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    • in my mind I will cheerfully add "all the way to the bank".
    • I'm just happy happy. What else can I say? shrug.gif Thanks fer the koolaid?

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One of my favorite pieces of clack is from the Neil Sedaka Tribute. It is the Solitaire-Part 2 by mustbeeme. It's not very clear and Clay's face is washed out, but what I love about that particular video is watching the expression on the face of the guitar player behind Clay. When Clay sings the long Solitaaaaaaaaiiire you can see this huge grin on the guitar player and then he just laughs when Clay finally finishes holding that long note.

Then the guitar player and the drummer exchange this look like "can you believe that voice?". He just looks amazed, smiles during the rest of the song and then claps at the end. I just love seeing the reactions from professional musicians like him when they hear Clay.

Here's the Youtube link. It's not as clear as the one I downloaded, but you can still see the reactions and the huge smile at the end from the guitar player.


I LOVE THIS!!! :wub: This sent me on a you tube Solitaire journey - it's one of my favorite songs!!

I love the way the guitarist in the background reacts. :thankyou:

Welcome NEWBIES!! It's fun here!! :lipstick:

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Maybe I really do need glasses!

you do..cuz even I see it and I'm blind!

I spent another evening in my second home... the emergency room. They kept her this time. Hopefully they can find out what the heck is going on. Off to bed...I owe a few PMs but will do so tomorrow!!

Have fun wandacleo!!

And welcome gloch!!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Still coughing; woke up at 4:45; tried to go back to sleep, finally gave up and got up...so that is why I am here so early. Have to go to work today...don't get paid for my days off so I can't take too many sick days. Hate the time change, it was getting light at 6:00, now it won't be light until 7:00.

12 Days until The First Day!

55 Days until The Closing Night of Spamalot!

57 Days until The New CD!

Everyone have a great day!


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I saw the show on January 26 and Februrary 27 (going back this coming Sunday - Yay!), and I'd say the biggest improvement I saw is in the delivery of one of the lines in his opening scene ('And I'm the King of Norway, Bugger off' or something like that) The first time I saw the show I had no idea what he said other than 'bugger off'. The second time is it was totally clear. I also noticed some slight changes in Clay's physical comedy, which I think is truly a rare gift. The dancing? I don't see much change, just perhaps a bit looser and more comfortable. Clay's a knight who dances, not a dancer per se, and he pulls that off fine. Overall, I think he was really good in the role from the beginning. Not much to change, IMO, just some refinements.

Yep, butt pinch!

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Welcome, gloch! :welcome:

muski... what I found interesting about that gif of Hannah butt pinching is the fact that he didn't even look around immediately to see who had done him. Is he so used to being pinched that he could just wait to see who it was??? :cryingwlaughter: I mean if I ever got pinched, I would get whiplash looking to see who had done it. He just nonchalantly returned the playbill he was signing and then looked to see who it was. :cryingwlaughter:

Yeah, I noticed that too -- he was so focused on his autograph signing that he was like "ho hum, someone pinched me in the butt." Hee. Actually, I think it's kind of that "family" thing that he's mentioned more than a few times. Although I hope no one in my family pinches me in the butt. *g*

I've watched the video many just a few times and I like to think she said a few softly spoken, well chosen words (use your imagination) in his ear as she passed and that's why he wasn't at all surprised..... :whistling-1:

I think it was something like... 'Catch you later, stud'

Claygasm, those glasses you hate so much of Clay's? Maybe you ought borrow them. Just sayin' :imgtongue:

I've seen it five times in a row, three times in a row, and in a few hours will commence to see it twice more in a row. I think it's a combination of Clay's awesomeness, the whole cast's awesomeness (I love The Song That Goes Like This way too much) and the fact that it really isn't the same show five times in a row. There's a little something different and unique each time. At least there has been for me.

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wandacleo, safe travels today! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*cleans glasses that cindilu just handed to CG and hands them back to her again*

CG, it took me a while to see it too, but after much careful study, I did see it. Now I'm back to studying again...hee.



