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#29: EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It's really happening!

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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title on the FCA board?

    • Ah, nothing left but the finale - and Clay's incredible career.
    • I am so obsessed. He's altered my DNA. I'm sure of it.
    • Hold on...you're going on a great and long ride!
    • I'd go with Godzilla if it meant I could see Clay even one more time in Spamalot.
    • Yes I'm babbling. What can I say? He makes me happy.
    • Clay has the vitality of the Energizer bunny...
    • Just the Clay parts first. His parts are FINE as WINE and all move..... varra varra nicely!
    • He loves us as we love him--unconditionally.
    • Today's Clay is hawt, polished, multi-faceted...
    • Faith has conquered fear...on my way here!
    • The man is a magnet. A super magnet.
    • Clay will always be Clayton, too.
    • I want it all and I want it now!
    • He is going to kill us all.
    • Can I move to ClayAikenville?
    • Whenever, wherever, I'll be there.

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And if you're on the right hand side aisle (facing the stage), you're in a good position for the stage door. Just sayin'. :whistling-1:

Hmmmmmm..... right hand side facing the stage, huh? I do believe seat 101 fits that description.... :whistling-1: Good position for the stage door, you say? Wonder who I might see there.....

Maybe this guy?


Or this guy?


Or him?


Or perhaps even this?


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10 best April 1 media hoaxes

-- In 1957, a BBC television show announced that thanks to a mild winter and the virtual elimination of the spaghetti weevil, Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. Footage of Swiss farmers pulling strands of spaghetti from trees prompted a barrage of calls from people wanting to know how to grow their own spaghetti at home.


-- In 1998, a newsletter titled New Mexicans for Science and Reason carried an article that the state of Alabama had voted to change the value of pi from 3.14159 to the "Biblical value" of 3.0. <--- my favorite

-- Burger King, another American fast-food chain, published a full-page advertisement in USA Today in 1998 announcing the introduction of the "Left-Handed Whopper," specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans. According to the advertisement, the new burger included the same ingredients as the original, but the condiments were rotated 180 degrees. The chain said it received thousands of requests for the new burger, as well as orders for the original "right-handed" version.


there are more in the blog.

From NPR in 2004

Late last year, the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, ruled that phone customers would soon be able to keep their telephone numbers with them when they changed carriers. That made it possible for a person to retain a familiar number even when switching, say from Sprint to MCI, and even from traditional phone service to cell phone service.

At the time, no one anticipated the cascading effect this would have. Now the concept has spilled over onto another branch of the federal government. NPR's Andrea Seabrook reports on the latest expansion of portability.

If you were sitting far in the back of the packed conference room you may have missed the smile that broke across the faces of the 15 Post Service employees on the rostrum. But smiles they were indeed -- as the afternoon's surprise announcement was read at the end of the usual daily briefing to reporters by the Assistant Postmaster General Lester Crandall.

"I'm pleased to announce a new feature of our on-going "Go Postal" campaign," said Crandall. "It's yet another step to modernize our postal system and satisfy our customers.

"Every year millions of Americans are on the go: People who must relocate for work or other reasons. Those people may have been quite attached to their original homes or an adopted town or city of residence. For them this innovative measure will serve as an umbilical cord to the place they love best.

"So it is with great pride and pleasure I tell you that starting next month, the national Portable Zip Codes program will commence. With it, American citizens can keep their present zip codes wherever they chose to live, across the country or across town."

Crandall said that while the plan would at first take some getting used to, the kinks could easily be worked out. He's expected to meet with representatives of the nation's mail carriers next week to work on details.

While the portable zip code bid is subject to approval by the joint House-Senate congressional oversight committee, it's expected to face stiff opposition in the Senate Select Committee on Communications Technologies.

"This is like Kinko's expanding its reproductive services to include gynecology," said Sen. Phil Spigel of Arkansas.

He spoke with NPR by satellite phone from south Sudan, where he is on a fact-finding mission with the singer, Cher.

"Call me old-fashioned, but zip codes were meant to stay put," he said. "They serve a clear, unambiguous purpose: They tell the postal worker on his or her rounds where you live. When I return to Washington at the end of the year -- to zip code 20016, to be exact -- I'm certain I'll be thinking long and hard of maybe voting against it. Possibly."

But many people feel otherwise. A modern, mobile society -- they argue -- can no longer afford to remain grounded in locale-specific zip codes. Proponents of portability say a zip code is a badge of honor, an emblem symbolizing a citizen's place in the demographic, rather than geographic, landscape.

