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    • The Very Handsome Sir Clay of Aiken
    • "If I hear the term 'radio-friendly' one more time, I'm going to scream"
    • I'm ridiculously in love with the man & that's all there is to it.
    • "That will be an extra $50 for the butt squeeze!"
    • A snippet of Clay beats the hell out of the whole damn thing of anyone else!
    • Slovenia...who would a thunk it? I love Slovenia.
    • And if you strip away the friendly sweaters and smooth hair and charming smile, there's a feral creature underneath waiting to BITE you.
    • We've climbed on Mr. Aiken's Wild Ride!!!! Only this time it's an A Ticket!!!!
    • "You're doing GREAT!"
    • Clay Aiken is my high.
    • Clay Aiken is more punk then any of these groups.
    • "I still don't understand why people like my ass, I'm sorry!"

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Cotton, this has to do with the text messages that Clay keeps sending most of us wenches. Today's text message had us call him, and then he asked us to tell him what songs we want him to sing.

If you need more info, I'll try to find the post for you.

Thank you LadyJ!

Sadly, I don't do texting on my plan, so I guess BF won't be asking me for my opinion/advice.


I frankly don't know how his career will survive without it.


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Cotton - I called that 919 phone number (up thread) and futzed around in there for a bit and finally was able to leave a message with my song choice!!! Give it a go!

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YSRN, thanks for that list! Very helpful!

So - should i just endorse my check and send it directly to Clay??

Simpler, eh?


And, ISEEME, maybe I'll putz around with the phone number tomorrow. But - I really just want to hear him sing his news songs. And his songs from MOAM (I've been listening on my hour drive to work and I forget how much I love that CD!) and whatever else he wants to sing.

That's usually better than anything I could come up with.

And I'm RILLY RILLY anxious to hear him sing the OMWH songs live!!!

Even though there are LOTS of songs he could absolutely KILL on, I'd rather hear him sing CLAY AIKEN SONGS!!! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

And I wish I could go back and see SPAM one more time. I want to hear him sing out . . .


But I'm grateful I got to go see it and wish everyone could! He's so perfectly marvelous and funny and entertaining and completely enchanting in this gig!

Can't wait to see what he has in store for us next!!! :wub:


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This is all I know:

Here is the schedule posted by Sash at the CB and OFC:

Monday, April 21....................iTunes pre-order with bonus track

Monday, April 28....................QVC (no info on whether there is a bonus track)

Tuesday, April 29................... Amazon digital download of the single - OMWH

Tuesday, May 6th................... hit the retail stores

Walmart pre-order with bonus track - order any time.

Thanks Twin! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Ok, I have another question. Since when does a CD with a BONUS track cost $5.00 more than one without? That's one pricey song! "Bonus" songs don't usually cost extra. Why is Walmart charging extra for the CD with the bonus track? Doesn't seem right somehow.

But then again this is Walmart........

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From CV, dksfriend posting:

Just got a call from my friend at the theater tonight. Clay is auctioning off his chicken - it's up to $3200. He's going to hug and kiss the winner. They're also going to do the pictures tonight but the cost is $300. Wow, there are two people bidding so he's going to sell 2 chickens for $3500 each!!!

Chicken auction is over - cast now singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

...and I bet he thinks they're bidding on the chicken!! :cryingwlaughter:

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From CV, dksfriend posting:

Just got a call from my friend at the theater tonight. Clay is auctioning off his chicken - it's up to $3200. He's going to hug and kiss the winner. They're also going to do the pictures tonight but the cost is $300. Wow, there are two people bidding so he's going to sell 2 chickens for $3500 each!!!

Chicken auction is over - cast now singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

...and I bet he thinks they're bidding on the chicken!! :cryingwlaughter:

BWAH...Clay is getting really good at this auctioning thing.

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:lol: They have no idea, do they? But they're finding out. LOL!

