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Clay was hilarious every single night of the JnaT -- including Long Island when he was so ill -- especially regarding "Mom" and her family scattered around the audience and Clay trying to keep up with who was sitting where and why -- and he said he expected to find Kevin Bacon in the audience! (Didn't I hear that Kevin Bacon was at Spamalot?)

And I loved Elmer "do you want to trade names?" in Grand Rapids. (You might not want to wear white so much) I loved his faux truck-driver "I Love You, Clay" and "I Love You, too (spit)" in Charlotte.

And every performance of DCAT was a blast - whether in person or via cellcert and clack. He brought it every single night.

Now, about Tampa .... I recall something about a reed. :cryingwlaughter:

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Too many funny moments to even begin to choose- I'll have to spend some time thinking about it. I am very glad that I "get" his sense of humor- he has always cracked me up!

As for the other pressing topic of the day- am I the only person who eats tartar sauce on fries? Yummy!

Mebbe. :cryingwlaughter:

I like really crisp fries (or tater tots) and dip them in a tub of soft margarine. YUM! My fave brand right now is ICBINB. :)

I looked up the address for that Pommes Frites place - it's waaaaay downtown, looks like it's in the East Village near E 4th St! It would have to be really good for a trip all the way down there! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

eta: eeeewww - on the vinegar and salt!! :D

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RE: OMWH, the song.

I LOVED it when the single was first released. As others have said, May 6th and thereafter, I was too interested in hearing the "new" songs to pay it much attention.

I do think the melody is a little bit limited. I played it for my musician/composer cousin. He mentioned the repetitive 3 notes. He is very interested in music. Not so much lyrics. He plays piano locally, weekend jobs, and sometimes, weddings.

He talked about how hard it is for him to LEARN songs that aren't interesting to him. But - for me - the song is an 'earworm'.

But you know - I'm a lyrics gal.

And from the first listen - I related to Clay and DS being contemporaries. The beginning grabbed me right away.

DS was 3 when his Mama and Daddy split. I believe he has been more fortunate than many, I made it a point not to deny DS time with his father. Tried very hard never to speak ill of him. We have always been friendly. So - "the three of us survived". And both his step parents love him so in many ways, he had it better than Clay did. Still, I think of DS when I hear the song. So I don't often hear "Clay's story" when I listen.

But when I look at it from his life, I'm sure the "best/worst" resonate with Clay. As well as standing up when he had to.

I think the lyrics address life for many young people growing into adulthood.

One line as always think of Clay on is "I'd rather try and fail a thousand times denied". He is like an energizer bunny, isn't he? He just keeps going, no matter how many times he gets knocked down! And he tries new things with gusto - like SPAM! And blows away expectations of failure from others.

"Faith has conquered fear On my way here" is also a "Clay line" to me.

Just because he has talked about his faith getting him through.

It's a good thing he has a strong faith. He surely has been tested.

I'm glad to see OMWH is still hanging on the Mediabase chart.

I think it can I think it can I think it can


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Guest SidiDenak

When I hear Clay singing songs from OMWH, the first song that did it for me was the title song. I just visualized where Clay began and how he ended up here in May 2008.



The next song from OMWH is LOVER ALL ALONE. Since we were exposed to this song during his "Soft Rock and a Hard Place Tour in 2007, it really became another of my all time favorite songs. Unlike some that feel the song represents a "whiny type person that is alone", I see the song different. I tried to create a Montage representing CLAY AIKEN. Clay has a heart as big as the Grand Canyon. He has his immediate family who knows him as Clayton; then he has his Tour family, his fans and now he said that the musicians he worked with on OMWH are a new addition to all his familys, they are his Studio Family. With all these abovementioned WHO ADORE AND LOVE CLAY AND VICE VERSUS, the one thing that he is lacking in his life is: A LOVE RELATIONSHIP. I felt the song said to me that HE WANTS TO BE IN LOVE AND YET HE HASN'T HAD THE TIME TO MEET THAT SPECIAL PERSON SO UNTIL THEN HE'LL BE A: LOVER ALL ALONE. That's the way I see it.



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I know couchie was there. Anyone else?

ME! ME! ME! And then a few nights later in San Jose when someone threw the Krispy Kreme donut in a bag on to the stage. There are pictures somewhere of him getting ready to take a big bite out of a donut and saying "come to Papa!"

I also remember him wearing a Sacramento Kings (basketball) jersey. It came out from his pants and hung down below his knees. Looked like he had a mini-dress on!

