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International Fan Requests and Offers


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OK, I'm sitting here chuckling over Clay saying that he'd give the winner a hug and a kiss and licking his lips to drive up the price. OMG, why isn't there clack? And why don't I live in NYC?

Since Canadians and other international fans can't order the Walmart exclusive bonus track CD, can we maybe set up a thread for requests and offers to help?

This thread is for discussing issues that international fans face; for requesting any kinds of assistance and for offers of assistance.

Please so do not post any contact info...do it by PMs.

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Yeah, let's set up a smuggling thread for the Canadians! It'll be like the smuggling on the West Coast, only without cigarette boats and guns!

Awww, no guns? Then I don't know if I want to play! ....pout....

Thanks for the thread, ansa!

Could someone help me out with a Walmart pre-order? I just need one....I have Paypal...and I know how to use it!

Thanks so much! :F_05BL17blowkiss:


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Is anyone still in need of the WalMart (bonus track) and/or KMart (poster) version of the CD?

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