More on tonight from dksfriend at CV:

On the phone with my friend again. There are about 25-30 people in line for pictures - she got hers and she loves it! Now she is waiting in line to pay. It was quick but everyone (Tom, David and Clay) was very sweet, friendly and grateful for the contributions. Clay told another friend (who was bidding on the chicken but didn't win) that she has to "try harder" next time there's an auction!! They were also selling the signed Playbills and signed posters again tonight.

On the phone with my friend again. The two chicken winner ladies just went up on stage to get their signed chickens and to pose for "cheek to cheek" photos with Clay. One of the chicken winner ladies was in SRO; as she was bidding she walked up to the front closer to the stage. At one point she said to Clay (paraphrasing)- "I'll give you $2000 for the chicken if you give me a hug too". Clay agreed and Rick said something like "I'll do whatever you want to that chicken for $2000!" Needless to say the bids went up after Clay agreed to include a hug!!

My friend was just chatting with one of the "Laker Girls" - she was AMAZED that two rubber chickens sold for a total of $7000!!!


My friend is looking at the signed chicken right now. It has a personalized signature and date on it. Chicken winner ladies each got a kiss on the cheek. They are at the stage door now, just hanging out visiting with other fans but not really expecting Clay to come out. The barricades are up though. Apparently Clay just left the theater but not through the main stage door....

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Okay, this struck me funny

Chicken winner ladies

So what's he going to use for a chicken tomorrow night? They must have bought a whole flock of them. I have to wonder what his castmates think when they see him raking in the dough for a hug or a kiss. That is just too funny! Kind of interesting they raised the fee tonite! Guess they realized what a good thing they had going with Sir Robin and his Robinettes.

Tee! Hee! I had forgotten about that picture "over the grate" - and all the speculation. I believe someone on a-board-that-shall-remain-unnamed thought he was just pulling his pants up so they wouldn't get dirty! :lmaosmiley-1: Having a son, I would beg to differ with her! Snicker.

Getting settled in to watch AI. Can't believe I'm actually looking forward to it.

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More from CV:

My friend just remembered something else about the chicken auction. After the one woman offered $2000 if Clay would give her a hug, he said something like "for $3000 I'll give you a hug AND a kiss". There was some hesitation among the bidders, so Clay started licking his lips. Needless to say, more bids quickly followed. The rest of the cast was laughing SO hard at Clay's antics during the auction!!!!


After the lady bid 2500 and asked for a hug and Clay said "if you bid 3000 Ill give you a hug and a kiss"

Trying to tease them with the chicken, put his index finger like he was brushing is teeth like he was getting ready for the kiss hysterical.gif

Pictures taken with Clay and Tom and David tonight.


Eleid went up to get her picture taken "Hi Lisa" cause he had heard her introduce herself to Tom..she thought that was kind of cool that he made it personal, and said hello using her name. He said "thanks for helping us out" she doesnt remember her arm being around him. Had a hold of both of her hands when she walked away and said "thanks for the contribution"

He is SO good at working the crowd, he knows how to auction "himself" off

she said she could tell the cast was amazed at him working the crowd.

He was really playing up the kiss possibility to get them to bid higher...smacking his lips and stuff hysterical.gif

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slyly looks around for merrieeee...



Long chestnut hair just does it for me, ya know?

adds "Lay Lady Lay" for CG....

Hmmm. I seem to have some sort of theme going on...

God, I love that picture. :cryingwlaughter:

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I was at work so missed the 'covering Clay' conversation.

I would love to hear him do Gene Pitney's, Half Heaven Half Heartache or Johnny Mathis's Wonderful,Wonderful.

Nice to see there are other k d lang fans here! Her SNL performance of Johnny is one I always love revisiting.

Oh crap...it's gone! Well...this one is very similar.


Dang....I wanna be a chicken lady.

ETA Has anyone seen the Yahoo front page link to Idols Biggest Success Stories?

Clay is listed third.