Ricky Jenoffer, a stockbroker, supports the new program.

"I was born and bred in Kenosha, Wis.," Jenoffer said. "I use to spend my winters ice-fishing with friends. But my company moved me to New York City, which was hard enough. But then the post office said I had to change zip codes. I couldn't be 53142 anymore. And that hurt. It was like I was out on the lake fishing you know, and suddenly like the ice wasn't here."

The stationary system of zip codes has been in place for decades, and in that time those five numbers evolved from just a series of digits to a status symbol -- like an expensive watch or a handsome hairpiece.

For years critics of the post office insisted that opposition to mobility of zip codes was a ploy by the Postal Service to further exert control over people's lives. Rex Morgan heads Citizens for Retention of All Postal Services.

"They just didn't get it," said Morgan. "They didn't understand that people work hard to get a 90091 zip -- moving shouldn't disconnect them from that part of their lives. Number are no different than names. You wouldn't want the government to tell you you had to change your name when you moved to El Paso, would you? So why should you be shamed by being stripped of the number you may have grown up with when you move? I applaud this new plan."

The new vanity zip code feature is only the latest addition to the Go Postal program, which began last April 1. USPS officials say Go Postal has already been a success, with millions of dollars of new revenue coming from the introduction of pop-up ads on postage stamps. They are hoping to issue the first portable zip codes by April 1, 2005. But first the House subcommittee must override an anticipated veto by a two-thirds majority of dissenting members. If that passes, the full Senate will have to take up the three riders attached to the bill by the postal subcommittee. If that fails, then only a 4-5 measure in both houses can pass. Only time will tell where this all stands.

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That is hillarious!! :lmaosmiley-1:

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Why annabear, I wouldn't know what you are talking about at ALL!

New banner courtesy of cha cha trusty! YUMMY!!!

cha cha... DITTO! Love the new banner... verra verra niiiice!

Click on this, click on this!!!!11

Rahleigh Chrionicle

you must click on it!

Moonhead found this

Playbiller... :cryingwlaughter::cryingwlaughter: I wonder how many calls they will get on this one! I wonder if it made the paper paper, not just the web paper?

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What about Raleigh the dog??? Is she going to have an identity crisis? :o

YUMMY banner indeed, cha cha! :beatingheart:

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If you click on the heading, it will bring youto the main news section where the RBC center has been stolen!!! And the cituy is building a "lazy river" for commuters to have real bumber car to bumper car traffic!.

The real news section is still out there, this is a site where you are forwarded to when you go to read the news.

man, I edit to slow and get beaten to the jokes.

ETA motherload of April fools sites

Google Paper?

Hurricane prediction by magic 8-ball, ESPN's Election Death match? Youtube and Digg.com merging to become YouDigg? Owner of E-harmony finds love on match.com?

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I wonder if Spamalot gets spammier on April Fools day? I wonder if the Knights Who Say Ni will find a way to work the Raleigh Chronicle piece into the show? I wonder if I should sign off and try to get some actual work done? :imgtongue:

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Phone call to Husband: "Can I move to ClayAikenville?" Hee.

Warning....long recap to follow!


My Spamlicious weekend with Clay, or, I feel happy! [tm Not Dead Fred]

I'm still on cloud nine from this past weekend. Everything went so well, and I accomplished everything I wanted -- seeing the show, getting an autograph, and spending time with so many cool people. Where to start? Well, I suppose the beginning.

Friday was travel day -- up at 4:30 a.m., flight to Minneapolis, short delay there, but I still arrived in NYC by 2:00 or so. EEEEEEEEEEE! My first time there! The cab ride was uneventful to Long Island City, where muski was waiting for me in the hotel. We chatted and napped for a bit, and then we took the subway to Manhattan. We found a piece of pizza for dinner (yes, I folded it in half, like I've read you're supposed to do in NYC!) and then it was off to the show!

My seat for the first night was in the center mezzanine, row C, right on the aisle. I purposefully chose mezzanine for my first show, as I wanted to get the overview of the entire proceedings on stage. It also gave me a chance to really appreciate ALL the performers, not just Clay (knowing full well that the rest of the weekend, I'd be watching Clay like crazy). I think this entire cast is masterful, they all enhabit their many roles so well. I have a small soft spot for Jonathan Hadary -- I think he does kingly quite well, it's just unfortunate that he's small in stature. Rick and Tom both make me start laughing almost as soon as they come on stage. Bradley Dean did quite well as Gallahad -- I love his "fake smile" (which is most evident to me during the slow-motion sequence). Hannah's voice is amazing, both in power and range. I would also kill for her body. But I think the person I fell in love with (besides Clay) was David Hibbard. His Patsy is a joy to behold during "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," and I loved his reactions during "All Alone."

