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List of OMWH tracks on YouTube

Clay in the Studio recording the single On My Way Here

Snippets of songs from THE NEW ALBUM On My Way Here


ALAWH = As Long As We're Here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCBjKcDwG4A(featuring lyrics only)


EIDN = Everything I Don't Need



FIEKY = Forget I Ever Knew You (WalMart bonus track)

GOG = Grace of God

IIEOOU = It's In Everyone Of Us


LAA = Lover All Alone (written by Clay)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6y4uW0cg4M (with lyrics)

SAU = Something About Us


SL = Sacrificial Love

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgZTAhBgjhs (Dancing With the Stars)

TRM = The Real Me

(wave videography, with lyrics)

(partial performance, live QVC)

WIDTL = Where I Draw the Line

(live on QVC)

Please PM me if you find a better video for any of the above songs


ABBA, Olivia N-J, Andy Gibb. TIMELESS.


Billy Joel sings 'The Lullabye', Masterclass Concert 2001

BJ wrote this song for his daughter when she was about 7,

and she has stated in interviews that this is her favourite Billy Joel song.

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I watched the Jimmy Kimmel After-Oscar special last night and they were talking about Billy Crystal's opening when he did that long movie-type opening, so I had to go and look it up! I found quite a few entertaining Oscar clips.........

Let's start with this one:

(more revealing than what they usually show! check right around 21-22 seconds!)

Oscar Opening-spot 2004 with Billy Crystal

He does a really funny mini-movie

about the nominees 'n' stuff

about the Prince of Tides movie (Barbra Streisand)

There are lots more youtubes I want to share but there's a beginning!! :clap:


claytonic - I really loved all three of those vids you posted! This is a great thread!! Thanks for starting it! I hope more posters come here and share!!

eta: this post brought to you by the exclamationpoint.gif

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I've been watching Idol via YouTube, and am seeing a lot of support for Ramiele. I think she has a better voice than Jasmine Trias, who she is being compared with.

HOWEVER, in my view, the biggest young talent out of the Philippines has to be Charice Pempengco.

In case you missed her on Ellen, here she is.


Ellen found her on YouTube, and that is how she got to be invited to guest on The Ellen Show.

She got the attention of some industry big-wigs, including Ed Shapiro, Clive Davis and David Foster.

Imagine, David Foster took her to see Celine Dion's final performance in Vegas, and is writing songs for her.

The maturity in her voice is unbelievable, and the only "criticism" is that she sings all those big songs exactly the way they were originally sung by Whitney, Beyonce, etc, but that's understandable as she has yet to develop her own style. You just won't believe that huge voice coming out of that tiny body. Wait for her to sing "I Will Always Love You" at the end of the vid.

Some of her YouTube videos have received several million views. Unfortunately some of those have been removed.

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That is one talented horse!!

I love David Niven too - and I read "The Moon's A Balloon" a long long time ago!! Apparently there's a second one whose title escapes me at the moment. I think I read that one too, but I can't remember it!

The vid of Charice Pempengco was really good too! Thanks!!

I got nothing tonight!!

Is there anyone else here lurking????? :imgtongue:

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This 13 year old boy blew everyone away yesterday on BGT.

Unbelievable voice, but bullied at school since age 6.

Unlike someone we know, he has no confidence in himself.

This kid needs to read LTS.

(I've never seen Simon Cowell's face look this serious about an audition)

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These two guys reared this lion from a babyhood in England but the authorities would not allow them to keep it once it reached maturity so they were forced to give it up.

They took it back to Africa and placed it in a wildlife sanctuary, a year later they went to see it and were told by "experts" it would not remember them......

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OH LOOK ....Bulgaria's answer to Mariah Carey went and did a crash course in English and was invited back to sing on the show in front of a TV audience!!

WOW WOW A Much Improved version of Ken Lee !!. (well, you heard the audition, right??)

And if that wasn't enough and you yet another ENCORE....here's a DANCE REMIX of the new hit Ken Lee!!!


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Claytonic, I lurve you! :F_05BL17blowkiss:


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attemping to collect a bunch of links that were posted in the main thread here:

To me, a typical uptempo track would be Shakira's Hips Don't Lie - Ashes might edge into uptempo - but mostly in comparison to the other tracks on OMWH. For me, if it's something you don't get out and sweat a little to, it's not really uptempo. For me, Clay's only dance track really has been When You Say You Love Me.
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I think "Grace of God" is similar in tempo/flavor to
, which deals with similar themes. In fact, isn't GoG slightly slower? To me, the contrast between the message and the sound/tempo of the song may be intended to capture a listener's attention. It's also possibly an artistic choice to avoid coming off heavy-handed or preachy. Like Cotton suggested, it is a walking tempo...just the right speed to notice and reflect on the things.

I feel the heart of the song is gratitude, which is, or can be, an uplifting emotion.

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Kashmir is neither upbeat nor uptempo, yet I dance and it's Bonham's doing. And no, there's no pole involved!!! Live Zeppelin was like nothing else in this world --- a hot piece of business it was. Three hour concerts with no intermissions and 20 minute versions of How Many More Times and Whole Lotta Love ... gone but not forgotten.


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I can't believe I missed out on references to Little Shop of Horrors. LOVE that show. I was lucky enough to see Ellen Greene do it live at the Geffen in West LA years ago. God, she was awesome.

I have had this dream for quite some time now that has only recently been modified. I would give just about anything to hear Clay and Hannah sing "Suddenly Seymour". OMG, they could tear the roof off on that song. Clay has no problem looking nerdy when he tries (Ride Wit Me from AI anyone?) and Hannah is blonde, with a big voice, looks great in a low cut black dress, and has big boobs. It was meant to be. See what I mean?

Suddenly Seymour

00lsee thanks so much for the link to "Another Day In Paradise". I had never seen the video before and thought it was really very effective. It WAS very reminiscent of the video posted recently for GOG. It would be a great song for humanitarian relief of whatever cause. UNICEF, are you listening? For any who didn't see it, this is the YouTube version that does not reference any political candidates:

He told me that he likes to sing along to stay alert and the song that he sings to most frequently?

Our whole family saw this show here in L.A. and we were all just blown away. In fact, we saw it twice. We have two versions of the cast recordings. That song is so incredibly powerful that we would all sing our guts out with gestures and everything and trying to hold out that last looooooooong note. What a performance. Impressive enough that my 26 year old Linkin Park lovin' son is still singing along with it in the car. I love that.

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I give you....the AMAZING Aretha Franklin singing Nessun Dorma at the 1998 Grammys.


This has been a "lost" performance until now. Don't miss it. And if anyone could rip it, I would be eternally grateful. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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