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Simon Cowell BEFORE he became Simon Cowell.

Simon's TV debut, on a TV quiz show in England, called Sale of the Century.

He looks very young and has a captivating smile! Well, I think so.... LOL Looking at him here, it isn't surprising that with that personality, as shown on this show, that he was to become a very successful businessman!

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Funny video kinda/sorta showing how fake the music industry has become. I think it's hilarious!

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A mother's unconditional love and support at its best.

What do you do when you’re born with two digits on each hand and your legs are amputated at the knees when you’re three?

Well, if you’re Heeah Lee, you become a concert pianist.

She is quite the little pro.

One of the most amazing and moving stories I’ve ever heard.

Lee Hee-ah is a Korean pianist with only two fingers on each hand. The thumb of her left hand does not have any bones. She does not have any limbs below the knee on each foot. Her father was injured in a war and took morphine for 10 years as he was paralysed below the waist. Her mother took motion-sickness pills to deal with carsickness without realizing she was pregnant. These factors may have contributed to Lee's birth defects. Not letting them hold her back, Lee tours the world giving concerts and moving people to tears with her ability to play pieces that would be difficult even for able-bodied pianists.


Disabled Pianist Lee Hee-ah to Release Her First Album

Lee Hee-ah, 20, a disabled pianist who is making a deep impression on many people around the world by playing the piano despite having only four fingers, will release her first album.

Her album entitled "Hee-ah, a Pianist with Four Fingers" will hit the market around June 20.

The album will feature Lee's favorite classical numbers, such as "Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor, op. 66" and "Waltz No. 10" by Frederic Francois Chopin, "Hungarian Dance" by Johannes Brahms, "Plaisir d'Amour" by Giovanni Battista Martini, "Serenade" by Franz Peter Schubert, and "Piano Concerto No. 21 -- the Second Movement" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The album also features "Amazing Grace," sung by Lee, and "Hee-ah's Song" written by Stephen Moon (Korean name Moon So-yon), a graduate of Seoul National University's Department of Composition who was in charge of producing the album. The recording began three years ago. Only "Hee-ah's Song" was recorded recently, but most of the other numbers, including "Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor, op. 66," were recorded around 2002.

Lee's mother, Woo Kap-sun, 50, said she had originally intended to record her daughter's music in an album not to be sold, but to be kept in Lee's personal archive.

"In fact, I was concerned very much about the sales of the album, because Hee-ah's performing skills naturally fall behind those of normal professional pianists. The album was not designed for my daughter to play music for somebody else, but to represent her inner spiritual world," said Lee's mother.

Lee played with the Thames Philharmonic Orchestra in Britain on June 12. According to her mother, Lee received a standing ovation after playing "Hee-ah's Song" as an encore performance in Britain.


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Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia (VERY RARE) "I'm His Only Woman" LIVE


YT Channel's comments: I went to the Jennifer Hudson/Robin Thicke show twice in one week and 2 Duets occured during the second sold out show 04-16-09 (was the original show) in ATL. This is an amazing collaboration of DIVAS!!! This performance occured half way through set (Tuesday's performance didn't include this song) - and Fantasia KILLS it!!! Later, Jennifer Holliday shuts the show DOWN with a duet of "And I'm Telling You I'm not Going." JHUD rcoks! Jennifer Hudson's concert was KILLER!!! Surely, this show jumps to my Top Concerts EVER list. JHUD was so gracious with her stage...sharing the Spotlight with such class. But that's JHUD 4 Ya! Class ACT!!!!!

Jennifer Hudson & Jennifer Holliday Duet (RARE)


YT Channel's comments: JHUD & Robin Thicke Concert in ATL on 04-16-09 was AMAZING! Naturally, as Jennifer Hudson's biggest fan, I went to the show twice in one week and thank God I did. Jennifer personally promised surprises and LAWD - JHUD did not lie! This performance is ULTIMATE! "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" has never sounded better. Both of these DIVAS SHUT IT DOWN like no other duet! HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!!! That's a wrap! GOOD NIGHT!!!!

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An interesting video of Susan Boyle singing at age 22. Nothing earth shattering but the raw talent is clearly there.

Video exclusive: Susan Boyle's earliest singing performance on film revealed


Susan Boyle singing "Killing Me Softly" demo recording


This is a massive treat for fans of
The Beatles

This site contains (possibly) all the music and video clips that were recorded by The Beatles.

When you click on a song title, you will see

  • the video
  • the lyrics
  • background information about the song

It is just, just fabulous.

And there's also the same for



I wish, I wish for a ClayTube...


Performing at the next David Foster and Friends event in Las Vegas on 9 May 2009, along with Clay and other artists.

Sunday May 10 (Mother's Day) is her 17th birthday, and what a huge transformation her life has become since her first performance on American soil in December 2007, on the Ellen Show. Hardly anyone knew of her in North America back then, and now just 17 months later, pretty much everyone knows who she is and that Oprah and David Foster have taken her under their wing.

Performance on Ellen that fateful day in December 2007,
at age 15.5 years
. She is overwhelmed because (I read that) this was her first standing ovation, ever.

First performance on Oprah, at age almost 16

Very recent performance in the Philippines, a duet with her mother, Raquel, at age almost 17

The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco

Phil Bolsta created this comprehensive account of Charice's career. It includes an interesting interview with Falsevoice, the YouTube Channel operated by a guy in the Philippines who watched her performances on Little Big Star, a local singing competition in the Philippines. It includes videos of her important performances and a short movie of her life story, a heart-warming Cinderella story. Phil constantly updates the site and has had a number of people assist him with accuracy of information and translation of interviews that were done in Tagalog.


Can't find 6.48 minutes for this video? Then keep this link for when you need a seriously gut-wrenching laugh to counter a seriously bad day.


TIP: Stick with it, don't let the first couple of minutes completely determine the outcome.

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