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Yessss! (tm Sir Robin) I'm no longer the token........insert whatever you want!*g*

Does this mean I’m sleeping with you now? I feel so slutty. <g> I like a very cool room. And the odds of PMS are high. We will need beer. Or are we segregating the British?? <g>

Seriously though – what ARE we doing? I’m on the same flight as last time.

Oh, ldyj – you know I’m a Mulder girl from WAYYYYYYYYYYYY back. <g>

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So what's he going to use for a chicken tomorrow night?

Of course, my hope has always been to see Clay choke his. I'd pay some REAL $$$ for THAT.


Love that over the grating shot! :cryingwlaughter: CMSU that whenever Clay is caught in a typical male moment :hubbahubba: , some MUST rationalize reality away...

Oy...tomorrow it all begins---meeting/event/conference to manage---this one, however, is a cakewalk compared to last November's grueling few days. Much to your dismay, FCA, I'll have mucho chance to check in here to make sure you're all misbehaving as much as possible. B) Now I'm off to the AI 7 thread before heading to bed. Not yet dead Fred. She said.

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Sigh. Love Don Henley, it would be a dream for me to hear him sing either of those songs. Actually, the one I'd love for him to sing is "Taking You Home."

Three of my favorite singers/musicians are Bono, Sting, and Don Henley. All three are very smart men, and very socially conscious. Clay has sung songs by two of the three; for him to do a Henley song, I'd be in heaven.

Awwww, LdyJ, I remember listening to that song on our way to Tulsa. I could vote for Everything Is Different Now, too.

Has anyone seen the Yahoo front page link to Idols Biggest Success Stories?

Clay is listed third.

What a great write-up accompanying a great picture from the Neil Sedaka tribute!!

Clay Aiken is the reason why so many "American Idol" also-rans dream of the "wild card" policy being reinstated. The skinny pencil-necked kid with the unexpectedly mature voice was eliminated early on in Season 2, but he was invited back to the show as a wild card contestant. After that, he never landed in the bottom three, becoming a massive fan favorite and making it all the way to the finale. He eventually lost to Ruben Studdard, but given all the attention he received after "Idol" (he made the cover of "Rolling Stone" before Ruben did, for instance), he was clearly Season 2's REAL winner. Still the top-selling "Idol" runner-up of all time with 5 million albums sold, and now a hit on Broadway in "Spamalot," Clay is readying his first album of all-original material in five years, "On My Way Here." And with a title track penned by Midas-touched hit-maker Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Clay's new CD is sure to carry on his "wild" success.
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(ooops! How'd THAT get in there? :whistling-1: )

BWAH!! I remember when we had a long discussion about chocolate on the board, and posted all kinds of pics of chocolate. I posted that pic awhile after Solo hit Scarlett upside the head, and we discussed that next time Scarlett could threaten Solo with carbonite. And then we had a lively discussion of Han's - er - jeans. Fun times.

Good luck with your convention, Muski!

EEEEEEEE, I can't wait to find out how much Spamalot earns while Clay is there helping with fundraising! Methinks Spamalot will do QUITE well.

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OK, I'm sitting here chuckling over Clay saying that he'd give the winner a hug and a kiss and licking his lips to drive up the price. OMG, why isn't there clack? And why don't I live in NYC?

Since Canadians and other international fans can't order the Walmart exclusive bonus track CD, can we maybe set up a thread for requests and offers to help?

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Good Morning Everyone,

11 Days until Clay is on QVC!

17 Days until The Closing Night of Spamalot!

19 Days until On My Way Here is Here!

Everyone have a great day!


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Bringing this over from getclayaiken *waves at footloose*. This is from Tuesday night's show; the fundraising/picture thing is very interesting....

posted by morganette

NYCITYCLAYFAN at the CB wrote:

Morning Everyone!

I had typed up a whole recap last night after getting home from Spamalot and just as I hit the "post" button, Yuku decided in its infinite wisdom to go down and I lost the whole thing, so I'll do my best to recapture what I wrote last nite as my memory is a little fuzzy after so little sleep.

