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Here's my recommendation to the wonderful list of must-see talent:

Audition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PKRLxwZnok

13 year old Andrew Johnston blows the audience away with Pie Jesu


Unbelievable rendition of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven

Final: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es-43w8pAek...feature=related

Pie Jesu -He came 3rd but don't let that steer you away from what was missed in the audition...


and now for something completely different.......


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And By and By - reminds me of The Sweet By and By!

This is so pretty!

And our spirits shall sorrow no more in the Sweet By and By.

Here is another version, more rousing , less pretty - with MERYL STREEP and Prairie Home Companion -

And another by Bird Youmans

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I love this video from the bottom of my heart, and wouldn't give anything for my DVD of the 2002 tour .... this he did for Linda. (But on the MIA part, I think it's Abe that does it for me. I love to watch him):


These two videos couldn't be separated by me -- so, here it is, with Linda. (God, I love it and vividly recall this concert in 1976! But, alas, no Abe. Of course, how old was Abe then?):


ETA: I know nobody cares, but Jimmy McCulloch played a legendary guitar solo for Wings in this one, and he also played lead guitar in another song that was my favorite at a different time and place ... (Call out the instigators, 'cause there's) Something In The Air -- when he was in Thunderclap Newman.

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I've been so side-tracked by 13 year old Andrew Johnston's talent in Britain's Got Talent (3rd place in final), I somehow missed this 12 year old girl.

Faryl Smith's Ave Maria is incredible; she didn't win or even get a podium position (which was an all-male sweep) but many believe SHE should have won. (She won't have Andrew's problem of wondering what her voice is going to sound like when puberty takes control!)

a MUST SEE : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlO0ikRPZrc

AND I've never heard Simon Cowell rave so much about singer since his abundance of praise for Leona Lewis. Even if you don't like opera, just hear her amazing voice. (Obviously she'll need to get her teeth fixed, like Paul Potts did)

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Guest SidiDenak

In 1995 I got CANCER and the following year my German Shepard, CAESAR who had stayed by my side the whole time CAME DOWN WITH CANCER. I worked 'til 2002 and went early Retirement. I also had adopted a Shelter Dog in 1997 who was 6 mos. old and I named him LUCKY. Fastforward to January 4, 2008, I had to put my little Beagle, LUCKY to sleep due to Cancer of the Spleen and Liver. LUCKY'S passing devistated me because I had spent 9 years with him since I was retired. When CAESAR passed, I had to go back to work thus I couldn't allow myself to grieve; but with LUCKY, I've gained 42 lbs grieving over him. I also feel guilty because in the 13 years that I have been CANCER FREE, I have lost 2 dogs to CANCER. Did they eat my Cancer to keep me alive? If God had only asked me, I would have gladly told him: "take me and let my beloved LUCKY live" but that was not the case. My LUCKY was such a needy dog and very loyal. If I got up at the wee hours of the morning (3:00am) because of my Arthritis and went into the computer room, my LUCKY would follow me and stay right at my side all the whole time.

I have since adopted another Shelter Beagle named MAX. MAX is the opposite of LUCKY. I didn't know that Beagles could have different personalities. If I'm up due to my Arthritis, MAX will just stay in the bedroom and sleep. He also DOESN'T LIKE TO KISS YOU. MAX has a Short Fuse in regard to his Temper. One day when he was really being annoying, I hollered at him. What did he do but go into my bedroom and get my stuff animal off my bed and CHEW THE HINEY OFF OF IT. Later, I went looking for MAX to appologize and hug him and there was the stuffing (looks like balls of cotton) all over my bedroom floor.

I can't take him to my Pet Groomer that I've had for years because MAX wants to fight every dog he sees, no matter how big the dog is. So, Pet Smart grooms MAX. They told me that MAX is a ALPHA DOG. Geesh, now I have 2 ALPHA MALES living in my home. My son is a ALPHA MALE; he loves MAX'S attitude. When I put MAX on punishment (in his doggie crate), my son will let him out when he comes home. So, instead of MAX helping me to get over LUCKY, I've continued with my grieving. Here is the Montage I created of my beloved LUCKY.





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I'm going to try to bring over the funny Clay moments youtubes now!!!

funny moments....well I love that bit on NAT when he starts..."Humping" this girl...and he kinda shocked himself...and they just kept laughing through out.

