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EEEEEE!!!111!!!1! for Carla winning the challenge!!!!

The Team Europe crap was really off-putting. I wish they both had been cut, but then that would have meant Jeff winning.

Dang editing - I was convinced Carla was going to end up at a table surrounded by unopened oysters and little bowls of hot milk, and nothing else. Especially when Tom said she could have steamed the oysters.

A cucumber mojito sounds yucky to me, as does a drink that tastes like bell peppers. I don't like sweet drinks or vegetarian drinks.

And Hoseaa being lauded for authentic roux and flavor, after Stefan said Hoseaa's gumbo was nasty? Yesssssss!

Emeril was really nice.

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Carla has been surprising me in a good way. Her food did look really good & she makes it with love :) I voted for her for fan favorite.


you don't like Jeff?

I do but kind of didn't want him to stay seemed a little unfair to bring back the contestants after eliminated.

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tribeca - no, I don't particularly like Jeff. His whining about doing so much more than the other chefs, thus entitling him to more credit even though his dish did not turn out well, was very off-putting. Throughout the series, whenever a chef lets me know that if the judges (or whoever) don't like his food they are common dolts with no palates - I just don't like that chef. And I thought he was sort of arrogant about being back, like he thought they realised he was just too good to be out of the competition. Heeeee.....it is not like I get to vote!!!!

Anyway, since his oysters evidently tasted like Sterno, there is (IMO) no reason to think he was "chopped" just to keep Stefan in the finale.

One of the things I love about Carla is that she seems genuinely delighted when she wins or even is not cut; with some of the others, it is like Of course! I won, the other chefs' food tastes terrible!!! Looks to me like she has a lot more formal training than she lets on - the guys act like she learned to cook diner food, in a diner, and seem completely dismissive of her.


Someone once asked if I wouldn't want "the best chef" cooking for me - my answer is that "best chef" is sooo subjective, plus I wouldn't want someone in my kitchen, or my restaurant's kitchen, who felt I was inferior if I didn't want to eat barely-cooked sweetbreads with caramelized chicken feet and turnip froth. :-O Richard's almost raw pork belly last year? Bleccccch!

Although Richard seemed like a really nice guy.

I actually wasn't rooting for anybody this year, but now pretty much everybody annoys me but Carla, and she just seems to radiate happiness. Plus that comment she threw in about her training being classical French, and casually telling Ripert that yeah, she could tell it was a variation of the sauce and adjusted accordingly, cracked me up.

I think the guys think she has just been lucky. Add to that the attitude of some of the guys that their food is beyond reproach, and that's that! for me.

Hosea is a dog. I don't care about his cooking.

TwoP is interesting reading this time - they are pretty much all on the same page regarding Carla.

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Poop! I knew that Carla would not win the very second she let Casey decide on how to cook the beef.

I turned off the TV when the judges ate the beef and pronounced it yucky - all I need to do was check TwoP later for the final result. Basically, TwoP said exactly how I felt - F*** Casey.

Casey is still pissed that she didn't win.

Yes I know Carla should not have listened to Casey, but Casey had an agenda, IMO, and Carla is not the type to say back off.

Oh well.

I guess Fabio is getting his own show, else why keep him around judging - I know a lot of folks do like him but to me his "charm" is too facile and almost cynical.

Bad reality week for me - on Last Restaurant Standing, a father-daughter team got shut down. The daughter is a sweetheart who is also a fabulous cook. The father is a controlling jerk who will never ever admit that he is wrong about anything, his arrogance was astounding. The chef who is the judge actually told them that - that the daughter is wonderful and he hopes she does well, and he told the father that it was obvious his daughter had the dream, but that he was not even trying to help. The father agreed. Asshole.

Oh well. Next year!

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What was Casey agenda. Carla :( although I hope she will win fan favorite. I would love to eat her food too!!!

I wish Carla got her own show instead. I found her more charming than Fabio

Stephen did comfort her & that was a nice surprise since everyone was saying what a awful person he was.

sorry Djs111

I know what is like for one my favorites not to win on a reality show

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I think Casey is still pissed she did not win Top Chef, and wanted to put her stamp on Carla's menu, for better or for worse.

One board I read at was laughing because Hosea won with Richard's dish - Hosea has never made foam or some of the other stuff at all this season.

Hosea was such a jerk about the fois gras and the caviar, trying to hog it, that I just dislike him now.

Not that it matters.

Oh well, my other restaurant show has quite a way to run, and also Chopped is pretty good, I loved that the underdog won the last episode.

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But of course I watch Top Chef. I am a foodaholic.

I was kind of hoping that the young guy form CO would win after the story about his baby and the charity he would support.

But I thought the chef from Las Vegas had the most interesting food. He would most likely have won if he hadn't faltered on the Quick Fire Challange.

