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Jimmy Kimmel is on right now, he mentioned LeBron's reasoning too, I had not heard that.

Jimmy says as long as LeBron never touches hands with any of the Magic, he has not officially lost.

I saw him walk off, I had not heard the real explanation, just read sportswriter twaddle. They are still kissing LeBron's butt.

Kimmel did a funny tribute to Cleveland.

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ok that must come on after the game for me.

OOOH took them 7 minutes to mention Lebron. heee

ETA: BWAH just saw the new puppet commercial...ok I love the Lebron puppet! LOL.

ETA: Guess the commissioner changed his mind and fined Lebron 25K. He was getting criticized a lot.

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Staggers into basketball thread.......just put 13 hours on the clock today......I'm here!!!!!

BUT - I think you are gonna enjoy these finals a LOT more than I am!!!!!

Practices good sportsmanship (not learned at the LeBron James School of Whininess), mumbles :

"It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you uh, oh hell, skip that one."

"It is an honor just to be here!"

"Really! "

"No, really, dammit!!!"

"Just look at the gas money we saved by not having to play 7 games!!!!!!!"

"Want to buy some Amway stuff?" (owner joke)

"We have better half-time shows, so there!!!"

"If we make it this far again can we have a puppet too?????"

Dang I missed Jimmy Kimmel's Clay joke.

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13 hours and 10 minutes. Part was after midnight last night, before I went to sleep.

I must say, I do not think I would enjoy having a beer with anyone who works or reviews or whatever at wall street journal. Their politics and views are opposite of mine.

Close game so far - hoping no more blowouts.

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is that the book project? are you on phase 2? I'm up to 1971 on my extensive review of Peabody.. I'll be glad when it's done. But it's been 2 weeks since I even looked at it..I don't think it's much of a priority.

I'm watching Next food network star at halftime!

I finally saw what Kris looked like..he sang the national anthem. His voice is good, not extraordinary from what I can tell (and it was only one song and not a great song to judge him LOL) but I did like that he sang it straightforward.

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yup. phase two. There are about 2700 or 2800 books, I think.

I miss looking at all the Peabody stuff. I love how the "radiomates" keep pictures of old radio stations, and treasure old business cards and passes.

Makes me nervous when all the sportscasters keep saying The Magic need to do this or that.

I still remember how awful it was when the Rockets fans all brought brooms to the fourth (and final) game!

Yikes - .6 of a second left, and tied.

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Thanks DJS... that one was almost a heartbreaker for me at the buzzer. Don't know how he missed that shot. Poor kid will be kicking himself.

Well 3 in Orlando so I know that will be tough. And at least we only have one day off.

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crappity crap crap. (I have that trademarked).

okay okay - looking on the bright side - people with ticket stubs can get a free taco at Taco Bell, because the Magic scored over 100 points.

Hee.....I keep expecting Reggie Miller to run out and somehow shoot a four-pointer.

Oh YAY!!!!!!!!!! No sweep!!!!!!!!

Damn, I wish I could go to the next game, but the prices are horrendous.

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DJS where are you. Do you know I absolutelyforgot the game was coming on and for some reason my DVR didn't pick it up. It taped the pre and post game shows but no damn game. And so I figure I'll watch it at midnight on ESPN cuz they repeat it... and they picked up the action at freakin' halftime. I HATE ESPN. I mean what else do they have to show but sports center over and over and over.

I thought you guys had it last night. Not over yet but I think I have faith enough in this up and down team that they won't lose 3 straight. Watch that come back to haunt me. I'll be like freakin' Tracy McGrady who started saying how happy he was to finally get out of the first round when his team was up 3 nothing. Detroit won the next 4. And he's still waiting to get out of the first round..although I guess technically he got out this time since his team did BUT he was on the injury list so he had nothing to do it.

Anyway, what I love most about Orlando is that I believe that team is so good that they will single handedly deny Lebron a ring for the next 10 years :hysterical:

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Heh, LeBron will be going to the next team that can afford him, I think he will consider if he has a good supporting cast, like Kobe does, like Michael did.

Not that I think LeBron is in that class.

And the Lakers had to fight for that victory last night! I didn't watch much, I had a bad feeling.

I was working, and quit after the tenth server error, wasting too much time.

Hope we win the next game, I don't hope to win the title, though, am sincerely happy with not being swept. The Magic are a relatively young and up and coming team.

I bet Turkoglu will be gone this summer, too.

I just leave the SI page open for the live game feed - it self-refreshes almost continuously, and there is an ongoing comments feed. That's as much as I can take! It just has the score and time and quarter stuff.

Heeee......I do like the baseball feed with all the little x and o's running around the field!

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His numbers are not as good as last year. But he does show up to play a great team game.

I think he is like a Scotty Pippen or Horace Grant - awesome cast member, not a main guy.

He wants $30 million, and Orlando has to figure out if they want to pay the luxury tax, because that will put them over the cap.

Thinks about own situation.

Wants to live in THAT neighborhood.

Or at least, get a job there!

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30 million? What? Over how many years?

We had a player on the Lakers who played well in the playoffs last year when almost every one else looked scared in the finals. He got a 5 million a year reward. This year he played like 20 minutes in the finals - total.

Hedo has been playing well for a lot of years though. I want them to stay good just for me..so they can keep beating those Cavaliers hee.

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Well, the Magic won't be beating the Cavaliers any time soon, I think - Shaq got traded to the Cavs, and if Shaq and LeBron can manage to work together, the Cavs are sitting pretty.

I was kinda hoping Shaq would come back to Orlando, silly, I know!

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