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Cleveland, OH -- Dec. 17, 2007


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Playhouse Square Theater

This will be in the State Theater section. Seating chart for the main floor is here, and for the upper level is here.

Tickets for this show go on sale on Saturday, October 27 at 11:00 EDT.

Information on the show (including the link to buy tickets) is HERE

This venue uses tickets.com as their ticketing system.

Event Type: Pop


Presenter: Playhouse Square


On Sale 10/27/07 11:00 AM

As the runner-up to Fox TV´s second American Idol, vocalist Clay Aiken wowed television audiences with his Southern charm, sweet demeanor, and bright, glorious voice, and became a pop star. Out of 7,000 hopefuls, the Charlotte, NC, native won the hearts of the judges as well as millions of fans across the globe. It was Clay’s personality and stunning voice that led him to his 2nd place spot on Idol, a record deal with RCA and numerous hit songs and Holiday Specials.

This December Clay Aiken returns to Playhouse Square with the 45 piece Playhouse Square Orchestra to perform holiday favorites.

Children Policy:

No children under 2. All guests must have a ticket for admittance into the theatre.

Single Ticket Prices

Section Ticket Prices

Dress Circle $75.00

Loge $75.00

Orchestra $65.00

Mezzanine $50.00

Balcony $35.00

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Yep, it's her story!


Even better! Wasn't she the good girl, keeping it quiet!!! How exciting! :clap:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so excited!!! I will be here but putting my little girls to sleep so will only post after...

have fun y'all...

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From the Clayboard:

They're talking about some new merchandise. It's just like the other two scarfs except it's a medium gray and it has snowflakes on it.

I wonder if they match the *&%%$& fleece blankets. *g*

ETA: Is it wrong to *^(%(^! while listening to Clay sing about Baby Jesus? :unsure:

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Intros now. Funny, it's harder to understand the talking than the singing.

If nothing else this tour, I've refined the art of talking to myself. LMAO!!! :lol2:

MCWL was lovely

Can't understand the story, but it seems to be getting laughs.

Eeeee - jazzy medley time. My fav!

I don't know if it's interference or what, but I can hear lots of talking over the singing.

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Even though I couldn't understand ONE WORD of the first story teller, I'm glad she got some good belly laughs from the audience.

Gosh, I love this jazzy medley (or whatever Jesse called it!)....

Ansa, why else would I say "I :::heart::: brandi" earlier? THBT!!!!

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Hi, cindi! I can't stay, but at least you'll have someone to talk to for a little while.

I'm so happy and excited for laughn! Can't wait to hear her story, and her account of the evening.

Hee - thanks Gibby. I was getting a complex :imgtongue:

The CH cert went down for me? anybody else?

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Switched to CV - Q just finished WWIAK.

Clay starting WTOW.

Wonder if there'll be intermission tonight?

It doesn't sound as if he's 'speaking' it as much tonight. Sounds soooo lovely.

aaaaand, that's a yes to intermission

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