As for Clay -- oh, wow [tm Dennis]. I was simply blown away by how much fun he seems to be having on stage. The camaraderie between the entire cast is palpable, even from the mezzanine. His nonchalance during the tower guard scene is perfectly done. His Brother Maynard has the timing of the reading down cold, as if he really was in church reading the Bible. I like how he hides his face during the entrance for that, it gives it a bit more of a surprise. His guard is so perfectly played as well -- at one point, it's like he FINALLY notices that there are flowers tied to his spear, and is suddenly fascinated by them, in a drunken sort of way. It's hysterical. Oh, and even from the mezzanine, Clay's profile in the prone position...uh...yeah. It's there.

Sir Robin? I'd read so much about him having soiling his pants down to an art. Well, that's true. He's made it so PHYSICAL -- trying to get rid of the uncomfortableness of the entire thing by shifting his butt around. YWSOB really plays incredibly well to the entire theater; he got an amazing round of applause on Friday night. I think someone mentioned earlier that Clay now, as he is kneeling during this show, throwing his knees apart a bit to get his tunic out of the way (because he keeps tearing it at the crotch, natch). Well, needless to say, the crotch of everything else was also out there for a second too. Heh. As for his interpretation of Sir Robin -- I can see when it could be considered "overacting," but I personally see it as him (Robin) being so childlike about the whole adventure. Children just do that kind of thing when they are excited, or happy, or any strong emotion, and I see that as the way Clay is playing the role. I think it works marvelously.

Friday night was when I noticed that during the finale, Robin, Patsy, and Bevedere had a whole little dance routine worked out. I hadn't read about that before, and that was cool. They tried to do a bit of it on Saturday, but by Sunday, that was abandoned. Also, I had thought before seeing the show that Clay would go back to his "I can't dance" schtick during the next tour -- but honestly, if he does that now, I'll kick his butt. He's got a shoulder roll thing during Find Your Grail that was super sexy, and very fluid.

On Friday, as soon as the finale started, I had my jacket on. As soon as the curtain went down, I was a woman on a mission -- I think I made it down the steps and to the stage door before most of the audience had their coats on! Got a perfect spot right in front of the stage door, only one person in front of me. If you see the clack from HopelesslyDevoted from that night, you can see the back of my head, and my profile, early on. I was so happy to see Clay that close, and to get his autograph. He looked so gorgeous. I felt it wrong to have my camera out though, it just seemed rude to me to take his picture like that (meaning in his face). As I said, it was also a thrill to see Eric Idle walk out just as Clay was finishing (you can see him in the clack too, toward the end -- short, darkish headed guy in a navy coat). Finally, at the stage door that night, I was standing next to a couple who had just been to A Chorus Line down the street. They knew about Clay though, and came over to see the hubub (and I would say it was a fairly small crowd that night). The only thing was, they only had a Playbill from Chorus Line -- so when he came to them, they handed it to him. He looked at it, made a funny face, and handed it right back. They said, "we'll be there tomorrow!" Clay said "You'd better be!" And then he signed their Chorus Line Playbill! Hee. I was a bit sad that Jerome wasn't there though...I like Jerome so very much.

One more thing, and I've mentioned this before...this was the show where the high school group had to leave during the intermission, because one of the kids was offended. I find that incredibly sad.

Knights of Ni report for Friday night: the 3:00 a.m. phone call bit, hanging out with $2000 call girls. And then Elliot Spitzer approved this message. The King laughed a bit, but not much.

After the stage door, I went out with muski and some friends from a different board, and then muski and I took the subway back to our hotel. Coming from a fairly rural area, where things mostly shut down at about midnight, it was amazing to me the number of people who were on the subway at 1:00 a.m.!