Cool recaps ahead!

from the CH:

VoxAngelicus at CB wrote:

I just got back to Chicagoland from The Big Apple and now that I'm back home, I can give my recap from yesterday's evening performance. I'm still on Cloud Nine from last night! My husband had given me Spamalot tickets for March 8th as a Christmas present, since this weekend was a time when I could travel without having to worry about job-related demands hanging over my head for Monday. The trip also coincided with a job-related conference that my husband is attending in NYC, so the timing worked out just perfectly for both of us. Our tickets were in row B, seats 107 and 108. I took seat B107 and was in the exact center of the theater, and unbelievably close to the stage. This is the closest I've ever been to the stage for one of Clay's shows, and it was the one-and-only time that I'd get to see Clay in Spamalot, so I was thrilled to be so close to the front of the theater.

The show was so much fun, and it seemed to just fly by! After reading all of the recaps, now with my own eyes I finally got to see all the things that had been reported---Clay's humorous facial expressions; the cute way he grabs his bottom when he "soils himself;" his slow-motion riding (during which he looks like he's on quite an arduous journey); the way he dismounts from his imaginary horse, ties it up and pets it; the hula; the yodeling; and the bottle dance….

Ohmigosh, the bottle dance! Last night Clay gave a rather demure flip of his tunic when he sat down at the piano. But when he stood up and did his "Tevye" moves----WOW!!! He totally commanded the stage! And when he did the bottle dance, on his knees, moving slowly forward with the other dancers, he had a look of ferocious intensity on his face that was really amazing to see. I was utterly enthralled!

There were other little things that I noticed about his performance that I thought were endearing---such as the way he "fluttered" his cheeks at one point. (I don't know how else to describe it), or the way he pretended to be in suspense when the "peasant of the evening" (it was B101 last night) was told "It's only a nomination; we have to wait for the opening of the envelope," heehee.

Since this was my only time to see Spamalot, I have to admit that I mostly watched Clay and paid less attention to some of the other performers when Clay was onstage. But this is an excellent ensemble cast and I enjoyed the entire show. I particularly enjoyed the characters of Patsy and the French Taunter. And I also agree with everyone's raves about Hannah Waddingham and Tom Deckman; they were terrific!

The show went by much much too quickly. My husband likes Clay, but not as much as I do, so after the show I asked him if he'd enjoyed it. He said that he had, and commented that it was funnier than the movie (Monty Python and the Holy Grail; we both used to watch Monty Python on PBS back in the 70s when we were young marrieds). He also said that it was too bad we hadn't flown in on Friday, because then we could have seen both the matinee and the evening shows. Now that's what I like to hear!

But for me, the most magical part of the evening came after the show. Thanks to all of the wonderful reporters here on the Board, I knew to move quickly out the door to the right of the stage after the curtain call. There was a good-sized crowd, and I was in the third row from the front. But there was a gap between two women's heads, and I hoped against hope that maybe I'd be able to pass my playbill to Clay for his autograph.

And then, OMG, it happened! I saw Jerome, so I knew that Clay was coming out to sign autographs. I was near the start of the line, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get my playbill signed, but then lo and behold! There was Clay, in his powder-blue Carolina hoodie, taking my playbill from my hand, signing it, and handing it back to me before continuing down the line. I've never had a Meet and Greet so this was a surreal moment for me. It was like one of those moments in the movies, when something actually happens in a flash, and yet it also seems to happen in slow motion and to last for an eternity. That's what it felt like for me, when Clay took my playbill and I realized that he was actually signing it for me! I did remember to say "Thank you, Clay" but was otherwise dumbstruck and in the Aiken Fog for sure! For example, I did notice Hannah walking out the door and away from the crowd, but I didn't notice that she gave Clay's bottom a playful caress. I also have read some of the reports about some sort of disturbance among last night's group at the stage door, but if there was any such disturbance, I didn't notice it. The crowd seemed respectful and Clay appeared happy, at least as far as I could tell.

I probably floated back to our hotel with a gigantic dopey grin on my face for the rest of last night. When my hubby and I were on the elevator going up to our room, there was a cute young woman on the elevator with us, making a phone call to her mom that I couldn't help but overhear because she was excited and happy. She told her mom that she'd gotten Clay's autograph, and I knew just how she felt because I was still giddy with the excitement of it all.

This was only my second visit ever to NYC and my first time seeing a musical on Broadway, and I know I'll never forget it! I thanked my husband repeatedly for making it all possible, and I plan to frame my autographed playbill so that I can preserve those memories. I just know that whenever I'll look at that playbill in the future, I'm going to have the same huge, happy smile on my face as I did last night.

