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American Idol 7


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OK, I missed what he said!

But I thought that was sweet him pointing out the backup singer!

Simon asked him if he would wear that suit he had last week again. He said no since he wore it on TV already...no repeats...unlike you...


I think he was even surprised at himself.

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Checkizie said he disagreed with Simon and like the suit he wore last week. Simon asked if he would wear it again and he said, it's been on television, you can't wear it again, well, unless you were Simon and wore the same thing every week or something like that.

David A or The chosen one.

here is why I got in a debate about this song as a choice for a religious Morman. But he didn't sing the line, so... what ever.

This song can be found on Youtube as one of his Star Search songs. I wonder if next weeks song will also be one he performed before? And wouldn't that just be a nice and convenient?

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See, I think that's funny in the mean kind of way I like!

Sigh. I can't stand David A (there are too many frickin' Davids!) - the boy is talented but if I never hear him again, it will be too soon.

And I don't like this song

And he made it worse in the way he sang it.


I just realized he makes me think of Eddie Haskell - smarmy and suck uppy without even a veneer of charm...

I'm sorry - it was Robbie in the wig!

Man, I've already forgotten half the performances and who did what - I don't think that's a good sign....

Just to be evil, I decided to listen to When I Need You from Miami - and tossed a little Kyrie from Tampa - now that is kickass!

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What did CHekeezie say!?!?!?!

Simon hit it on the head with me re: David J - no charisma. He's OK to good on the guitar; OK to good on the song choice (man, I love 70's song); he sang it OK to good - there simply wasn't a hook.

And the camera man hates him - what was UP with those camera angles? Most of the straight on shots made him look like he had no neck and we were almost looking up his nostrils - none of the angles were at all flattering...

Luke needs to give up the wig!

luke and wig???

yeah I think David C's problem will be standing out amongst the pretty people...

David A...for some reason...he does bug me. did they let the audience sound go louder.

That was close to Eva Cassidy's arrangement.

I don;t know...he just seem soooo earnest and sincere.

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Heee....KAndre...we are sharing a brain tonight...cos that is exactly why he bugs me..

I wonder if this is how some of the people that didn't get Clay feel. I just think his voice has this airy quality to it. He is also very studied, like very well coached....gives me the vibe of a kid in a pageant.

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Well, they do make you shorten the songs. But I find that the Eddie Haskell comparison really does strike a chord. it is probably the way proteges act when they are groomed their whole lives for an opprotunity and spend all their time around adults. I try and not dislike him because of his obvious spot as favorite, but, honestly, it is hard to spearate out.

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Yeah, the favorite thing bugs because I really don't get it - Hell, he's not even sugary sweet - that boy is pure saccahrine!

OK, who did I like?

David H.



David Cook?

The one that sang the Queen-sounding song with way too many words in it?

that's all I got.

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Well I guess that is why Randy asked why not the first verse...so that David can give a reasonable answer on air.

GAH this is sooo scripted!!!

That bugs me too...if you don;t agree with the sentiment of the song...don't sing it. But don't change the lyrics to suit your needs ad completely change the intent of the composer.

YUCK...sorry to be so hard on this kid...but I can see why Josiah was not chosen. They need all the tweenies conentrated on David A.

BTW...speaking of Josiah...apparently he is really getting a lot of buzz specially with the university crowd...there is a growing grass root movement for him...

I found this very insightful and interesting article at the CH...

Josiah's story...

IMO...AI did him two huge favors...by exploiting his story for interesting drama...they raised awareness for him...and by not letting him through, he is getting more credibility from the demographic that would most appreciate his music. I think this kid will go a long way...

David A on the other hand....fits right in with the High School Musical Demographic, perfect for the AI audience. Yup he is TCO...

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I still think they dropped Josiah because of his breakdown. The Hoollywood week is hard, but the show is harder and you have to roll with the punches and take criticism and still go on. I imagine that is probably more important than anything else, singing, appearance, etc. The show must go one, sick, unhappy, homesick whatever, you need to want to finish.

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I still think they dropped Josiah because of his breakdown. The Hoollywood week is hard, but the show is harder and you have to roll with the punches and take criticism and still go on. I imagine that is probably more important than anything else, singing, appearance, etc. The show must go one, sick, unhappy, homesick whatever, you need to want to finish.

the problem is we only know what we saw...there are a lot of these kids that have a breakdown...its not uncommons specially the time of night. I didn't even think it was that bad a breakdown...

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I have to admit I thought it was a SEVERE breakdown - and for me, in the entertainment business especially, you never let 'em see you sweat. And that breakdown was on stage - clearly being filmed - and he totally lost it. And I totally lost any sympathy for him - manipulative or not.

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GAH this is sooo scripted!!!

I actually MUTED most of the judges' comments while watching tonight! Just too barf-able. All of them. Actually, Simon's blah-blah was the most sensible for the most part, although when he got into the pissing match with one of the contestants there near the end, I just wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up and go sit in the corner for a time out.