First off, there ARE barricades (the metal ones) still there and they were set up last night, though there was not stage door appearance by the cast members. As a matter of fact, the only one I saw leave was Rick Holmes and he didn't really stay or sign much as he was under the weather and wanted to go home and sleep.

Secondly, are the things that were sold for BC/EFA were a Playbill signed by the whole cast ($40), a poster signed by the whole cast ($100) or the picture with Tom Deckman, Rick Holmes and Clay on stage in costume ($200).

Hannah Waddingham was not there again last night and Jenny Hill replaced her. She was good, but just not Hannah. I guess I'm spoiled. I did see Emily Hsu play the part in February when Hannah was sick and I'm not sure which replacement I preferred after having seen them both. For first timers they were none the wiser and Jenny got lots of laughs, so all in all I guess it was ok. The sillyness started from the very beginning with the guard in the window scene and just escalated as the evening went on.

The sillyness started from the very beginning with the guard in the window scene and just escalated as the evening went on. Clay looked totally disinterested in what King Arthur had to say and was more into playing with the straps of his helmet. He was still doing the sing-song line "not like he could carry it back anyway" and was so cute with his facial expressions.

During the Not Dead Fred scene, I could hear that Rick was talking and singing in his lower register, so I was thinking he was not feeling well. He dropped a line after Clay sings "I'm Robin" and Rick didn't respond with "and I'm Lance". Clay also played a little more afraid with his triangle and hit it on the same side all three times and made a face like he was really scared. Needless to say it was still very good.

I love how Brad has been playing Galahad lately when he first meets King Arthur. It has greatly improved and he's put his own personality into the part and I think its way better than when he first started. The only glitch was when he was told to go "to horse" and he didn't ask what it was as he usually does and just skipped off stage leaving Patsy to say "don't worry you'll get the hang of it" as he was walking offstage.

The Camelot scene was funny as ever, with Clay being such a lech, chasing after the girls and bending down toward the floor to look up under their skirts, shimmying against the girl while holding the dice. When the Lady of the Lake threw the first "glove" at Rick, he caught it and fell backwards and almost fell off the table. Gallahad caught the other one and held onto it like it was a prize and Clay seemed to make a jealous face like he really wanted it!

The banter between the Knights after God gives them their quest has greatly improved since Brad started. He hesitates more, Clay makes more faces at him and they were able to garner quite a few laughs from it before Brad says "apparently" and continues on with the scene. When the cymbal crashes, Clay got up on his knees and said "well that's just stupid" twice. The Find Your Grail scene was great, with deep knee bends and lots of great faces and Rick spitting in the air as usual. When they did the "seasons" on horse, Brad pulled his hair back as if in a ponytail during the "summer" thing and Clay really looked frightened when they had the bucket of water and he yelped!

The French Taunter scene is where I really noticed that there was something wrong with Rick's voice. You could tell cause he wasn't doing the part as loud as he usually did and was speaking a lot softer, but his inflections were spot-on and it did work with the scene very well. I love how Clay yells "wait for me" as he's running off stage at the end before intermission. So very Sir Robin!

For some reason I noticed that the first Act didn't seem to garner the laughs I've become accustomed to and I think it was due to several factors (Hannah missing, Rick's voice) or maybe just didn't resonate with the audience. Not sure, but at least I enjoyed it! Either way the Second Act more than made up for it!

Bright Side of Life seemed to garner some applause several times throughout the number (at the very beginning when Patsy is singing and toward the end of the tap dance part come to mind). The Knights of Ni scene was funny - Rick did a lot with his eyes. He's so expressive with his face that he doesn't really have to say much to get a laugh and that is the sign of a great comedic actor.

Clay's Brave Sir Robin has come a long way since opening weekend. I love how he now "soils himself" when the Black Knight frightens him. It has morphed into something I actually look forward to seeing, lol, after hearing what others have said about the way he walks offstage after doing so.

