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This is a series in the second year on Fox realityu channel. It is a show about people who voluntarily appear on tis show to be isolated in a "pod", hee, and subject themselves to the whim of the automated voice. They are told to do various unpleasant things and the person who drops out first is eliminated. There is usually a winner as well.

If anyone wants to see the show, I can load them out to megaupload and you can see it that way.

I am getting it from a member of TVC and we are discussing it there, but there is not much discussion and I miss that. I need to share!

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Season 2

Road to Solitary - warning contains the winner of season 1 and a summary of season 1, but also introduces the season 2 players in detail. Note: not neccessary to seas this episode to watch season 2.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

That is all I have so far.

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Playbiller, thanks for providing the download. I'm in the process of downloading #1 to see how I like it because I've never heard about the show. Don't even know if it's something my cable channel carries. I'll let you know how it affects me.
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Play, I watched part of the first episode and got kind of interested but when they had to go into that small box in that small room, off I went. Am I claustrophobic...................YES!

I will probably try again later.

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Well, episode 5 is not for the weak. I haven't loaded it out yet.

Let me just explain what I really like about this show - yes, it is about frustration and paitience and torture and masochism - but - The people can drop out anytime they want, the money is minimal and everyone who leaves seems to ahve learned something important about themselves. You never hear the bitter speeches of survivor, and lately on TAR. You don't hear the It's not fair complaint because they have decided when they have enough - well actually, there is on exception here that basically painted a target on themselves, but I won't give it away. The first year there was no interaction, I wish that this year it was the same because when you are isolated, you cannot blame anyone else.

The wind up show from last year was amazing. Everyone seemed to love and admire their competitors and many had resolved outstanding issues in their lives and everyone was happy for the winner. It was the best reunion show I had ever seen, and I include the top chef 1 where Steven apologized to someone for being an ass during the show, and he was not even that bad, ass yes, but nothing compared to other reality shows.

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