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#34: So, how about that Clay Aiken?


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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title for FCA?

    • You mean, it?s not all dressing up and dancing at FCA?
    • But I swear I tulibu dibu douchou Clay!
    • Tulibu dibu douchou
    • Until he starts singing with it though, it's a non-issue for me.
    • I guess I'll stay a Clay fan as imperfect as he is just because I'm imperfect too and he sings so good.
    • IF IF IF IF IF
    • IF IF IF IF IF uh
    • Clay is not just marching to a different drummer, he has a whole new fabulous marching band!
    • I'd still be a fan of anything else he may sprinkle his magic on.

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I am zoning out here, been chasing the damn mouse around. I can't imagine what it went through the other day,. but.... today it was a slick haired mouse, must have come through a working dryer or something and had it's fur blown dry and fluffy. I need to go outside and get some screening and put it onthe dryer vent.

OK, so I'm not gone yet...

And I thought "clayandr" meant Clay A & R, as in Artists and Repertoire.
OK, so that makes a little sense but wouldn't it need one more "a"?

Or else it would be:

clay artist nd repetoire.


Right. You're sick of me arentcha? Right.


It means 'Clay (the artist's name, rhymes with A) and R" It is a pun.

I have to say, I am sick of reading everyone's fantasies about Clay and Jaymes. For some reason, I don't care, to the extreme. If they announce, fine, if they don't fine as well. It is none of my business and it is keeping some people from helping me get myspaces set up. - yes, I am doing multiple fictional ones now! If people won't do it for you, do it yourself.

As for why no answer - 1) Clay could be off on UNICEF and not be able to deal with the distance and no one else would touch this fan base with a 10 foot pole for good reason.

2) Clay could be doing a movie on site and ditto for the rest of the reason.

3) it is none of our business and they will treat it that way.

4) they are working out an answer that won't do more damage and so far, no answer. These crazy nosy fans are not easy to handle, they get upset about every little thing.

All of the above is made up by me and nothing is really real.

Far more interesting to me is the way the press has handled it.

Now I know there was the 2006 crap that was not handled by the legit news, much anyway.

What is very interesting to me is how ET did not handle it and The insider only did it slightly the first day - sounds like a sounding board is picked, much like how People jumped on it and then jumped off as quickly to be nice. People is just a fancier gossip rag to me, but they get more stories direct from the people involved, so their gossip is usually cleaner, but thier foray gave legitinmnate news a jumping off point that they would not have had if people did not print it! TMZ is crap, most of the people who credited TMZ are crappy,but when People went off, it blew into gbig news - Why? What exactly allowed actually local news programs to cover this story, In NYC there are always plenty of murders and accidents to more than fill the news cycle, why exactly did they have to cover it. This happened on a day when a crane crashed from a highrise to the street and killed people, the second time this month! They wiped off all morning news and soaps and game shows and interview shows to talk about the crane, why in heavens name did Clay's story make in to the tight nightly schedule? I just don't see it? Spamalot was not covered as much?

I especially appreciated ABC nightly news and all the news until 5 am when I finally fell asleep stating that Clay was stuill starring in Spamalot on Broadway. I did not see a mention on GMA, I think Diane Sawyer might have corrected it. Oh and the guy sniggering like a major asshole (which his face resembled) put the cherry on top at 5 am)

Disclaimer: this is my opinion and has no effect on anyone else's posting,. I know how to scroll, I learned well during the hate RCA period.

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I somehow think that if I were doing Clay Aiken, I wouldn't call it "nasty."


Depends on how you do it

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I made it. I got to say though that now I'm going to be disappointed if he's not going to be a daddy. I want to see a little Clay baby. Still hoping that even if they had to go the AI route, they are doing the nasty.

Me, too!! I'm hoping they tried like crazy and when it couldn't be done naturally, they went for invitro.That's assuming it's true and that they are a couple.

Now that I like! Me too! Even though it IS none of my business...

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I know we've discussed this and maybe everyone is done. But I still . . .

have one question.