In closing, all I can say is that Clay was born to command the stage, and I feel so, SO very lucky to have been able to see him in this show.

Posted at CB:

From the OFC posted by Butterflyshine:

BJ on the phone, they(she and Lisa/tugger) did SRO....

Lisa gave BJ her old film camera and makes you know film camera noise, she turned to Lisa and said your camera is really noisy...Clay rolled his eyes...when he did that...Lisa said "are you rolling your eyes at me? and Clay said: no, i am rolling my eyes at her and point at BJ...she is all fangirly....

Performance was awesome, thinks yesterday afternoon was her favorite...tonight was good, really good, but yesterday was his favorite...

Knights who sang Ni did the milkshake rap and then at the end said, I am Hilary Clinton and this message has my approval...

Stage door attire....dark jeans and really cool sneakers, brown suede with orangy/red...he had on white shirt with faint plaid pattern and red/orangy sweater, and puffy coat....he looked verrrrry nice....tails of shirt untucked....

she is eeeeing over the eye roll

Lizzie from the PAT got her meet n greet picture signed....

Shadylil from the CH wrote:

Just keep in mind that I don't give good re-cap. From the Saturday matinee....

Front row was very interesting, shall we say. The barrier from the orchestra to the first row is about 2 feet so imagine you're sitting with your feet firmly on the floor, straight down. That's it. You can't move them forward a bit because your toes touch the barrier. The violinist and I were flirting with each other, as when I sat down, my face was directly over the netting separating, or shall we say, protecting, the pit orchestra from the stage/audience. I told him that by the end of the show, he and I would be best friends.

We sat center section, orchestra left on the aisle. When Clay was in the tower, I had to look almost straight up in the air at him and with my sinuses, I thought I was gonna get dizzy. Otherwise he was about 2 feet away.

I never remember details, I'm always in the Aiken fog but this I know....Clay no longer plays the role of Sir Robin, he IS Sir Robin. He's incorporated the role so well that it's inate for him. It's like Sir Robin breathes out of his pores. His dancing is so natural and fluid that I don't think he needs to think about where to put his feet anymore.

Although Clay doesn't interact with the audience, he is aware of the first row and maybe the second, I'm not sure how far back the stage lighting illuminates the faces of the 2nd row. Clay's eyes flicker over everyone in the first row, a quick, darting flicker of a glance, about a third of a second but when he connects, that third of a second is powerful. He does it several times through-out the show and when he does, his eyes are sparkly. I got Sparkly!Eyed!Clay! last night. ....and it was wonderful

Divayenta mentioned in her re-cap that it felt too intimate to stare at Clay from the first row and I didn't understand that, until last night. It almost was. In fact, I had to look away from him a few times. One time I was looking at him standing about three feet to my left when King Arthur was standing center stage and I should have been looking to my right at him. Yes, Clay caught my glance and I felt as if the teacher found me doing something I shouldn't have been doing so I quickly averted my eyes and stared at Arthur. For a second, until I stared at Clay again.

When Clay was at the piano, the look and turn, leg over knee, hand on knee, and shoulder movement was as one, not as if they were separate movements, the snap and stage stomps before the bottle dance were forceful, but different than opening night and once he knelt down and they did the line dance-type thingy, well, it was a bit surreal. He's so good at that now and to have him come towards you with the 'look' on his face....there are no words.

During the Camelot sceen, Clay shimmied his shoulders the same way a stripper would to make her boobs go side-to-side and he did it to one of the chorus girls and he looked so fine doing it. I missed the 'fuzzy dice-rubbing over girl's ass' because Arthur was in my way. When Sir Robin shits his pants, it's priceless. Mr. Happy was not in attendance last night although Clay looks miiiighty fine in that white tie and tails outfit.

And finally, some new print clack to purchase...USA Today Publishes Special Edition All About American Idol

Available on Newsstands March 10

MCLEAN, Va., March 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- USA TODAY, the

nation's top-selling newspaper, announces the publication of a special

edition totally devoted to the hit television show "American Idol." The

48-page special edition costs $4.95 and is available in retail outlets

March 10 through May 15.

