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Survivor: Micronesia... Samoa...


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loved the season with Yul and Ozzie..Yul is my favorite survivor ever. He was in the news recently cuz he bought some sort of franchise, signed a lease on a building, and then found out that the neighborhood was going to fight him over bringing the yogurt franchise in...something about no franchise with over 9 locations can be brought into the neighborhood... well it only had 3 when he got his permit... don't know if he's fighting it.

Can somebody tell me if Cerie is there..she was my second favorite Survivor of all time.

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I watched last night too. I don't know how long I'll last with it, but it was entertaining. I don't remember all of the Survivor favourites but I remembered quite a few. Glad to see Cerie, Yau Man and James back! I hated Johnny Fairplay in his season, so I was thrilled that he left. I wonder how much of that was legitimate? If it was, good for him. Maybe he's developing a conscience. We can all hope so, for the sake of his unborn child.

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Haven't seen it yet, but I remember LOVING Ozzy! Reason enough to watch...

You do know don't you that Ozzy made some porn movies? And that's all I'm going to say about that. I prefer him with the longer hair from his original season. I like the 'wild man' look. :)

Johnny Fairplay just made me want to gag every time he was on screen, so I'm glad he's gone. Hope Eliza goes soon. The problem with 'favorites vs. fans' is that last night there was a lot more focus on the favorites. It'll be fun to see which of the fans emerge into front runners.

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[rant]I forgot to set my recorder (DVR) and was out so really missed the whole show. I decided to watch it at cbs.com - big mistake! The first time it started it crashed at 40 seconds! Then it went ok for about 20 mins (the time line said it was 43 mins total) and then it crashed again. Their POS video player didn't have any way to get back to the second half of the show (it stopped right before the challenge) - I tried!

So I tried to watch the clip of only the challenge - it was supposed to be 7 mins long. It kept stopping almost every 10-20 seconds for 10-20 seconds!! so it took me twice as long to watch it! I gave up after that!

Now I have my DVR set so as not to miss it again.[/rant]

Now about the show (what parts I did see!)......

Hate Johnny Fairplay.

Think those other faves were NUTS for trusting him

But did they really trust him? I think not.

Glad he's gone!

I thought the faves were a little cocky, but I am sorry they lost the challenge, but glad they got rid of JF.

And how wimpy was he??? I saw a clip where he said "I'm over it."

I wish he'd gotten over before he appeared on my tv, another waste of time.

The fans had a point when one of them said that they "know all about the faves, but they nothing nothing about them".

This could go either way.

Love seeing James and Ozzie, and some of the others, but a lot of them are just vague memories.

I can't believe anyone would want to do that TWICE!

Well, maybe James, just to prove he's not really that dumb.

or is he??? :cryingwlaughter:

Ask Parvati.

Looking forward to next week!

Except I hate that they put a bunch of my fave shows on the same night.

The only saving grace was the writers strike keeping some of them off for a couple months!

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Didn't know about Ozzie's porn movies. Where did you read about that? Was it supposedly before or after his last Survivor appearance. I imagine his hair will get longer again by the end of the series unless he's voted out early.

It was before he was ever on Survivor. I was on a fan board and someone posted a link. :ph34r:

(No, I don't have the link :cryingwlaughter: ) Looks like he and Amanda are going to be bestest buddies.

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Happy now Lady J? :cryingwlaughter:

So I did enjoy the first eppie. You know what I liked..that there is a bit more diversity this time around and a really interesting mix of people. The season where they started with the white black, asian, latino tribes was my favorite season. Not an inordinate amount of silly PYTs or bartenders (apologies to all bartenders but I swear silly pyts and bartenders is what they look for to cast big brother which is why I I have averaged .5 episode of BB and have only watched 2 seasons full through -- both featuring Evil Dr. Will).

Now the millionaire oil man so far cracks me up so far. He doesn't seem authentic cuz we have heard all this stuff before. It just give me more satisfaction when the so called puppet masters are thrown out. He did get his way last night though.

Shambo was working that puzzle. But she had too much to catch up from the rocket scientist's swimming. And i can't believe how he got talked about cuz he couldn't keep up with Jaison. But when Shambo said he sounded like an engineer I cracked up. He's over there talking about wind and rain effects for the shelter. Love it.

Oh and also liked the guy who took over cuz he knew all about the outdoors. He will be great to have on the team.

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Suvivor..ok that was one of the best tribal councils ever. I will start off by saying that I didn't get as offended by Brian as maybe I should have because black chick from last week was about as stupid as they come. You go to a new tribe and act like you're the brains behind your tribe and are going to tell THEM how pathetic they are? Eeek. Just thought it was one of the worse moves I've ever seen and even if they edited all around it ... I just don't see it being any better. Having said that - Jaison rocked the tribal council. To call out your own team member as a racist and not get bogged down in emotion but articulate reasoning - some sarcasm - while pulling the entire team to your side while the so called puppet master who is being shoved down our throat had no choice but to go along absolutely kicked ass.

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I can't believe I've gone from "ooh that was the best survivor council ever" to when will this show end. I'm sick of this group.

I agree...bor-ing.

And is it just me or is the bunch from Foa Foa the dumbest tools to set foot on this show yet?

I mean seriously, they make Russell look like a rocket scientist :hysterical:

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Yes it is a pathetic tribe.

Russell has schemed his way out of any strong players he could have had and hopefully with the merge his ass is out.

And we don't even know the other tribe since they have spent virtually no air time on them.

Oh my favorite survivor..I can't remember the name of the tribe but Yul and the dolphin and the two girls..they managed to survive week after week after week and ended up winning the whole thing despite being outnumbered. I don't see the same thing happening here.

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After Russell being so "large and in charge" (he thought so anywho), I was shocked that they faked him into giving up his immunity idol. My DD says the tribal councils are 3 hours long and they only show a tiny portion, so who knows what was said to make him feel so threatened.

I agree that Foa Foa was a "brain challenged" tribe. Liz was a great competitor, but they got rid of her. And, Jaison is a very bad competitor in the challenges, yet he is still there. No wonder they lost all the challenges.

Laura dodged the bullet by winning the immunity necklace, didn't she.

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Eric wasn't even on my radar before last night. But that was hysterical. It's only 4 of them..they have no chance. Hello. Do you watch Survivor? And I agree that Jaison isn't thriving in that survivor but how on earth did Eric think he figured him out after being on the same trie as him for all of 3 days. The best part was that he had the immunity necklace in his pocket when he went home. HA!

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