Why the hell aren't people questioning the AI "info" all to hell and back?

Not that Clay wouldn't donate. I don't find that surprising in the least.

But - if age and inability to conceive up to this point has been an issue for J, then wouldn't it be "in vitro fertilization" instead of AI?

I just have a feeling that some idiot got 20% of a story and didn't have sense enough to know the difference or the terminology or bother to look it up. I can certainly understand ivf. Much more believable to me.

I think I saw maybe one or two mentions of this. I'm just surprised this aspect hasn't been questioned more.

Not that it's any of my business. It's just that so much has been bandied back and forth, but this no so much.


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Iseeme sums up the whole frustrating mess in this paragraph:

My only issue right now is that nothing is being officially stated. Like I said, there's a little baby involved here that has to be born into this world. Please speak out Clay or Jaymes and do some damage control. And from what I've seen from Google alerts (which I thought I had stopped) he IS being crucified and made the butt of many, many jokes. That pisses me off. Big time.


The problem here is twofold. First, if he addresses THIS rumor, after explicitly making a point on many occasions that he’s going to keep his private life private…well, he doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on in regards to any other issue, including his sexuality. When you say “no comments on personal life” it kinda has to be all inclusive or it will be meaningless.

Secondly – and conversely – if it’s NOT true, it would be very unlikely for Clay to stay silent because it’s not just him that’s affected. There’s Jaymes and, presuming it’s not true, the actual father of the child. He has a history of speaking up if what is being said affects other people who are close to him.

Beats the fuck out of me…but it ain’t so simple, IMO, as speaking up or not.

Cotton - I think you got it. It's the stupidity of the reporters to not be bright enough to differentiate between AI and IVF. Plus, IVF doesn't sound as juicy and they think their audience is as stupid as they are. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that part is wrong, regardless of Clay's involvement.

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Of course its none of our business, but doesn't stop some of us from fantasizing about it. Hey, I'm not getting any myself so I may as well think about Clay doing it, cuz I sure don't want to fantasize about me doing it. Besides, Clay and sex just seem to go together, like peanut butter and chocolate.

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I come out of lurkdom to post about nothing of great import and somehow end up with a thread title? Y'all really know how to welcome back a lurker!

Oh, so much planning and packing to do! As a Floridian with a swimming pool, I have a drawer full of swimsuits, most still with the tags on, ranging from size 8 to 16. I'm really scared to go try them on and figure out what to wear to a pool party. Hope someone brings a nice inflatable raft since I don't swim-- I float, preferably on something with a drink holder.

Really looking forward to heading back to Texas, my favorite state evah!

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but I think they both owe it to that little kiddle that's due in August!!!! No sense in being born with a big monkey on your back.

I apologize in advance, but this floors me because if this story is true, this will be one very much loved child. I doubt he'll care much about the tabloids.

As for Clay living in NC and Jaymes in LA and Vancouver. Just how much information do we have about where Clay spends most of his time? How do we know that he didn't sell his house in California because he was staying with Jaymes in LA, and he built a mansion/retreat back home in NC for his time there, and that he and Jaymes spend time in Canada in the summer too. We just don't know anything really. Brad and Angelina seem to live in California, New Orleans, France, and they spend a lot of time in Asia and Africa, all with a lot of kids. I don't think this will be a problem for them.

When I went on AOL for Sessions today, I read the story they have up about Clay being a daddy, and it states that Clay and Jaymes will raise the child together.

I think that if this story wasn't true, all it would take is for David Foster to issue a statement on behalf of his sister saying (1) she's expecting a baby, (2) Clay Aiken is not the father, and (3) Clay and Jaymes remain very close friends. That story would fly away and you wouldn't see it on People or AOL or Comcast or any of the places it's been showing up. People.com has Clay's picture on the front page and the same story that went up yesterday afternoon about fans showing support for Clay. The article states in the first paragraph that David Foster confirmed to People that Clay is the father. No more no less. It hasn't been pulled or retracted and it's on the front page.

