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Survivor China

Couch Tomato

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wow..thanh long..yeah that's what I call it and I want some crab -- is a great team. They work together. No drama...well they hvven't been on the block yet..but I'm enjoying that team. BUT I don't like it when one team wins immunity every single week.

Glad Ashley's gone.

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I really do NOT enjoy watching Survivor in the seasons where they take all their clothes away from them. It just grosses me out to see these people in their filthy bras & panties and boxers, wrestling around in the challenges and sitting around camp. And for some reason, they look skankier than usual. The challenge where they were pulling each others clothes off in the mud was just gross. And the guy stripping down this week - bleeech.

Do these people not know what to wear after 12 seasons?

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Yeah that was smart....without him it took the entire camp to do what he does. And they were boiling the lake water rather than just going to get well water? Don't know how long they will survive without him...although he was a bit strange. LOL.

see thats the problem, he was just a bit too strange...and too bossy. This is not real survival situation...these people have seen enough seasons to know that no tribe has died yet ofhaving bad water of real starvation...so if the only thing you are good for is a work horse but you are obnoxious...you are not going to last. The best strategy...be helpful, be strong, but go low radar while in tribes. Also you have to show that you are valuable in the challenges...not just at camp...and Dave is just not effective at challenge at all.

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... but ...but... what about James?

In his boxer briefs?


And that armor?


Ok, James is the exception. I gotta admit that in those boxer briefs, I could just eat him up with a spoon. And up to this point they've edited him as just a hott, strong body, but I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more of his personality and his mind. I wonder if we'll like them as well as we like his underwear?

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I dunno. I didn't have a problem with the move...just the execution. If they could have pulled it off without the laughing and the obvious neeeeeeeed for everyone to know it would have been much more effective. I don't think they did themselves any favors. If you watch this show you know that just when the players think they can count on something happening (ie merge at 10) ... it doesn't.

I'm just glad James is still around.

And his boxer briefs.


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