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#32: Man with titanium balls and the voice to back them up!


What should the next thread title be at FCA?  

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  1. 1. What should the next thread title be at FCA?

    • Where he thinks he belongs, and it's not in any lane, it's all over the damned highway.
    • "Clay Aiken: #1 Bad Ass"
    • Large and in Charge...
    • Let's all chant "I think it can! I think it can! I think it can!"
    • He is too good, too magical...
    • I have seen the light and the light is named Clay!

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People people people....

...he did NOT throw the edamame pod back into the glass. If you watch carefully, the blue glass NEXT the full glass is for the skins. Mo throws stuff in there too.

Sheesh. I thought Clay Aiken fans had better observation skills than that. I mean really...they can find Waldo ANYWHERE.

Of course, that's generally not too hard...heh, I said "hard."

ldyj... BWAH... :cryingwlaughter:

Of course, that's generally not too hard

Oh my God - you did NOT just say that! :cryingwlaughter:

Iseeme... yes, she did say that... :cryingwlaughter::cryingwlaughter::cryingwlaughter:

I love that Benihana interview... I'm going to watch it umpteen time... on the site, of course.

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Hey, ya'll have been awfully talkative today while I was at work! In fact, I'm still at work. What time does the listening party start tonight? I'm hoping to make it home in time . . .

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New thread title about balls. Finally some smut. :cryingwlaughter: Remind me not to nominate any more thread titles, though, seeing as none of the three I nominated where on the list. I won't take that as a personal slight though. :whistling-1:

I'm stuffed. Great dinner at Marketplace grill. Anyone ever order their mini Chocolate Mess desert? I'd sure hate to see the maxi version of that. I think I just ate a pint of ice cream, with 1/2 a jar of Hot Fudge, topped with 2 cups of whipped cream, served in a beer mug. Holy cow. Trust me the fat lady is singing. :cryingwlaughter:

Great interview Clay. He is quick wiitted and as sharp as a tack. Sexy too. :hubbahubba:

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OMG! :cryingwlaughter: That interview is freaking hillarious! :cryingwlaughter:

I love that you can see his wheels turning and he comes up with these witty answers so quick!

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Clay's OMWH single now has 10 stations playing it. It has moved up to #45. A move of 14 places. Per All Access.


YAY!! And to celebrate that, I thought I would bring over the GOOD Billboard review of the single from the old thread!

On My Way Here


Producer(s): Kipper

Genre: AC

Label: RCA

Clay Aiken readily admits that despite massive retail and touring success, radio has never been a particularly tight ally. So he recorded "On My Way Here," his first new album of original material in five years, with an eye on simply finding songs that fit him—and lo and behold, the title track could well be one that AC radio embraces. First, it's co-written by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, who has worked with Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield and dozens of other hitmakers. Second, the lyric offers that rare message you actually listen to: "I've seen the best, the worst/I wouldn't change what I've been through/I've touched the sky, hit the wall, but did what I had to/On my way here." Aiken was so moved by this song that it locked in an album theme about growing up and lessons learned. The singer might be accused of excess bravado in the past, but here, he delivers a restrained performance, still ever-emotive. Claymates—who proved tenacity by supporting en masse his just-wrapped Broadway run in "Spamalot"—will be reduced to tears, but even those who have dismissed Aiken in the past will find this "Way" convincing. —Chuck Taylor

Off to listen to the funny interview! Finally!!

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The new thread needs some CUTE!!! Courtesy ldb51 at the CB....


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Oh yeah, if you talk to my audiophile friends, they tend to sneer at any digital downloads anyhoo.

If I recall, the ranking go something like this:

Analog (vinyl - greatest dynamic range - not particularly convenient)


.wavs - uncompressed files - CD quality. Will make freakishly big files, but sound great. (.aiff for Mac heads). You're looking at 1411 kbs.

Then you get into compression - and you start losing sound quality with mp3s or wmas because they "delete" what they think you can't hear. The standard for mp3s is 128 kbs (1:10 compression). And of course, once the data's gone, you can't really bump the quality back up without a lot of artifacts. But you can store a LOT of songs! Which is what iTunes seems to be going for. So pulling your mp3s from a CD at say, the 320 kbs rate will give you much better sound quality - but much bigger files too. But with 30GB mp3 players, who cares?

Just wanted to comment on this before I head out to dinner. I will be so glad to get home sometime soon.

I visited a recording studio in Toronto the end of last year, they do quite a bit of high profile recording and this is what the one owner was saying. That there is a huge reduction in quality as you compress. They record only their commercials in digital all of the albums etc are analog. He said that the problem was when you converted to send the files, sometimes they were converted to digital and then as they were processed down they lost quality. In addition he said that when the cds were burned that in some cases some of the companies that burn, burn at a higher speed (quicker turnaround) and the higher the speed at which they were burned, the lower the quality of the recording. He felt, that downloading may not be the way of the future, there are some young people buying vinyl again, thus why some bands have put vinyl albums out. It should make for an interesting future, that's for sure. BUT his comments were very informative, I felt.

This studio was featured on an ET Canada clip for a charity group song they were doing (if anyone is interested, here is their website

Phase One

Ok off to dinner.

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Uh, YUMMMMM! :hubbahubba:


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It's a good damned thing I wasn't at that Virgin cd signing. If I'd gotten up to the table and seen that hawtsingerman sitting there with those sexy, pokey chest hairs in the hollow of his throat, I swear I wouldn't have been responsible for what my fingers or lips would do.



And YEAY! I get to play at the listening party after all! Going there now.....


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waking up the main thread.... all ya'll exhausted from the listening party. It was fun and the first time I've had a chance to just sit down and listen to Clay over and over and over! It's a fantastic album. I think The Real Me is my favorite song but it might be too soon to call. Let me listen about 100 more times and I'll let ya know. Everybody have a great weekend. I'm back to work tomorrow on the second job which I haven't done for about 2 weeks now. Back to the grind.

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Missed the listening party. Golf and then dinner. Hope y'all had fun. The Benihana piece is just so freakin' hysterical. The look he gives Mo when Mo says people in Georgia eat dirt was priceless. And I loved the question about whether soy sauce was controversial or not! This was so cute! But I still can't get over Clay eating shrimp! Oh well.

The Real Me has caused a major ear worm to take over my existence. It just keeps going thru my head......"you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal me.................." :cry4:

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I was just over at the iTunes Store and the album OMWH has dropped out of the top 10! Its been there all week, but now its down to #11.

I keep promising myself I won't worry about the numbers, but I do. I am so afraid that even if does relatively well its first week, it will drop off severely after "we" all finish buying our 5, 6, 7, 25 copies.

I don't want this album to disappear. Its way to good for that!

Must go to bed.

YAY!!! I can sleep late tomorrow!!!

Wish I had one of those iPod pillows muski had at our hotel last weekend. Then I could take Clay to bed with me!

'Night all.

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It looks like the trolls are hitting the Amazon reviews again. The last 4 or 5 are negative. Not nasty, just very negative. Interesting since all the others before them are positive. Someone is making a concerted effort.

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