I think we'll know more when Jaymes and Clay want us to know more. But if this is as true as it seems to be, that child will be so well loved and protected that my only concern would be that the baby be healthy.

Hmmm. In vitro? Twins? Maybe that's what Clay meant by singing "the extended version?"

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IMO, probably the only truth in the story is that Jaymes is pregnant. I think they probably asked DF's spokesperson general questions about Clay to try to link them together and then just embellished the rest to suit their needs. It won't matter to me either way, I'll still love Clay, but this just doesn't seem like something he would do. I'm hoping we hear something from the Foster camp tomorrow to straighten things out. I don't think Clay owes us any explanation because I sincerely believe he had nothing to do with the situation. I could be totally incorrect, but that's how I feel at the moment.

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My work here is done. (for now)

NO, NO! Come back!!! WORK HARDER!!!!! :P

hee. laljeterfan said HARDER :hubbahubba:

*this concludes the smut portion of our program. please tune in tomorrow for our next episode of As The Aiken Turns aka You Only Wish It Was In Everyone Of Us

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Lots of people here? Hmmm....maybe because we got feisty a few pages back? :cryingwlaughter:

Anybody want to walk the dog for me? :lilredani:



Okay...I guess if I HAVE to listen to Clay's cd again, I'll force myself...

By the way, I'm with Play on the various scenarios being played out (over and over) on the boards. Some of them are getting pretty danged...intimate and make me uncomfortable. To tell you the truth, I've been thinking---what if it turns out that this whole thing is a bunch of hooey? That is, what if this is just another tabloid fantasy?

Speaking just for myself, I'd want to remember everything I said about the 'story' and I'd hope that I wouldn't be embarrassed to reread any of my 'takes' of it, you know? Just seems that in some cases, the imaginations of some re: what 'must/might' be the real story are getting pretty....er....graphic. :unsure:



Fanfic? What about it? :lilredani:

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Been lurking all day and reading. Did not have much to add to any conversation so I was satified just to read. In response to comments being made on any statements I write, I do not expect it. I am new here and just happy to be part of a good group of people who respect and appreciate Clay. I do not think he is perfect but I am one not to make any critical comments. If I do not like something I usually just keep quite. Mostly because I am not very articulate and may have a problem stating my opinion so most people would not get what I was talking about. I do like to read all comments good or bad. Sometimes they really get me thinking in another direction and that is not so bad.

I stated a few days ago about Clay and the baby. I still not sure what I feel, I just hope that whatever is true that he remains happy and will continue to be part of our lives and entertain us. I would like to think, if it is true, that Jaymes and Clay both knew what would happen when this came out and are prepared for whatever the news will bring. He has looked so happy lately that I hope that is not taken away.

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I really don't expect any comment from Clay or Jaymes.

I honestly don't.

I can understand people wanting him to respond. I just don't think he will.

I could be wrong. Often am!

I'm with you. I don't expect any comment at all.


Somehow this just struck me as funny tonight

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I see that some people are really worried about how this will affect Clay's career, but 1) I don't think Clay makes any of his decisions about his personal life on how it will affect his career, and 2) it is quite possible that this will actually boost his career. I know that I became much more interested in the Dixie Chicks after they made that controversial (at least to some) statement about Bush. I'm funny that way, if someone gets all bent out of shape about something, it makes me more interested. Started reading the Harry Potter books just because of all the frenzy about how it was going to damn people to hell or something. Who knows what they were jabbering about. Yes, he may lose some fans, their loss, but he could possibly gain a lot more. That's life. Is there a singing emoticon around here? Wasn't that a Sinatra song? I know I heard it somewhere.

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keepingfaith...Did you mean People.com? I didn't see the 'support story on AOL...but I checked People.com and there phrasing is

The "Claymates" are showing an outpouring of support after a rep for producer David Foster confirmed to PEOPLE that Clay Aiken is fathering a child with David's sister, music producer Jaymes Foster.

That's all I've heard yet--first that a rep said it, then that the Foster camp retracted it, etc. I still haven't seen anything directly from David or Jaymes Foster...

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