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Rove on the spot


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We have a "no discussion of politics" policy in this board. In the current events section we will allow discussions on current events that have some political implications if the discussion can remain non-partisan. We will let this topic stand but we will keep a close eye on it so that it does not degenerate into a political debate. So I hope we can be respectful of each others opinions.

Carry on....

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I was listening to the view yesterday and Elizabeth was mentioning that Karl Rove did not leak that woman's name..he said it was the guys wife. That is not leaking a name.

Joy got really angry and said that that was just a way for him to get out of it. That if she told someone a secret about someone and said:It was Elizabeth's husband. That is just as bad as giving the person's name because anyone who knows Elizabeth..knows her husband, or can find out pretty easily who her husband is. I have to agree. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I this his defence? How lame that people are actually allowing him to get away with it by even taking it seriously. He did it. He should own up.

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I have actually heard that exuse used as his defense already. It's the most ridiculous one i've heard. Honestly, he is so going to get a walk on this. As soon as it was discovered it was Rove the White House backpedaled off of firing whoever the leak was.

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I have noticed what to me is a bizarre reaction to this whole controversy by the media.....they do not think this leak is as important as the fact that a media person got jailed.

And not the right person, IMO.

For example, a guest on the Jon Stewart show said he hated to see the media get in trouble over a piddly story like this.

Jon was incredulous, but the guy was quite sure that the media were more important.

Since national media are now famous for spin, etc., it seemed like this person has lost touch with reality.

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