Saturday, muski and I split up. I went into by late morning, and basically wandered around Times Square. I met up with bigappleforclay from getclayaiken for cheesecake at Juniors, and then we camped out at the stage door. I froze -- I was stupid and only brought a light jacket and hoodie sweatshirt for a coat the weekend. And then, I neglected to wear the hoodie that day. Anyway, it was a weird situation. There was a car parked almost directly in front of the stage door. They finally got a barracade set up, but it was this odd circle, using the car as part of the barricade. Then, I saw Shannon come out and talk to the lead Shubert security guard. I could see it in the guard's face -- Clay wasn't coming out. And sure enough, the announcement was made. Oh well.... bigappleforclay and I went to dinner with Irishbookgal and her mother claysfayevorite from CV, and we had a marvelous time talking about our travels in search of Clay, and what he's going to be doing next, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Saturday night, I had row C, Right Orchestra, right on the aisle. I was sitting next to a family who all came to show together, and they loved it. Before the show, I opened my Playbill and discovered the ad for the album. I must have made some gutteral sound when I saw it, for the Dad (who was right in front of me) said jokingly, "you're not going to do that sound all night?" Hee. I promised him I would be good. Very interesting viewpoint for the show -- I could see a bit of what was going on back stage. I was also across the aisle from the winning peasant, and it was cool to see Patsy "plant" the grail in the seat. The gentleman that night was a bit of a ham, saying his last name was "King Arthur," but the King shot him right down with "I'm the one who tells the jokes around here!" Clay was directly in front of me several times during this show -- the idol of my age, the hip bumps at the end of the finale with the one chorus girl. At this point, it was so incredibly hard NOT to look at Clay, he's so close! What I noticed from that point on were his eyes -- so very sparkly. I hate "seeing things in his eyes," but in this case, I swear I could see joy and happiness.

Knights of Ni report for Saturday evening: the same thing as Friday night. BUT -- this time the King was prepared. He was cracking up a bit, and then he said, instead of the "formerly known as knights of Ni," he said "exonerated public official formerly known as client number 9." The Knight who says Ni then kind of cracked up a bit, and said something like "touche!" LOL!

On Sunday, muski and I met up with CG and her lurker friend at diner for breakfast. Good food, but the service was....strange. We asked for water, next thing we knew, two glasses were being slid across our table! But it was so much fun catching up, and talking about Clay, that in many ways, we just didn't care!

For the Sunday afternoon matinee, I had row B, center...almost dead center. I hear that Gibby had the same seat a few nights ago. So, when Clay was coming at me during YWSOB, I almost DIED. The tongue action during the slow motion segment of Find Your Grail was simply divine. Another moment I will never, ever forget. This is also when I started really hearing things -- the comments that Robin makes during the Spamalot scene for example. Leering at the girls, trying to figure out what they are doing. Oh, and during the King's tap dancing, Robin now mimics his hand gestures in a circle. It's really cute. But then, besides the "in character" comments...well, I couldn't HEAR things, but I could see a lot of Clay catching another cast member's eye and kind of nodding somewhere. The communication that they all have while they are on stage was in action. For this show, there was a very good reason for this type of communication.

Directly in front of me was a Dad and two kids, a girl probably about 7-8, and a boy about 5-6, so they were in the front row. The cast caught on to that rather quickly, and totally played to them. At the finale, the entire cast was waving at them, and Hannah tossed the bouquet to the little girl. The other thing that was so cute about this was that anytime anyone on stage said the word "shit," the little boy and the Dad would look at each other -- and then break out laughing, "they said a dirty word, ha ha!" It just made me smile so much.

Knights of Ni report for Sunday afternoon: "If I was invisible!" YAY! I was glad to heard that one. I wondered if maybe Rick picked that one because of the kids in the front row. They wouldn't get the Elliot Spitzer joke!

OK, then -- at this point CG, her lurker friend, and I said our goodbyes to muski who had a flight out of town that night, and then we wandered around until we finally found Better Burger! It was quite good, but a bit pricey for a burger joint. But hey, the stuff was all organic, so I guess that adds to the price. Then we walked back to the theater, where I said my goodbyes to them and waited for playbiller who was getting my ticket for that night. She arrived at the theater with about 20 minutes to spare. I'll tell you, when you see people who entering the theater, and you don't have a ticket at that moment, it's a bit weird. OTOH, while I was waiting, I saw Brad Oscar talking on his cellphone in Shubert Alley. No one bothered him. Hee.

