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The Emmy's


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Masi Oka is so cute. He makes me smile just looking at him. And quite the brainiac, also!

Wow, pretty big ovation for Al Gore.

I know how cute is he.

I used to really like Ryan...but ever since he seem to be taking himself too seriously, when he started wearing all these suits to AI...just can;t stand him now.

I have to admit he is not really embarrassing...but I think its just fortunate that his role is truly minimal. He is still smarmy.

I love this actress...I missed who she is...

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Johnny Carson did his share of gay jokes and insulted enough people. Don't forget the Wayne Newton story where he came and threatened Johnny to get him to shut up and it worked. Must have been all the rumored mob connections. Things are just more obvious now, but there have always been tabloids and crap.

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Nope, never heard of the Wayne Newton - mob-threat story. Maybe I was just too naieve and didnt know what I was laughing at. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I had the chance to hang out with Wayne Newton for about 45 min about a month ago. Never followed him much. He really is the nicest down to earth guy. Sadly, the voice is pretty much gone. Can't wait to see him on DWTS.

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O/T Waynee Newton

One particularly entertaining entry came from Wayne Newton’s 1989 biography. Newton had been the ongoing target of gay-themed jokes made by Johnny over the years. Newton's youthful, high-pitched voice and slightly effeminate features were characteristics that were perceived as sure signs of homosexuality in that era. Comedians had turned him into a gay caricature. Wayne was consciously trying to develop a more macho image and eventually he reached his breaking point with Carson's fag jokes.

“I decided I'd had it with being a sissy joke, and that's when I confronted Johnny Carson. Wherever I went, I used to hear that Carson was telling gay jokes about me. I sent him messages asking him to stop. Then, one night in 1973, I was watching his show and during his monologue he said, "I saw Wayne Newton and Liberace together in a pink bathtub. What do you think that meant?" I got so incensed that I decided to do something about it ...

"Driving over, I hardly spoke a word. When I get angry I tend to be like the calm before the storm. And this thing had been building for a long time. When I walked into Carson's outer office, his secretary said, "Can I help you?" I said, "No, thank you. I think he can." I walked right past her and into Carson's office ... Carson just sat there ... shocked ... I remember every word I told Carson. I said, "I am here because I'm going through a personal dilemma in my life. I want to know what child of yours I've killed. I want to know what food of yours I've taken out of your mouth. I want to know what I've done that's so devastating to you that you persist in shooting at me with those persistent gay jokes." Carson's face went white. He said, "But Wayne, I don't write these things." I told him I'd feel better if he did and he asked me why. I said, "because at least it would mean that you're not a puppet, that you aren't just reading malicious lies written by some writer who crawled out from under a rock. It would be better if you did hate me. At least you'd have a reason for your lies. I'm telling you right now it had better stop or I'll knock you on your ass." Carson was shaken. He said, "I promise you nothing was ever intended in a malicious way. I've always been a big fan." And then he went through all this crap about how much he liked me. He just kept talking and it was obviously a nervous apology. But he never again told Wayne Newton jokes. In fact, I even did his show after that.”

See, nothing new

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I thought Ryan started out weak tonight. His attempts at the monologue made me cringe a bit. i found myself feeling sorry for him. He seemed to do better as the show went on, probably, because his bits became briefer, one liners mostly.

I thought the gowns were lovely, classy. But the show seemed to lack an energy for me. I only watched half way through, maybe it got better.

Glad jamie pressley one for her comedy role in My Name Is Earl. She is terrific.

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Never thought I'd see the day that Sally Field would be edited!

If mothers ruled the world there would be no war, edited. Unbelievable.

I thought Ugly Betty won last time but they said this is her first nomination and win. Huh? Was it Golden Globe she won before?

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After sleeping on it, ruminating, as it were.... yep, the show still sucked.

Interesting factoid - none of the comments were censored on the Canadian broadcast.

It always amazes me that 'god damned' is bleeped and yet fuck, shit, and the ever popular mo-fo make it to the air on a regular basis. [/heathen]

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Cool for James Spader!

I loooooove James Spader. What did he win? Love Boston Legal. Just love it to death. He and William Shattner are awesome together.

I didn't watch the Emmys. Doesn't sound like I missed anything. I watched the History Channel. It was about how our planet Earth came into existance. Wonderful interesting information. Did you know that the Earth is 4.5 Billion years old? How they go about dating stuff by studying the rocks etc. is fascinating. I was so caught up in it, and then I fell asleep. I hates when that happens. I think I may have to invest in No Doze. Take one before 7PM so I can stay awake at least until 9PM........... :cryingwlaughter:

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