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Some of these I saw posted here at FCA by others, so I ain't taking credit for them, I just love them. I'm not 100% we don't have them, but I didn't see them:










I notice and appreciate the fact that our favorites seem to appear at the topic of the list that shows up right next to this window.

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YSRN I tried your suggestion, but it kept giving me an error message that I have too many emoticons.

I tried replying to my post 3-4 different ways. We need an emoticon for "I'm Stupid."


naughty2.gif This one was made for me, but I'll share it with muskifest.


Ok. That's enough. Sowwy. I get carried away. I think that emoticons help tremendously in expressing ourselves through our posts. It always helps me to know if someone is kidding or serious etc. Helps me determine their tone, etc. So I am happy to see you adding some couchie. Of course I don't expect you to add all the ones I've posted. LOL

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