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Claygasm said HE's GREAT!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she said he yodled. She's so excited and happy...his dancing is good...he hasn't tripped -- he's chasing dancing girls..he looks adorable

one of the girls goosed him..he said SHIT..heee He looks like he is having a ball.

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His accent is spot on

really good

he swore said shit, he said bugger

he is dancing

but he is very funny

so very good

he sings and Idol of my age

and that is new

he even yodeled

it is really good

he dances

he oggles girls

and he oggles like crazy

he is so out of character

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he was good

he came out as the guard he is good

and he was bantering and the accent was very good

he blends with the others

and everytime he dances the audience cheers

Merrriieeeee is in awe and she thinks he is great!!!

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Claygasm said his new teeth are blindingly white..heee she is just so excited...I can hear it in her voice. Reddish blonde wig...she said it might be extensions but it's not sure... Claygasm is first row center..and it's not too close

Woohoo!!! That's where I'll be sitting exactly 3 months from tonight!!!

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lots of cheering when he does something grat and at times covers up things he says.

KAndre thinks its wonderful

The program is the original cast program but with a poster of Clay for the fans

He is the tallest one except for the Lady of the Lake

the swallow skit is great he does it very well

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am so verklempt right now!!!

I don't care whatever anyone else says...these reactiosn from merieeee and from CG are the most precious ones...


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From CV

On the phone with my friend - she is LOVING the show!

Clay's accent is great (it "doesn't sound like him!") and his dancing is fantastic. His facial expressions are so cute! He favors the left (facing the stage) side of the stage and is very close to the edge of the stage. He looks GORGEOUS!!!! Can't tell if he is wearing a wig - hair looks reddish.

Brett has been laughing his head off during the show.

There was a huge cheer when he first appeared on stage as the Guard. Lots of cheers whenever he comes on stage. Every time he does a dance move people cheer and clap.

She can't remember which song is which, but there is one song (maybe Knights of the Round Table) where they probably changed a lyric or two because he said something about being an Idol. He also did some yodelling at one point, going very high and very low. In another scene (maybe during this same song) he is chasing the women who are carrying trays of food around.

He is adorable!!!

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I'm smiling so hard, my face hurts and I love it!!

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Just got off the phone with cindilu2....she is in 7th heaven.....she said he is GREAT, and that's not just her rose coloured glasses talking. He is so natural and funny and in his element, and if he's nervous she sure isn't seeing it. She said he was laughing during the lady of the lake's song. She said his guard accent was a bit more cockney than his other accent. She told me about him saying shit as a guard, and about how he said he would lead them all in song and something about being the idol of his times. She said there are tons of men, probably more men than women in the balcony. She said she is pretty sure it's a wig but he looks FABULOUS. She bought a program with a poster of the choking chicken pose.

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Claygams said her face hurts from grinning and laughing...its the goofiest, silliest, most irreverent show

well my face hurts from watching the dl...and more so if its clay doing it


I am sooooo proud of him...


coming up...of course its his big number...

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Just talked to Play. She said...

- She thinks they added a bit of the Spam song for him... he sang and sang till someone made him stop.

- His timing was just a bit off here and there, but one of the cast would nudge him so it wasn't terribly noticeable and he kept up.

- He helped a lady off of something that Play didn't think he should have... gentleman Clay, cause no one helped the other two ladies down.

- His accents (cockney for the guard and understated brit for Sir Robin) are very good.

- His dancing is a bit uncoordinated compared to the professionals, but he will get better and good enough for opening night

- the place is PACKED!!!

She'll call me back after she climbs down 10 flights of stairs after the show is over (in the highest high seats, she is)

Whooo hooo!!!

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Wheeeeee! It's so exciting! I just got back from a rehearsal, and it sounds like Clay is really breaking a leg! I so wish I could be there, but I'm totally thrilled for all of the fans who are there. And I'm not a bit surprised that Clay is doing so well. He will be fantastic by the time I see him in March!

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