The 2nd Knights of Ni part last night was the best and funniest I've ever seen (and I've seen some really funny ones). Rick sang "Morning Train" by Sheena Easton again last night. I know he's done it before but this time he just kept singing and singing and singing and then he was messing up the words and waving his hands and singing and it looked like he might never stop! Well if he was trying to get everyone in the theater including his fellow castmates in tears laughing, he did a damn good job of it! Tom Deckman totally lost his composure and had to turn his back to the audience, as he was doubled over laughing hysterically. David Hibbard who usually NEVER breaks character was standing there laughing and you could see his eyes welling up in tears as he was smiling. Clay was very good at trying to hide the fact that he just wanted to full out laugh. He put his hand over his mouth, he put his fingers into his mouth to bite on them, he turned his head away slightly and he smiled quite a bit but didn't break down the way Tom did! Jonathan couldn't keep it together, either and when he was trying to cut in Rick would continue singing. It had to go on for at least several minutes because every time there was a break in the laughter and it looked like they could carry on, either the King or the audience would break into giggles again and it just went on and on and on. Finally the King was able to pull it together long enough to move on.

When Clay said his "Broadway is a very special place, full of very special people," he turned and looked toward where Rick had just exited the stage as if to say "yeah - and he's one of them". It was an homage to Rick and his great talent and I loved that Clay took a second to recognize that! We were still giggling from the previous scene so it all carried over into the "Won't Succeed on Broadway" number and it got great laughs and rousing applause! He turned and almost walked half way to the piano before turning around and seeing it and I thought that was funny in and of itself, until he sat down and really took his time getting ready to play, getting more laughs than I've ever seen before and it was a great moment for him considering you couldn't even see his face!

Rick did fine with the scene where he gets Herbert's note and you really couldn't tell his voice was bothering him there, except he wasn't talking as loud as he usually does.

Diva's lament was very good, but as I've said before and likely will say once more, Hannah was missed! There is just something in the way she plays the role and for some reason I think her height actually plays into that because she is very tall and takes full advantage of that when doing that number.

The scene at Swamp Castle was great - Tom was absolutely adorable as usual and his bendy self. How he can stand there bent backwards like he does without falling down just amazes me! The drunken guard scene has escalated into something that defies description. Suffice to say that Clay puffing out his cheeks, pursing his lips and looking bored is something I can look at forever, not to mention the part where he was playing with the ribbons on his pike, totally oblivious to anything or anyone around him. He was so entranced with them that when Herbert's father finally does get his attention that he startled him. Then there is the part where he says "oh you mean the prince? I thought you meant him" point and waving to Patsy after having a full-on belly laugh and throwing his head back in giggles. And he didn't stop at one wave - he waved to him twice! It could have gone on and on and I wouldn't have cared it was so funny. But my favorite part is when he says "what?" with no accent or anything - totally cracked me up!

Tom got his revenge on Rick when he came up the stairs at the castle. He did everything he could to make Rick crack up and he succeeded! It was a great scene and they got quite a few laughs and delayed it a bit because of the laughter. I love how those two work together - they are quite the pair!

I won't comment on much more, as much of this has stayed the same, though I do love how Clay imitates the strings that Rick is hanging by in the Killer Rabbit scenes and how he makes the bunny ears and laughs about how he's gonna "nibble your bum" and then soils his pants yet again before being told to "go change".

Clay's portrayal of Brother Maynard has risen to a new level of funny. He delays saying the number........3........then does it again, while pushing the glasses up on his face and that accent is very funny indeed!

When Clay came out at the end to proclaim that he too has found his grail, he tugs on his pants before saying "musical theater" and then goes on with his dancing and singing. I was looking all over the place cause I wanted to see what he, Patsy and Bedevere were doing (seems they have a little dance competition going on over there on the left side), but I love to watch Tom and Rick together as well so I was looking at both sides.

