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AYSTAFG spoilers...

Don't look if you don't wanna know!

True or false question for $2000

how many times does the letter r appear in error for $4000

He answered correctly

$10,000 question now...

Jeans, tan jacket, black boots

he is wearing glasses (according to the OFC Chat)

he just picked another subject..What official bird?????? of what state??? I didn

t hear the entire question


He doesn't know

He needs the kid to save him

He got it right.


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You missed the first question

about a sylibus and the second quetion what is an antonym

I'm just copying from places... I have no idea what the first question was... but he did a little talking about BAF first.

That spoiler color thing doesn't work very well, does it. Hee. :lol: Oh, well, it works better for you.

eta... oh, cool, thanks!

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Yeah!! Go, Clay!!!

ETA: Oh, how funny that his 5th grade teacher is there! I'll bet she would have some interesting stories about Clay.

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Time passing can only be a good sign, I think! Our chat reporter would be getting a call from her mom, and others would probably be getting calls if they were out yet.

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