Final show -- again row B, but on closer to the left aisle. This was the one show that I don't think was sold out. During intermission, I went to use the rest room upstairs at the mezzanine level (less crowded), and I could see that most of the side areas were not full. I think that may be fairly normal for a Sunday evening show. Again, at this close level, I could see all the non-verbal cues the cast were giving each other. I also had Clay in front of me during several key moments -- his introduction as Sir Robin, for example, and also at the finale, with him and Patsy and Bevedere. This was also my one time to get a sung "Amen" from Brother Maynard. WOOHOO! And then, the rest of the knights sing their Amen too! Hee. I think this might have been the show during the Knights of Ni, when Robin soils his armor, that the Knights of Ni fanned their faces to get the smell away from them. That was a good addition.

playbiller and I sat next to a woman who I think was a "theater" person. I think she was really freaked out that she was surrounded on both sides by Clay fans, and couldn't believe that we had the money to just follow him. (Well, some of us don't, but that's another story).

Knights of Ni report for Sunday evening: Love client number 9, approved by Elliott Spitzer.

I had to pick up my bag from coat check after the show, so I was not in a good position for the stage door that night. I tried to take a few pictures, but my old, slow camera couldn't catch Mr. Quicksign. After the crowd dispersed though, and the barricades came down, play and I were chatting with a few other Clay friends when Rick Holmes came out, so I got his autograph. He's a sweetheart. Someone asked him how he keeps his energy up, and he says, "well, in another 5 minutes, I'm going home and collapsing into bed!" And then, not after another 5 minutes, Hannah Waddingham came out, so I got her to sign as well. I complimented her on her singing. Someone asked her what she was going to do "after leaving on May 4" (?), and she said that she was with the show until the middle of June.

playbiller then graciously opened her house to me for the night, and I got to meet Holly the dog. I'm not a dog person, but Holly is a sweetie! After breakfast the next morning, play and Holly got me to LaGuardia with plenty of time to spare, and I had a fairly uneventful flight home, except for the landing on the final flight. Lots of wind, the plane was swaying, and I was having "Lost" flashbacks. *g*

I know, I know...this recap goes on too long [tm Gallahad and the Lady of the Lake]. So I will close by saying that I enjoyed every minute of this adventure, and I'm so happy that Clay is happy with this little adventure of his. This was a once-of-a-lifetime experience for me, and I'm glad I got the chance to do it. I know that many have not, but I hope you'll let me say that I blew Clay a kiss for all of you who can't make a show.

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On Sunday afternoon, I saw the dad and his two kids outside by the cutout of the French taunters. The little girl was holding the bouquet and I asked the dad if they knew Hannah. He said no and smiled. They were a very happy group.

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LDYJ....Thanks for the great recap! There are so many recaps, that I have started to skip them if they don't grab my attention in the first line or two. I enjoyed yours to the very end :F_05BL17blowkiss:

What a great adventure you had.

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As for Clay -- oh, wow [tm Dennis]. I was simply blown away by how much fun he seems to be having on stage. The camaraderie between the entire cast is palpable, even from the mezzanine. His nonchalance during the tower guard scene is perfectly done. His Brother Maynard has the timing of the reading down cold, as if he really was in church reading the Bible. I like how he hides his face during the entrance for that, it gives it a bit more of a surprise. His guard is so perfectly played as well -- at one point, it's like he FINALLY notices that there are flowers tied to his spear, and is suddenly fascinated by them, in a drunken sort of way. It's hysterical. Oh, and even from the mezzanine, Clay's profile in the prone position...uh...yeah. It's there.

ldyj... Whatever are you referring to???? :cryingwlaughter: "It's" just doesn't explain anything to me at all. Can you explain further??? :cryingwlaughter:

I know, I know...this recap goes on too long [tm Gallahad and the Lady of the Lake]. So I will close by saying that I enjoyed every minute of this adventure, and I'm so happy that Clay is happy with this little adventure of his. This was a once-of-a-lifetime experience for me, and I'm glad I got the chance to do it. I know that many have not, but I hope you'll let me say that I blew Clay a kiss for all of you who can't make a show.

ldyj... awww... thanks so much! That was so sweet. Thanks for the recap... it was a good one! I love long recaps cause I want to hear about people's reactions.

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No more Clay questions, please

OK Clay Aiken fans, I just got off the phone with him and had about 20 minutes to discuss the best and mosts relevant of your questions. Don't leave any more, please. I'll post some of the interview tomorrow, and look for the piece in USA WEEKEND magazine on May 11.
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Ohh! Cha Cha Lovely Banner!

ldj Great recap!

Another word filter hater...will be glad when things are back to normal (as normal as they can get in Clay Nation tomorrow)

:F_05BL17blowkiss: to our admins for not inflicting that on us today!


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I agree with the others - great recap ldyj! :clap:

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