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Couch Tomato

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Play always finds the best websites... I check woot.com every day now. And in my new part time job I'm constantly coming across interesting sites. They may not be new to everybody..but they are to me since I don't do much surfing these days.

So creating this thread for pepole websites that others might find interesting, helpful, fun, whatever.

ETA: to fix the typo in the topic title..geesh

for movies buffs..a social networking site for you - Flixster

So if you want to talk to your online friends without giving out your phone number -- this is still beta testing JAXTR

if you like to play in a virtual reality 3-D world - gaming/social network -- kaneva

Kaneva members create the digital version of themselves -- avatars -- and then meet up in a vibrant, 3D world based on the modern day. Every Kaneva member get a Kaneva City Loft -- their own 3D space -- that they can decorate and furnish in their unique style. You can bring your favorite videos, photos, music, and games, and watch them on your 3D televisions. You can invite friends to hang out in your 3D home or meet up in any of Kaneva’s public spaces and chat in real-time. You can shop for the latest fashions or home decor, chat, dance, play games, watch TV and movies, and come back again and again to explore and have fun in an ever evolving world full of exciting people, places and entertainment.

I could never get into this kind of thing. I actually bought Sims2 but spent all of 2 minutes on it and now it's collecting dust on the shelf. But I know a lot of people loved it.

Here's one I'm going to try out set up your start page -- Netvibes

classifieds... I didn't find it too useful for jobs but tested apartments (which I'll be hunting for next year) and sports tickets and looks decent -- oodle

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Place to buy and sell all things homemade

Etsy - Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade.

From their website:- Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:

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This site may doom you to an endless stream of radio shack ads, but it has good basic info on electronics:

electronics help

This site is awesome, it explains everything - in some cases, you could just teach a class from it, like How Do Servers Work? It is not just technical stuff, it is everything!!

how stuff works

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This might prove useful to some.

docstoc is a user generated community where you can find and share professional documents. Find free legal documents and free business documents. Upload your documents for all the world to share.

Also, I'm enjoying


for lovers of documentaries and films from all over the world

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OK, I went back to watch all the phpotoshop videos - quite a story they spun, in the middle of season 1 and the start of season 2 I watched the Sn4tchbuckl3r adventures in peopleland.com - amazing.

You can find it all here, I have to go back and watch the earlier videos some time, but I backed out and and saw that Harry Shearer had a site with videos here.

If you think you waste time at youtube!, you should see me here.

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