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Idol Rewind - season 2

Couch Tomato

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:cryingwlaughter: That WAS priceless!

She and her wiggly fingers.

And then the raised eyebrow expressions he made at her. Funny stuff.

Ya know what I have always wondered? During the Top 5 group medley.....60's music....they go out into the audience during Working My Way Back To You...Clay goes down a row a bit to his right and gives someone a hug. Who was that person?! Friend? Family? Fan?

It bugs the living daylights out of me....not knowing. Screw his favorite color....I wanna know who got the hug and why!

You guys kill me!!!!! I just HAD to go and research those wiggly fingers and the eyebrow expressions!!! There's nothing else more important for me to do... um... yeah...

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Danke, rohdy! There's so much in the early fandom I would like to reread but have no clue where it is.

Yeah, yeah - we are FORCING you to stare at Clay some more - pull the other one!

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OMG - I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Pearrrrly's reviews!!!!!

When I watched AIR this weekend it made me very sad, quite frankly. I didn't know it at the time - just knew there was something hinky going on when Clay could knock your socks off and get a lukewarm review. It also bothered me hearing Clay's explanation of "Vincentgate" and thinking about the fact that the damn (can I say that on this board?) judges KNEW what the situation was with that song and yet they still took him to the hoop over the performance....and then Pauler kept yakkiting about it later. Ruben was off-key on all his songs (even my untrained ear could tell that!) and got a free pass to potential stardom. Kim even sounded better than he did, I thought, and I do like Rube's voice! Mack The Knife was incredible.....UM was stunning. And like P said, we heard the whole range of Clay's voice on that one. But clearly he was not the favored child. It must have galled the AI establishment that his fanbase was growing in leaps and bounds and even the inane reviews from the 3 Stooges couldn't keep him down.

Have said this many times before - looking back and forgetting that I cried bloody tears when he lost, I'm glad Clay did not win. I think it rallied the fans around him even more and made us want to make him successful. And he didn't owe his soul to the company store.

He showed such maturity on this segment.....such professionalism.

Can you tell I like him? Huh? Huh?

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I find it hard to believe that anyone gives a flying burrito brother fart what the judges think any more. IMO their comments are 99% pre-scripted and only good for entertainment and speculation value.

Also think Ryan's current resemblance to an unwashed sphincter is because he figures if Simon is famous for being nasty, he can one-up him and therefore steal some thunder.

The first season, I watched only because Simon was funny. This season, I cannot bear to watch when Ryan is on. Ryan used to seem more on the contestant's side, needling the judges, but now he seems to hold himself as more important than either, it is creepy.

Watching Rewind has been entertaining as hell, noting how the players have changed. Gotta say Simon has stayed true to his cynical, only there for the possible profit ,self - not that there is much wrong with that.

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djs I think paula and Randy has always been seen as window dressing by the general public. I think people just like to see how outrageous Paula can be. But I do believe Simon's opinion still carry some weight for some people. Its really amazing how much he can influence non internet fans.

Ryan is the most unpleasant thing for me about AI. Give me the zero trio and Nigel any day. And it does not have anything to do with any Clay diss he may have given. I am still unsure about those reports. But he has been growing more and more smarmy and annoying since season 4. I think he is the reason I don't usually watch the results show and didn't watch IGB.

Its too bad ...I used to really like Ryan. But he lost me when he started wearing suits and think his constant bickering with Simon is entertaining. He simply looks like a sad little boy trying to get attention from the grown ups.

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djs and Ansa...WORD to both of your posts...and djs? Lawdy! I was cracking up over these gems:

a flying burrito brother fart

Ryan's current resemblance to an unwashed sphincter


And yeah...Ryan's gone over to 'The Other Side'...he's truly creepy. His over-enunciation; his absurd and sometimes downright embarrassing 'thing' with Simon; his inane questions of the contestants...he's just...blech.

Simon's opinion is usually closer to mine after most performances, and he seems this season not to be so nasty with how he expresses it. I still don't like him much---there's just something about his whole 'aura' that sets me off...

The whole thing about those 'judges' for me is their multi-faceted presentations. And I mean 'multi-faceted' in the BAD way, as in "many faces". I wonder just how much longer this show can remain viable? I mean, just how much bigger can they make the stage? How much more elaborate can they build the lighting and special effects? They've already included a full band, orchestra, robed choir and backup singers....what comes next---"ProTools" LIVE! on American Idol!?????

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