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OMWH Listening Party!


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And that first "well, well" makes my girly parts crazy.

I hear you! One of the most amazing phrases on the album and it is the same word twice!

ETA for spelling. alot of problems with that tonight.

I do love the end of it when he sings "last of the dying breed" before it fades out.

Again a complicated song. Maybe too much going on. But it is growing on me.

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This one's really growing on me, for it's differentness, I think. Both in musical style and vocally. We've had hints of this edge before - "I Survived You" live. I think this will be a great live song. I like the contrasts in the vocals throughout.

Ducky pointed out the "Well, well" elsewhere - yep. Niiiice.

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Cotton, I'm wondering about 'last of a dying breed', too. Hmmmm.

There are a lot of cool background vocals on this piece. I'm soooo hoping that Q&A sing as background singers rather than as soloists on this song in concert. Their mikes need to be dialed back, and they need to sing to supplement rather than to shine.

I love the jazzy instrumentation, including the jazz organ sound!

And I think that Kipper is genius!

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To the reviewers who say there is one lush ballad after another...FUCK YOU!

I love this song...jazzy and soulful..and while his voice is always an instrument, even more so on this song. And he really lets loose in this song in a way he hasn't really done on an album before except maybe Don't save it all for Xmas day. heee.

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Won't you leeeeeeeettttt me go?

Hell no!

Then TELL meeeeeeee-eeeeee----eeee!

I UUUUUNNNNNDerstand what you do...

Gah. This song had me from the first listen and I'm its beyotch, no lie. I absolutely LOVE the way he caresses the words and notes...

And Gibby, I know you notice this but the way he crafts the sounds of these words---

You fill my head (fill my head in falsetto)

You block my view (block in falsetto, but my view sounding fuller)

It's killin' mee (then all full force)

It's a progression and he KILLLS on it! He's soooo freakin' talented and skilled with his instrument. heh.

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Again at times his voice is fighting over the background.

Growl MORE, Clay!!!

I like this song but I haven't been able to fully get into it.

But its growing on me.

Did someone said the lyrics seemed awkward in parts? Cause I think they do.

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I wonder how he'll end this one in concert, since it fades out on the CD............

The first time I heard this one I couldn't believe he said "get outta my bed" :cryingwlaughter:

I really haven't sat down and read the lyrics of this yet...........I am not sure I am coherent enough when listening to pay much attention to them.........it's the SOUNDs in this one that get me, the way he uses his voice, the absolute FUNK of it. GAH!

My 16 yo son likes this one best of the album. Says he'd listen to Clay more if this was the style of music he always sang. He likes the guitar effects a lot. He says it has a bluesy feel.

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Sorry, lost the quote I had - whoever mentioned the everythang? I LOVE that!!

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This is my current favorite on the album. It's got a fabulous bluesy feel. The guitar at the beginning is just gorgeous. This song has a great beat, the drums are again that jazz-style, spare sound that works really well with his strong vocals.

"Last of a dying breed" is a lyric that bugs a bit.

Love the background on those lines, "get out of my dreams/bed/head sequence."

The melody is dissonant, really interesting. Is it a minor key or even a different mode altogether? Almost atonal for a line or two at various points, as in "You fill my head, you block my view, it's killing me."

I feel almost compelled to create a story in my mind when I listen to this.

Love the way it comes back again to the same musical lines as the intro, with drum, guitar, keyboards. Simple, light. Very jazzy ending.

LOVE this song.

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Gah you guys are making me thnk of dying breed now...

so KAndre how did KF explain that.

but I also love the "story" of this song. Very adult...really if the relationship is not working...break it off. No need to prolong.

I love the bridge...

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