend it.

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