There are two clips that I'd love to download if I knew where to find them -- the one referenced above when he humped the girl, and the other is when some guy is onstage singing Invisible and cracked Clay up when he did the shirt tug.

Anyone? Bueller? KAndre?

Here's the one with Matt

And the one in Charlotte


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ok - this isn't a funny one but.......

Speaking of YouTubes, there is a nice one to
called "An OBAMA Love Story", using sepia pics of the couple. Very nice use of the song, no matter where you are in the political landscape.


(currently Views: 37,556! That means 37,556 people, some new I hope, hearing Clay's lovely song!)

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Philly DCAT/SRHP "Now I'm a man!"/puberty? Oh yeah!

OMG, I loved this one. I do have a link for that.


Impossible to pick the all time funniest moment, so I won't try. A hilarious bit for me was the whole bats and bugs thing in Asheville. Bust a gut funny. :cryingwlaughter:

OMG I've never watched it..only heard it through cellcert. I must watch that when I get home.

This goes over several videos - best bet is probably the best of banter series.

Here's the black hole and bugs part:

Found it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVTFH6WaJ6I



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4. The entire Ft. Myers DCAT show; my big favorite...when the clueless lighting guy wouldn't leave the spotlight on Quiana for her solo. He did everything buy hire a skywriter to get this moron to spotlight her instead of him to no avail. When he took her seat and pulled her on his lap and then distracted her with his wandering hand I thought the whole audience would lose it. Loved, loved, loved that show. :cryingwlaughter:

I can't access YouTube at work, so I can't provide helpful links, darn it.

Back to work for me!

Perma, I can help a bit....

Fort Myers -- Quiana and Clay, WTLGD

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Does anyone remember this:

IT Tour - Jerome dueting with Clay "Without You"


JNAT06 - "Banter with Bridget"


SRAAHP 2007 Tour - Bug hits Clay-Flies down Angela's blouse.


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Perma, I totally agree about the Fort Myers banter. Now, about the WTLGD and Quiana sitting on Clay's lap .... this HAS to be seen from Scruffy's Best Of Fort Myers.


It's the second one of three at Fort Myers entitled:


and people DO NOT MISS IT. It begins with the TV Jingles contest (and includes Clay as "He-Man") but the WTLGD is shot from two different cameras and edited together. When you see his hand on Quiana, you next see his reaction behind her. It's one of my top five pieces of Clack of all time.

So many funnies...

Kimmel - tattoo

The whole thing was pretty funny, but the way he laughs at the end after he broke Jimmy up saying he'd shaved his leg for him, just gets me every time.

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Thank you luckiest and Perma! That helped me find a clip that would work so I could see it -- this is a montage of both nights at AC, the 90's medley, done by dreamlarge:

This also has another favorite moment of mine in it, when Clarence and Jacob switched parts during End of the Road. That was so cool. Wish I could have attended that show....

ldyj... that switch is one of my faves, too. I rewind that part over and over. Clarence sounded so cool and Clay really got into it with him.

I FOUND IT... the "Run to Jesus" part. About half way thru

JBT Funnies Part II

Back to hunting for more funnies....

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Smokin' Joe Robinson, the 16 year old winner of Australia's Got Talent 2008.


He's an unbelievable acoustic guitarist... whether or not you play a musical instrument, I'd be surprised if you are not amazed at the skill and talent of this young guy.

He was my pick as the winner, I just couldn't see anyone else with any hope in beating him.

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You won't believe your eyes!

Even if you've seen Swan Lake a thousand times, you haven't seen a Swan Lake like THIS before!

The frogs at the beginning are cool, and the classic dance is reimagined in a breathtaking form BUT there is a jaw-dropping moment at the 3 minute mark, and it gets more and more amazing!


Want more? Check out the The Chinese Ballet > Pas de Deux

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claytonic, that was absolutely amazing! They are combining a bit of acrobatics with ballet, and it's beautifully done. The main ballerina is sooo flexible, but strong, too, to manage all of those poses. And the guy - do you suppose he has to take painkillers to get through that?? Anyway, it's gorgeous!
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Mother of the Year (don't miss the ending)


Aimi Kobayashi - 4 years old


Aimi Kobayashi - 7 years old


This totally blew me away... she is beyond description, beyond explanation. beyond comprehension.

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