I also enjoyed the Norwegian Chef. I can't believe that they expected him to cook for the American palate.The TV chef was more of a personality although I'm sure his food is very good.

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I love cooking shows but can't cook to save my life (explain that one :lol:)

the one difference I find in Masters vs the regular Top Chef is I actually have wanted to try most if not all of the Masters dishes.

I love watching the creative process & how they think up dishes.

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I love the comradery between all of the Top Chef Masters as well! They are far more respectful of each other and I prefer that to the back biting that usually goes on on the other Top Chef shows. Even if they do make for good tv sometimes, I still cringe when it happens.

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they had to do was bring back the former contestants & all the drama is back. (well some of it anyway).

Lots of twists in the last episode. Guess it was Anita's time to go. She barely lost out to Micheal but the oyster bar I think was the deal breaker. She just could not change up her ideas & Jamie was taking to long with her tasks. Some of her food looked really good throughout the show.

The championship is Wednesday at 10:15pm (after the start of the new season :) ) All the top chef winners will be back to be part of the judging panel. Can't wait!!

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Ok I have this on the season pass and watched last night. I've never really watched Top Chef from start to finish before..and think I've only watched part of one season.

I looked at the website and chose Preeti..I think that's her name as my going in favorite. Why on earth wouldn't you scream..I never shucked clams in my life - somebody else take that chore. Geeze. anyway I liked the first show and look forward to the season.

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I sure knew who was going home!!!!!!!

Can't pick a winner as yet, but that woman from my hometown, Philly, is my favorite - I wanted to not like her at all, but her attitude (and vices) are kinda familiar.......and I like her accent, even though it is actually not pronounced.

But maybe that's because I used to tawk like that :-)

I thought the judging was pretty fair. And who the heck would deep-fry a rib chop or whatever? Yikes!!!!!

I hope the 26 days at sea (or whatever) guy does not repeat that every episode, because I do really like him, and his food looked really good. Not so much bah humbug, it is a moving story, I just am not that much into backstories on these shows.

And Fear, they better all get done when time is up!!!!!! :-O

I thought all four winners seemed really good.

The girl whose sauce was too bland (bearing in mind the show is edited like crazy) didn't whine about how the white wine she wanted to use was gone. That was a nice surprise.

I see we have the requisite male chauvinist pig already.

I went to TwoP - looks like my Philly girl is the favorite, yay!!!

MCPig guy Mike seems to be universally hated - and these people actually go to the restaurants these chefs come from, they are going so far as to email the restaurant he works at, which is creepy, but I guess I should not be surprised.

And it is agreed that Padma seems much more sentient this year. She did seem more calm and more connected.

I missed when MCP asked Jennifer (Phillygirl) if she was the pastry chef at the Ripert restaurant. She is head chef. Anyone remember what she answered?

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No surprises with the bottom three or who went home, but that was a toss-up.

Should I feel bad because until there are a lot less cheftestants, my main entertainment is watching Michael Isabella not make the top three?

I like Jennifer too as she seems to really think out her food. The losers generally end up flying free with no idea where they will end up.

Unfortunately we can't pick out a restaurant by the personality of the chef. So many who left seemed like nice people. Of course some may pick a restaurant by how fast they get their food. I'm looking at you djs :cryingwlaughter:

I think the two brothers are absolutely amazing and either deserves to win. Their food is always, at least, good and plating original. But I have a sneaky feeling that one of the quieter people might win- like the guy who had the pressure cooker blow up on him or the very tall woman. I never remember their names.

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I want to like Jennifer. I want to root for a girl and she's the best one there. Something about her was off putting the first couple of weeks. Then I liked her..and then last night she joined in the bitch fest about Robin. Only one person can win..worry about your own damn self = not about someone you liked better that made inedible food... inedible french food at that. Marteen didn't even intrigue me enough to search out his SF restaurant.

So yeah I too am waiting for the day when Isabella is tossed on his ass and now the little short dude that acted like Robin's cancer story won her immunity rather than her actual food he can go too. And in the meantime I will root for the tall girl - forget her name and my favorite from the beginning, Kevin.

And I'm sick of hearing about the brotherly competition. They are rooting against all these other people not just each other. I like them both 2. But it's getting tiring.

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Well if Kevin, "the brothers" and Jen are not in the finale then somethin's rotten in the kitchen. They are the only ones I like or seem to have any real keen sense of professionalism, competition, creativity and chops.....at this point.

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I met RocoDisparno (sp) Sunday at Foxwoods casino.

I asked him if he was going to be on Top Chef this season. He said you just keep watching. He was very sweet & even though his assistaant said no personal pictures he did let my grandma have her picture taken with him :)

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