Produced entirely by the LIFE section staff at USA TODAY, the special

edition offers detailed bios on all 12 finalists from season seven and

explains why everyone is hooked on this TV phenomenon. We look at this

season's fashion hits and misses, from Chikezie's orange suit to Syesha's

sophisticated neck scarves, and get Simon's most memorable put-downs from

season seven. The issue also provides readers with a pullout weekly

scorecard to track the final 12 contestants, list what they sang, the

judges' observations and to track who got voted out.

The USA TODAY special edition on "American Idol" reviews the top 10

Idol performances over the past six seasons and gives a detailed "Where are

they now." Jordin Sparks answers questions from USA TODAY; we examine the

transformation of Clay Aiken from geek chic to Spamalot; talk about how

Carrie Underwood went from country girl to red-carpet glamazon; and look at

all the Idols on Broadway, from Ruben in "Ain't Misbehavin'" to Frenchie in


The publication is also about the best and worst "American Idol"

moments, on-screen and off. USA TODAY go back to Idol's most memorable,

albeit least tuneful, auditions, from Keith Beukelaer ("Like a Virgin") to

William Hung ("She Bangs"); we reminisce about Sanjaya's hair, including

the unforgettable ponyhawk; and recall Mario Vasquez dropping out and Corey

Clark claiming he had an affair with Paula.

USA TODAY also takes this opportunity to update its own "American Idol"

report card, rating the Idols on sales, airplay, artistic merit, celebrity

value and areas to improve. We look at how USA TODAY's Idol coaches and

critics got it right over the years - and when they got it wrong. Readers

can also take USA TODAY's Idol quiz to see just how much Idol trivia they

really know. From which finalist is the son of a former Major League

Baseball player (Nikko Smith, son of Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith) to which

finalist was the subject of a TV biopic (Fantasia, who played herself).

USA TODAY is the nation's top-selling newspaper. It is published via

satellite at 34 locations in the USA and at four sites abroad. With a total

average daily circulation of 2.3 million, USA TODAY is available worldwide.

USA TODAY is published by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI). The USA TODAY

brand also includes: USATODAY.com, an award-winning news and information

Web site that is updated 24 hours per day; USA TODAY Sports Weekly, a

magazine for enthusiasts of college and professional football and baseball;

USA TODAY Mobile, offering up-to-the minute news and information on a

variety of mobile platforms and devices; and USA TODAY LIVE, the television

arm of the USA TODAY brand that brings the spirit and quality of the

newspaper to television.

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Morning! SUNSHINE!! Thank GAWD!

CG, it took me a while to see it too, but after much careful study, I did see it. Now I'm back to studying again...hee.



...and now I think maybe, knowing what came after, I'm noticing things that might not really be there....but in the pic that ldyj posted, I think that Clay didn't NEED to turn around and see who it was that pinched his butt. Because, if you look at the pic, in the expressions on both of their faces I'm seeing two people that are hyper-aware of one another.

You know how it is, when you're crushin' on someone, and you don't need to see them come in the room....you just know they're there?

Her face is sayin' ......hee-HEE!! I think I'll pinch his butt!

And his face is sayin'.....WHUT??


I love it!

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! T minus 17 hours 'til we leave for NYC. I am sooooooooooooo excited! Just knowing that the next performance is MY performance is giving me heart palpitations. But for the next 7 hours, I'm at work. Probably a good thing too, because I'd be driving my kids crazy at home with my nervousness. I just hope they get their bags packed so I don't have to worry about it later. Heh, mine's been packed since Saturday.....

Butt pinch? Definitely saw it, first time.

I watched AI rewind on Saturday. I didn't remember most of it, but I have to say that that was probably the one and only Trenyce performance that I actually enjoyed. I never really 'got' her, but as much as the judges said it was OTT or cabaret, I really liked it. I also loved Ruben's performance, but I always did love that song. And of course, Clay was awesome. :) Hee, I remember that one. ;)

*waves to playbiller & wandacleo* See ya soon!

ETA: thanks for bringing those recaps over, ldyj. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Morning! SUNSHINE!! Thank GAWD!

CG, it took me a while to see it too, but after much careful study, I did see it. Now I'm back to studying again...hee.



...and now I think maybe, knowing what came after, I'm noticing things that might not really be there....but in the pic that ldyj posted, I think that Clay didn't NEED to turn around and see who it was that pinched his butt. Because, if you look at the pic, in the expressions on both of their faces I'm seeing two people that are hyper-aware of one another.