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I think that there are some fans who, when it really comes down to it, just don't share Clay's taste in music. Some have finally realized it, and have left. Some, however, are so addicted to the fandom's message board culture that they continue to stay on, clinging to the belief that Clay will one day be the pop/rock Top 40 superstar they imagine him to be. I suspect there is a certain amount of fear in the fandom now, not only that his career will fade, but that the fan culture (message boards, concert trips, clack vigils, etc.) may end. For many, this fandom is more than just an amusement. It's a way of life, a primary and critical source of external validation, intellectual stimulation, and emotional support. For some, the thought of losing it may be so frightening they've started to panic. It's easier to deal with lows if you have other things in your life. If this fandom is your life, however...

I think you have summed up the reason for the angst perfectly :clap: :clap:

Maybe this should be posted at other boards...............or maybe I should say I would love for other boards to see this because I don't think alot of them realize the reason for all the angst :8:

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Maybe this should be posted at other boards...............

Uhhh. Wouldn't recommend it. That sort of observation is not so much appreciated at "other places." They have all sorts of rules against it. Yep. We're a bit different here at FCA.

... and lovin' it! :cocktail:


Funny moment #1698435572

Some people would just be happy I spit on 'em...

Indiana State Fair JBT

*waves to aikim*

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"waves back to Jamar"

That was such a fun time; waiting until all hours of the night for Clay to do the handshake thing...I touched Aaron's hand...does happy dance, LOL! I still remember Bookwhore's reaction to touching Clay's hand or was it an actual grip?

Loving all the funny moments...I love how quick-witted he is.

Grand Rapids: "git 'er done!"

Merrillville Christmas Show 2006 - The schtick with the two ladies; one pushing the other's head and the whole thing to the NJU about how the person next to you will have your e-mail, phone number, address and will be asking you for a ride to Florida before the end of the show! I think he used that through the tour, but I think Merrillville was the first and he had us rolling.


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YAY I got caught up on this thread!!!!

geesh...finally I can contribute to the topics...

first of all...welcome to the newbies...there are a few new members and I hope they all post and say hi...

Board angst...WORD to Jennaz as usual. I do think the boards would be angsting right now just because there is nothing new from Clay...its another drought and that is never good for morale. Then you have boards that have different cultures...boards that pride themselves on being critical...boards that are very maternal towards Clay that are constantly worried about him...boards whose focus is on his career, so everything is analyzed and criticized to death unless Clay is suddenly selling platinum again. Here in FCA...our board culture is right there in the banner...we like to play and have fun. So we don't focus on the negative...we acknowledge it ...we discuss it..just not go on and on about it.

funny moments....well I love that bit on NAT when he starts..."Humping" this girl...and he kinda shocked himself...and they just kept laughing through out.

so many funny moments really...what a joy he is!!!

Pomme frites...I love them...specially with mussels.

OK...here i Quebec...we have Poutine...which is fries with cheese curds or mozarella....with hot chicken gravy all over. Then the many roadside canteens has stretched that idea with all kinds of toppings...like spaghetti sauce...barbecue sauce...chicken and gravy...and the one that I find most unusual...fries with coleslaw, chicken, then gravy on top...

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Funny moment #1698435572

Some people would just be happy I spit on 'em...

Indiana State Fair JBT

*waves to aikim*

AAAAAAGH! I was there too! Hee!

Me too!

I think "twinklewhore" here -> :twinklewhore: <- should be renamed "concertho"! :lol:

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I've finally caught up. I work on the weekends in residential homes with adults with DD, and I can usually sign on, sometimes when I can't borrow/steal the internet signal or whatever it is that I use to get my connection, then I have to use dial-up. So checking out the youtubes is next to impossible and it takes forever to wait for the pages to change, and I am not a patient person. I have been getting a lot of work done though.

If I could figure out how to post a picture, I'd show you my doggie. I got him from the Humane Society and he is a really good dog except he still suffers from separation anxiety, so pees all over the house whenever we leave. I've tried all the suggestions I've gotten from the experts but no luck yet so I just went out and bought a steam cleaner today because I'm almost resigned myself that he is going to continue to show his displeasure whenever we leave. I have a cat too but he just annoys me most of the time. He's needy and stand-offish at the same time so it bugs the crap out of me.

I've really enjoyed all the Clay discussion that I've read on this board. I don't have problems with most of the other boards that I read at though, even the OFC, because sometimes the bickering is kind of entertaining for me. I know, I'm a sick person, but sometimes I like getting fired up, especially because on the internet you don't have to worry that someone is going to physically go after you. In real life however, I know when to back away because in my real life, I hate conflict, which helps explain why I stayed married for way too long.