When Michael Johns started things out sounding like a sick cat in heat and then Randy and Paula slobbered so much over him that they both did everything but...uh....lend him a hand (if you know what I mean and I think you do), I knew I wouldn't be hearing much REAL critiquing going on tonight. Good Lord! I thought the man sucked!

Both Alex and I have a huge crush on Jason (Justin?)---dreadlocks and all (especially after that little interview! What a cutie! Also, he reminds me sooooo much of my college poet boyfriend---ah, good times, good times :hubbahubba: ). He's unique and charming. His voice is weak, though, and I doubt he'll last long.

Cruise ship singer/Moon River guy/shitty dancer in loungelizard black outfit MUST.GO. HOME! I thought I'd lay an egg when, during the painful back and forth with Ryan, post-mortem, he said "We're all killer singers..."


Loved Chekesie! I thought he sounded terrific, and I mostly cringed during his song last week. Might be my fave performance of the night.

David A.? Whatever his story is, he has a lovely voice. As for this song being one he sang in Star Search...well, I don't think that's unusual. Clay certainly chose UM and DLTSGDOM and Open Arms because he had sung them before and felt comfortable with them. In any case, I imagine somebody will 'make a star out' of this kid, regardless of his progress or lack thereof on AI.

Just meh on anybody else, I guess. So many people with the same name who don't really do it for me makes it hard for me to remember anybody! :cryingwlaughter:

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Carly sang a song - her story made her sound like a real home girl, Are the tattoos lookinga little less prominent, have they shown her husband with the tattooed face yet? Her song made her sound like Kelly 2.0, but a little flat.

Next person syesha? sponded OK, but a little lifeless.

Now Brooke White pulling her Carly Simon imitation, but not. Playing guitar - hmm will they call her on it? Very kareoke.

Ramiele - eh.

Brooke - why does she look like she is tryingto givethe female equivalent? She looks like a cheap Carrie! But she sounds eh. Maybe I am not in a mood to listen, still programming all the numbers in my temporary cell phone. Seems to lack life.

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Well, again I missed whoever was first -

but I really liked Syesha's take on Me and Mrs. Jones - and I think the judges - especially Randy - were whack.

Brooke - a little too karoke for my tastes - a little too close to whatshername.

Yeah, Carly Simon.

Man, the zero trio and I are totally on a different page tonight - I like that the Filipina brought a little disco in - it was the 70's y'all!

What an odd stage presense for Kristie - loved the outfit - hated the posing and forgetting the lyrics.

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Carly smith...the first time I thought she has some it...but still not charmed by her but she is a good vocalist.

Syesha...yeah I agre with KANdre again. I did like that version and I don;t know wha randy was talking about in her quiet moments...I liked it. I thought she did good.

Brooke...I still love her, still want her in the competition, but I didn't like the Carly thing. I disagree that she should to that cos its too easy and predictable...this is when they play it safe. But I do like her interaction with Simon.

Ramiele...I loved her speaking in Filipino..I bet people in the Philippines are just loving this...I wonder if they are shwoing it at the same time. I guess I will find out next week...hee. Anyway..I did like her vocals on it, but I agree with the judges...its too common a disco song. and there was a sameness to the melody that didn't help her. But I still love her voice...the way she plays with her dynamics.

Kristy...I muted it...was listening to clay.

Amanda...ouch that was BAAAAD...really really bad

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Alaina - hopelessly devoted - very young but still lifeless to me - where is the hunger???

As I recall this song was a vocally layered song, it doesn't sound right to be sung by one voice. Alexandrea - sounds familiar ehough, not sure how she made it her own - maybe by hitting the right notes?

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that was very disappointing...

the only ones I really liked or enjoyed were the first four performances...

My rankings...





then a whole bunch of meh

I think Kady and Alaina should go home

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I swear I just haven't 'felt' Randy and Paula this go around at all. It's as if they're listening to different voices than I am! I really liked Saisha's interpretation of "Me and Mr. Jones"....very nuanced with just enough power noting, IMO.

Carly rocked out with Crazy on You---one of my fave Heart songs, too! I thought she was awesome, although for some reason I just haven't warmed up to her yet.

Neither one of the Carly Simon wannabes grabbed me. meh.

The "All By Myself" girl (I still haven't attached all the names with the faces/voices)...was way outta her league, just like Simon bluntly stated. Whoa.

The opera singer with the attitude---the Britney impersonator, etc. She's not half as good as she thinks she is and I find myself wanting to slap that smirk off her face.

Loved Ramielle...although thought the song choice wasn't good enough for her voice--too many of the same notes throughout.

Not seeing anything special about that gorgeous, hotbody blonde who likes the outdoors--what's her name? My hubby thinks she's way HOT :hubbahubba: Yeah, she is...but her voice isn't. Is she the one who forgot lyrics? Singing the Linda Ronstadt "You're No Good"?

Carly, Sayesha and Ramielle for me tonight---in that order. Amanda should go home this week.

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