You know how it is, when you're crushin' on someone, and you don't need to see them come in the room....you just know they're there?

Her face is sayin' ......hee-HEE!! I think I'll pinch his butt!

And his face is sayin'.....WHUT??


I love it!


I love the way you think, Claygary!!

That just put a big ole smile on my face! A great way to get the day going!

(I hadn't even bothered to look and see who else was in the picture yet.)

And I'm late, worked all weekend...but WELCOME to Calclay and gloch!

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Um, yeah, CG, ya definitely need to find those glasses! :cryingwlaughter: Ms. Hannah most certainly did get cheeky with Mr. Aiken - and it was CUTE!

Was talking to a friend on Friday afternoon and told her about picking 3 favorite pieces of Clack. I got this in an email this morning:

I've decided mine....

1. Measure of a Man from Independent Tour at Wilkes Barre (Audience sings)

2. When a Man Loves a Woman - Jukebox Tour (Stump the band)

3. The Fifth Element - Montage by NCClaymate

No question these are my top....well until you give me something better to watch of course! :0)

I'm at work, so I don't have time to look for links right now, but will do so later if noone else has. Everyone have a good Monday - no doubt those getting ready to travel to NYC definitely will! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Oooooooooh, I second your friend's mention of WAMLAW. That was quite the moment (I was there). I was also there for the Sterling Heights Clay & Quiana duet on Listen, and that was also something extremely special.

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Good Morning!

This is so totally OT . . .

Welp - I'm rejoining the working masses! :cryingwlaughter:

Scroll at will! hee

Dream Dinners


Sis quit teaching (after being retired, working another job, going back to teaching and finally saying ENOUGH!) and started at DD right after Christmas as Sales Manager. Dream Dinners was started by two gals from Washington State. (Go to the site and see what it's all about.)

Piggly Wiggly (Southern grocery chain) has bought the franchise and has one store in Columbia, SC.

So - PW is opening the biggest, most expensive $$$$ store ever - in Myrtle Beach, SC, at the site of the old Air Force base where there is also a huge new neighborhood, Market Common. Walking paths, lamp post street lights, upscale housing (condos, houses, maybe apts, too). It's a big deal.

I went to see her new digs Friday. It's in the final touch up stage of construction. They are getting ready to stock the store. It's going to be really nice. There's a Starbucks and there's Sis’s Dream Dinners store inside.

So - she asked me if I would work in the beginning so she'd know she has someone who'd be willing to fill in if someone calls in, someone she could count on to show up, etc. She also wants me to help with the computer part - which, I'm afraid, is going to be frustrating as hell, because they won't spring for High Speed!!! They're crazy. That's a stupid place to scrimp. I think they're going to find everyone in the whole store who depends on computers to do their job is going to be in a perpetual state of pissed off! Hopefully corporate will see the error of their ways and go with living in 2008 instead of 1998!!! It's SLO-O-O-OW !!!

Anyway, the store opens April 3rd, so I'll be working, if PW is willing to participate in nepotism!!! So - I'll get my feet wet back in the workplace. But it's only $10 an hour and I'm driving an hour 15 to get there! (maybe more in high season traffic!)

I may be doing everything from customer data entry to washing dishes! But - I like my boss! HAHA

She's just a teensy bit stressed right now!

She just called me and I start March 18th! Right after I get back from Basking in Sir Robin!


On the good side - I will be earning a few pennies towards the OMWH Tour! :)


So - could someone direct me to the FCA Representin' List?!

I hope I get to see you, WandaCleo, luckiest, and Playbiller!

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Not that I've watched the bigger version of my avie an inordinate number of times :whistling-1: , but I get the silliest grin on my face every time I do! This is priceless! I love the way his bum is sorta poking out (heh...that's funny. Usually, Clay's poking out in the other direction---ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo)...and draped in that slinky, thin running pants fabric and...

well....she's a woman, fo' sho', so how the HELL could she resist? :cryingwlaughter: Actually, I think Jerome DOES see her and is plain unconcerned! Yep....Maybe Clay's given him a different kind of "List", one that has the names of people who have his permission to touch the 18 body parts that the OTHER list of people can't!


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Have we seen these pics from yesterday yet? They are from tugger at the OFC and they are freaking gorgeous. Here is the link. Maybe someone else can bring them over (I can't from work).