I love all those Clay funny moments and I also couldn't pick favorite ones, unless I could name at least 500 of them, but one that hasn't been mentioned, at least before I started writing this book, is when he was asking Angela for another style of music and she couldn't think of any and he got on her about not having his back. And then when he was doing his not cool schtick and said that A&Q were his friends and then said to Jesse that maybe one day they might be friends. He is so funny and this is why if anyone could bring back variety shows, he could do it. Someone mentioned the Smothers Brothers, and I used to watch them and Sonny and Cher, and Carol Burnett, and Dean Martin, especially his roasts. Loved those shows and really hope someone can bring that type of entertainment back, because I frankly cannot stand reality shows or game shows, especially to the level they have sunk now. That one show, I think its called The Moment of Truth, looks like some type of glorified Jerry Springer show. Yuck.

Hey, I just saw my post and realized my pic went thru so there is my baby.


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Speaking of canfly..where the heck is she..I miss her late night catchups..

Welcome to the newbies. Feel free to ask any of the mods or members if you have any questions about how things work. Most of the activity takes place here on the main thread -- the best way to know what's going on elsewhere on the site is VIEW NEW POSTS... the link right under the banner.

Now off to watch some of the posted you tubes. Thanks for sharing all the funny moments.

And of course some folks brought up Sacramento IT..one of the best unknown concerts cuz there's no clack of it. I like to cry about that at least once every six months or so.

Did anyone mention Pala and Clay singing to himself...too funny. I loved the Bridget clip..can't wait to see that one again. I remember laughing my fool head off when it happened.

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Stanley is a cutie JustClay..... Yup, there are a few drawbacks to getting animals from shelters....especially if they were attached to their previous families. The separation anxiety becomes fierce - they don't want to be abandoned again! My son's Lab has all sorts of idiosyncrasies - is actually claustrophobic, so we think she had been locked up in a small space. I'm making a broad statement here, but any person who could deliberately be cruel to an animal or likes to make animals suffer has to be mentally deranged and have alot of serious problems.

And on to the topic....I still think one of the funniest Clay moments in concert is the Jefferson Dance. He really, really gets in to it....I think he cracked Q & A up every time he did it. He had those feet going.... He may not be twinkle toes but I think the guy can dance - just needed some confidence. I bet we see more ditty-bopping in future concerts.

OH this is a good one - was in Lowe's today and heard Invisible!!!

Couchie asked if anyone mentioned Pala and Clay singing to himself......Hah - good ol' Flat Clay! His schtick on that one was how did they get him from place to place - tie him to the roof? The answer was "fold you up and put you in the trunk!" So he looked at Quiana and said they could really save money on the buses if he could do that to her. The other funny thing at Pala was Quiana losing 5,000 nickels in a slot machine in an hour! He was relentless with her. Said the casino was probably saying "the heck with that Clay Aiken guy, let's bring her back. He takes money, she gives it!"

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new members who bring gifts are always welcome! Thaks SidiDenak

doggie pictures!!! made me get my camera

Here is Holly on her favorite couch that is protected from her fur and sharp nails - it is a really nice couch.



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funny moments....well I love that bit on NAT when he starts..."Humping" this girl...and he kinda shocked himself...and they just kept laughing through out.

There are two clips that I'd love to download if I knew where to find them -- the one referenced above when he humped the girl, and the other is when some guy is onstage singing Invisible and cracked Clay up when he did the shirt tug.

Anyone? Bueller? KAndre?

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His schtick on that one was how did they get him from place to place - tie him to the roof? The answer was "fold you up and put you in the trunk!" So he looked at Quiana and said they could really save money on the buses if he could do that to her.

And don't forget, Iseeme, that after that...and as the music was starting for the song, he turned to Quiana and mouthed, "It's a fold."

BWAH! That durdy, durdy boy.... :hubbahubba:

justclay! Tour doggie looks so much like my Shadow...well, when Shadow was younger and before his muzzle got white from age...of course, Shadow has white paws and more white underneath---even has a white Waldo! :lmaosmiley-1: But he's an animal shelter dog, too. In fact, when we got him the place was so packed that they were having to schedule euthanasia and Shadow was scheduled for the next day! But we saved him...and he's been a wonderful, wonderful family member....I'll repost this picture....it was taken when we "lost" him a year or so ago...and somebody had found him, taken him to the shelter and the shelter had posted this picture at the grocery store near our house!

Oh, hell...I can't find the doggie picture!

Will this photoshop of Clay do instead? I always liked this photoshopped fantasy... :hubbahubba:

A lot.

In fact, I put this title on it "I wish...."....which is true for both the man in the picture and the woman...I mean, for wishing I looked like her....and was on that man like her.


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