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Since we have many new members, thought I'd give a little tour. FCA is made up of 9 different areas.I'll concentrate on the first two and do a couple a day so you'll know what's where.

WELCOME FORUM contains 4 sub forums

ALL ABOUT US: This is the area will you will find our board philophy and posting guidelines. We have an announcement thread but we haven't made an announcement since March 2006 heh.

I added an FAQ thread tonight...and will put some of the answers to the frequently most asked questions there. How do I use quote...and the color palette need to be answered for starters. (topic originally added to board feedback but thought this section would be better).

MEET and GREET] - IMPORTANT as this is where new members CHECK IN and where old members should be going to welcome them :cryingwlaughter: If you use VIEW NEW POSTS you'll know when there is activity there.

Interesting enough there also seems to be some sort of meet your FCA forum team but of current mods and admins only Ansa and KAndre have posted anything. I guess the rest of us have a little assignment.


This is where people can go to ask questions and offer comments, suggestions and feedback. Of course you can PM any of us directly as well.


Well, this has a charm thread and have no idea why it's there. It shouldn't be so it will be moved after I figure out where it goes or if it goes.

The Soooooooooper Sekrit Clay Information thread -- well I won't give away anything on main heh. But, if you ever see the word HOLLA on main - just follow the link to the sooooooooper sekrit info to be found inside.


Let's Talk About Clay OK this is where you will always find the latest main thread - it is always pinned to the top of this forum. And, the last few threads will always be unpinned in this thread. We move them to archives eventually. Also IMPORTANT? This is where you will find the thread suggestion thread. If something strikes your fancy, post it there. That's a guarantee that it won't be missed. I'll usually do a search and add other requested lines, BUT unless you actually wrote thread title..it will be missed. The best way to guarantee something you like is on the next poll, take it over yourself.

There are a few other threads in there...most of which get little use. We'll re-evaluate them and move them to a more appropriate place. Although we do talk about most things on main - we seem to be missing some sort of Clay Music thread - a permanent place to put fan reviews of his recording etc. We'll talk about that.

Fast Forward Clay News

Looks like LdyJ and others are reposting important Clay articles here. I think anyone can post there so feel free to report an article there (in full) if you bring it to main. Thanks

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Forum number 3 belongs to Bubel-Aiken foundation.

There are 2 subforums here. One for TBAF news and support. I've moved fan iniatives here as well.

The second subforum is for our beta alpha chapter FCA-MAD. We haven't had any major projects as of yet but we'll work on that in the near future.

The 4th forum is CLAY LIVE. and the sub forums will of course always consist of a particular tour and will include threads for each of the venues and various other sub forums having to do with Clay and a live event.

Right now in the forum, the DCAT threads still remain as well as a new forum for the Xmas concerts. You can go there to plan or see who will be at your concerts or plan any get togethers, share tips, etc. Those threads will turn into cellcert threads and then recaps after the concert.

There is also a MISC Events thread- Right now it is housing the ice show in Vegas talk. If anyone if going to the Neil Sedaka thing, feel free to start a thread there. In fact, you can start threads all over the forum for the most part. If you have an idea for a thread but don't know where to put it just ask one of the mods and we'll help you set it up.

There's a Clay media thread there but it appears pretty useless at the present time. We'll either see how it evolves or rethink it. Since Ansa and I concentrate on putting this type of info at the main FCA site we don't really bother with it here.

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Continuing with the tour

Forum #5

Remember, feel free to start new topics or make suggestions for new activities. They are always welcome and all will be taken into consideration.


In this forum you'll find Clay related "fun" activities.

The sub forums are:


This is where we hold our chats and listening parties. Our next chat is Thursday. I will start posting reminders today.


This is a new forum. Make of it what you will. Add any emoticons to the thread and I will work on uploading them to the forum. I promise I promise!!


Got something to say, creatively speaking about Clay? It goes here.


Not much going on in there... any ideas? Feel free to start something.

Forum #6


Well when FCA began, it was the intent to be a place where people from all boards could gather for fun stuff. So we had a lot of forums aimed at that. The focus has changed somewhat but we'd still like to know what's going on out there.

Clay Nation

In this area you can post links to new web sites, share posts from other parts of Clay Nation, post interesting projects ..whatever. If it ain't happening here, you can post it in this thread.

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