Minneapolis, MN -- Dec. 19 and 20, 2007

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Hee great recap!!! Hey I want to travel with the eHP ...they are foodies like me!!! I remember in CA I was the only one ordering the calorie laden, cholesterol heavy stuff...constantly looking for buffets while CG, YSRN, Muski and our lurker friend *waves to lurker friend* were so good eating their vegetarian dishes and very healthy entree's. oh yeah I think there were times Couchie would join me and be bad...hee

WOW that breakfast sure is making me hungry...the eHP's, not yours couchie...

I am glad you guys are getting together and having a good time.

I promise myself...the next pop tour...

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not to mention a damn parade going by

Ah yes. Hollidazzle. How could I forget? I believe they have them all month.

Only in Minnesota.

Hey! It's f'in freezin' tonight! Time for a PARADE!


Glad you had a good time guys! See you tonight! We do HAVE a reservation! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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