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Wichita, KS -- Nov. 26, 2007

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Lights went down and a Gentleman came out and offered a prayer before the concert.


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From CV:
Just talked to jamar and itsteri. They said that the venue is beautiful. They knew about the excitement concerning the fan but you would never know anything was wrong by the atmosphere. People are excited, pins and needles for the concert to start, but in a good way.

Does anyone know why she was banned or will we ever know? Such intrigue!

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Do you hear what I hear...EEEEEEEEEEE

I love this song...but it sounds so strange...it must be some medley of songs...

something else that is different..never heard it before...this is all orchestration.

OMG...its like listening to aliens...

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Little snippets of songs that I can recognize, Do You Hear What I Hear, just instrumental, audience is quiet, no Clay yet. I wonder if this is part of Clay's show or if the orchestra plays as an opening act?

CV certer says lights are still up, no Clay. Very soft music.

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