Rick and especially Tom got great applause and came really close to Clay's (but not quite). Jonathan gave a nice speech after the curtain calls about Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids and talked about how much $$ has been raised in the past and that it was all because of us (meaning the theater patrons) and then he said we know you pay a lot to come here, but tonight we're going to ask you to pay to leave as well and got a few laughs for it. He then said that there would be castmembers with small buckets out by the exit doors taking the collection, and that there would be the other items I mentioned at the top of this post. He then went on to single out Clay and all his contributions to the cause (the ebay auctions and the percentage from the merchandise at the table with his picture on it). He said how Clay was only with them till May 4th and something to the effect of how they would be losing him and everyone went "awwwww" and Clay was trying to deflect from the attention. He's so humble! Then they announced the picture as a choice and told us to stay behind and line up after the song. Then they did the sing-along, but a good few of the cast members were missing (mostly the ensemble) cause they went to get the buckets and make their way outside before the audience left. We were in the 2nd row and sang along and had a blast.

I opted to do the picture. I mean how often do you get the chance to have your picture taken with Clay, let alone in costume on stage? And the added bonus was it was with Rick and Tom, whom I've gotten to know over the last 4 months, so that made the decision a no-brainer. The charity is great and does a lot, so it didn't matter because I was writing a check to give to Jerome anyway, so I just wrote one for a little more than originally planned.

I did get to talk to Rick, Clay and Tom briefly as they were having issues with the camera while we were standing there with our arms around each other (did I just say that? LOL) and I said to Rick that I was gonna catch crap for this picture when I got home and he agreed since I'm usually there with one or both of my kids and Tom looked over and said, "you're daughter is gonna be so mad at you" and Clay looked at all of us because he was totally lost in the discussion and I just looked at him and said "we all know each other" and left it at that. He smiled and laughed and said "well thank you for doing this" and I thanked him for doing this as well, then we finally got the go ahead to take our picture. Tom gave me a hug after I got a quick one from Clay and I was on my way. There was a bit of a backlog on the paying line going off stage so I said hi to Jerome and told him to thank Clay and the rest of the cast for doing this and he said that it was their pleasure, but he would pass on the message anyway.

I would say there were somewhere in the vicinity of 50 people (give or take a few) that did the picture thing. They cut it off, but there were barely a handful left who wanted to do it who didn't get the chance. Someone asked someone else on stage if they were doing this picture thing every night and they said no, it was just for tonight and that they would be doing something different each night, but seeing how well this went, I personally can't see them NOT doing it again at least once more, if not twice because of how much $$ just the pictures alone could raise. Only time will tell what other plans they have up their sleeves and if they repeat the pictures.

I did see Rick in Shubert Alley for a few minutes and he thanked me again for spending the $$ for a picture with him and I asked him how he was feeling and he said ok, though he wished his voice were better. He told me they had his mics turned way up so that he could be heard loud enough and he was doing the best he could. I asked him if he happened to see what he was doing to the cast during the Knights of Ni and he had no idea that he had cracked Tom up as much as he did cause he didn't see him from where he stood so we told him what happened and how he, Clay and David had reacted (cause he saw Jonathan's face) and he was glad that it got such a great laugh! I told him to go home and get some rest and he said he planned to do just that. Rick was the only one

All in all it was a great night and I'm glad my friends talked me into going at the last minute.


Just going by what the person who was running the credit cards through the machine said and he said that the picture thing was last night only (so far as he knew) and that other things were planned to raise money every show through the evening show on the 27th of April.

Things could change if they see the demand is there and the actors are willing to accomodate the fans who want it (considering how much $$ they could raise that way), but I'm not holding my breath. I have a few friends who want to do this and weren't there last night and I'm hoping they get the chance to do so as well.

I also asked the ensemble girls who were at the bar in the back of the venue last night selling the signed Playbills and posters if they would have those every night and she said they were signing what they had and after that she had no idea what they were doing next. I did try to get information, but no one seemed to know what was next on the agenda. Guess Clay and his cast and BC/EFA are keeping things a surprise.

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