Cotton, the Spamalot representin' list thread is here. Check your PMs. :)

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BTW, I'm looking for a ticket for Sat. night. Have tix for Thurs and Fri nights. Yeah, I had plans to try to see Lion King, but my travel buddies have lost their minds and gone from "Those people who go see SPAM 3 and 4 times in one trip are - a little OT" - to "We lucked up and got tix for Sat night, do you have one?"


Although, if anyone knows a trick to get discount tix for LK, I'd still be interested. Maybe. :)

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plants a big smooch on gloch...

Oh yeah, how could I forget me 'n boyfriend deep meaningful career conversation? heh!

Oooh, Cotton! One of those Dream Dinners is around the corner from my place! I'm just too lazy to do even that much cooking (because I think cooking sucks! Eating! That's where it's at!)

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Okay...getting ready to head out the door to work (again!)...will chase down links when I get home...but here are my three....

1-Seat Stealer....where Clay chastises a fan for stealing a front row seat (from Solo) from her own 8th row seat. I believe it is Charlotte JNT '06

2-Vermont is a very nice city....His cracking up...cracks me up! Vermont, JBT, WDC...Spotlightlover

3-The Amusement park ride banter and bribes during Solo Tour '04

This was made so much easier by seeing most everyone had mentioned all my other favorites... :F_05BL17blowkiss: Sometimes it's good to be late to the party.

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Oooh, Cotton! One of those Dream Dinners is around the corner from my place! I'm just too lazy to do even that much cooking (because I think cooking sucks! Eating! That's where it's at!)

I look at Dream Dinners as sort of a modern day Quilting Bee. It's a social gathering - woman gather - sometimes church groups, sometimes groups of friends - and using ingredients already set up - they combine the ingredients, put them in the freezer containers, all the while laughing and cutting up and having fun. There's a fundraising component, too. Private parties even serve wine while preparing their families' meals!

So - there are private franchises - like the one near you, but any future DD's will all be Piggly Wiggly - they've bought the franchise out. I bet those two gals from Wash State can retire quite nicely on the buyout!

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Have we seen these pics from yesterday yet? They are from tugger at the OFC and they are freaking gorgeous. Here is the link. Maybe someone else can bring them over (I can't from work).


Cotton, the Spamalot representin' list thread is here. Check your PMs. :)

it took me awhile to find them!! BFS moved them and left a note! :)

Here's another link:









thanks for finding them lucky!

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Oh, my....that profile in the blue hoodie is lethal. The face, the perfect nose....the fat bottom lip hanging as if waiting for....the eyelashes...and LOOK! No guyliner! Yeay! That man's profile should be illegal :hubbahubba: ....but I'm glad it's not.

BTW....I'm aw shucks about the thread title, y'all. :blush:

It's definitely Monday. In the nine working days before my vacation I have a laughable amount of 'deliverables' due. With each email from various vendors and hotel contacts asking whether I've had a chance to consider this or that for this or that meeting/conference, I just giggle and plug along. Ridiculous way to do business. I feel like a freakin' mouse in one of those wheels in a pet store display.

Speaking of those mice, have you guys ever noticed the BALLS on the guy mice? Holy moly! Not titanium, like our man's, but proportionately to their body size, they have to be on the humongous side in the animal kingdom! :cryingwlaughter:

Enough of ball talk....I really MUST get to work! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Cotton, the Spamalot representin' list thread is here. Check your PMs. :)


I now have the rep. list for FCA and CV printed out and in my SPAM trip folder!

BTW, those of you who have been - how partial is

Right Orch-partial Row A, Seat 8 Partial View?


Crikey! Those pics are lethal!

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Cotton - I have not sat in that seat, but it is near the tower - so you will have a problem looking at the other guard and you may miss a few things happening on the extreme right side of the stage - but really very very little there. The others things are - you may have trouble seeing some actors at some times, since the staging is directly ahead and they occaisionally get blocked by other actors, but you have the advantage as many scenes are played to the right side of the stage and you will be verra verra close.

On the other hand, you can see back stage a bit and can see Clay changing his hat and ggetting ready for the bring out your dead scene and actors poised to enter from the other side.

If youy have a partially blocked seat sitting on the even numbers is the way to go.

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