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Bringing this over from CH because I thought it really showed the difference in how OMWH is doing on radio vs the last few singles.

Radio spin update...

I was bored at work today so I started playing around with some of the stats for "Without You", "A Thousand Days", and "On My Way Here". I ended up with 2 graphs...one depicts the spins for each song on each day subsequent to their add date, while the other depicts ranking for each song on each day subsequent to their add date. On approximately the 45th day post add date, both "A Thousand Days" and "Without You" began steadily falling in spins while "On My Way Here" continued a gradual ascent. On approximately the 30th day post add date, both "Without You" and "A Thousand Days" began falling in ranking while "On My Way Here" continued a gradual ascent.

Spin Graph

Ranking Graph

Other meandering thoughts this morning...........watched the ET thing yesterday, and was surprised at the intro they gave it. I mean it was just stated so matter-of-factly. "Daddy to be". OK then. I don't necessarily give it any more weight than anything else we've heard or read, I doubt they are doing anything but buying into the gossip that has yet to be confirmed or denied by Clay or Jaymes, but it just kind of took me off guard to hear it stated as truth. Guess I should be used to it by now. :huh:

I wonder if Clay will issue some sort of a challenge for Unicef Somalia donations? I would like to donate but am kind of in a holding pattern until his field notes go up. It sounds as though his trip might still be ongoing, though, so maybe not until next week?

Ugh, work again today. I woke up thinking it was Saturday. It's been a weird week, since we had Tuesday off as our stat holiday, it's messed with everyone's mental calendar. A guy at work thought yesterday was Friday. Oh well, at least Friday means casual day and I can wear jeans and a Clay Aiken shirt. :lilredani:

Happy July 4th to all the Americans on the board! :F_05BL17blowkiss: And Happy Birthday to muskifest too! So one year ago today was the start of the DCAT/SRHP? Wow. How time flies. And what a cool night that was! Even if I wasn't there.....it was a WTF?!?! night on the boards for sure. :cryingwlaughter: The Frisco Like A Virgin clack (controversial as it turned out to be) is one of my favourite pieces of clack ever. :wub: So much to love from that show.....first time for a concert tour that I loved so much. The entire Classics medley. GBTUSA with the cowboy hat. BYLM dedicated to us. First live LAA. And of course those wacky TV themes. *sigh* What a start to a great summer.

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Yeah we had a day or two of prickly fun but let's read the room and move on. It was a bit tiring but we have turned a corner. In the words of Rodney King... .blah blah blah. There seems to be a lot of personalty clashes lately which is inevitable while communicating but hey taking the "sting" out of your responses will make it fun for the rest of us. With the linear thread we are all in different places but reading the room currently is an important thing to do.

Short term memory folks..believe me it works.

Just wanted to comment that I agree with most of this......sometimes it's best to just let something go. However, since we are 5 years into this fandom, some people have a hard time with the "short term memory" thing. There's a lot of history there! Two things that I think are a great help when you are having a hard time with a particular poster......PM, and the ignore button. :cryingwlaughter:

I'm sorry if a newbie felt driven away.........but it takes two to tango. I was a participant in the conversation but I don't remember writing anything I felt sorry about afterwards. Sometimes a difference of opinion is just that.

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Ok I think I've sufficiently wasted enough time this morning so that I can leave for work and look like I got there at a respectable time (they tend to look at me sideways if I log anything earlier than 8 am on my time sheet). Just watched the latest two match ups on the Broads site. OMG talk about difficult decisions! BFM in concert was sooooooooo much fun, and he was so hawt singing it! But to put it up against TITN from the MAP? With all those deliciously kissy faces he was making, not to mention the mic grab and those knee bends on the runway? All coupled with the most glorious vocal ever? Yeah, I had to go for TITN. Now, the competition between "Take" and the TITN video of hawtness was also v.v. difficult for me. Becoss I love pre-makeover Clay. A lot. And it's just such a moment. However, in the end, the goodness of the low rider jeans and the little bitty green t-shirt, combined with the looks he was shooting the camera........yeah, it won. Sowwy. :whistling-1:

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Good Morning Everyone,

2 Days until Clay is on CNN for UNICEF! :woohoo:

Happy Birthday Muski!

Everyone have a great day!


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Well, it would take a lot more than a heated discussion to chase this newbie away...unless, of course you were disagreeing with ME..or saying anything nasty about our man! :cryingwlaughter:

For those who didn't understand the wine test thing. I've been retired for 4 years but decided I'd like to take a part-time job to help with finances (and pay for future Clay excursions) Anyway, I was hired at a Wine Shop in April. I love the job and I love wine, so it was a perfect union. However, one of the requirements of the job is, within three months, you must pass a written test consisting of 50 questions...and passing mark is 85%. The shops are owned by a conglomerate of Niagara wineries and the test is about the wine industry in general and Ontario wines and wineries specifically...and we're presented with a book containing the information. Sounds easy, right? Well, it wasn't. The questions were designed to trip you up and, though they were multible choice, several answers could apply to each question, but only one was the answer they'd accept. I was sure I flunked because many others have blown it in the past. However, yesterday I got word that I am now an official "Wine Merchant". In other words...I passed that sucker!! Whew! (Sorry about the long winded explanation).

Happy birthday, Muski!

Happy 4th of July to all you lovely American folks!

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I just had to put in my two cents about the discussion du jour. One of the boards on which I posted had a mod that is a FC believer we now find out. At that time anyone who posted that they disagreed with this particular mod, who of course was in personal discussions with TC, was edited for who knows what reason. Two years later and fake clay and babymomma discovery, its okay to bash that mod. SO now I feel sorry for her What a wimp I am.

I even argued in that OFC thread which turned into a bash Clive fest, that one shouldn't talk about Clay's boss like that. What a blow up that turned out to be.

I like that anyone can post what they like here, within reason. But if one side predominates, I don't understand why the other side has to make numerous posts saying the same thing over and over to make up for the number of fewer posts. Then it becomes arguementative. I guess the boards would not exist if everyone just stated what they thought. I can scroll if I feel something insults Clay or his family. But I would get angry if someone insulted a poster I considered a friend.

I guess I'd better get cooking and cleaning as this day I thought I would rest, instead we have people coming over in the evening. :shrug:

Congrats claymatron. I've enjoyed your humerous posts over the years.

Happy fourth!

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laughn, you're making me feel invisible.

I posted the Capitol 4th youtube last night.


awwww, cotton, I'm sorry. I didn't see that....but it's a great performance, isn't it?

I think we should both post it again. :imgtongue:

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Other meandering thoughts this morning...........watched the ET thing yesterday, and was surprised at the intro they gave it. I mean it was just stated so matter-of-factly. "Daddy to be". OK then. I don't necessarily give it any more weight than anything else we've heard or read, I doubt they are doing anything but buying into the gossip that has yet to be confirmed or denied by Clay or Jaymes, but it just kind of took me off guard to hear it stated as truth. Guess I should be used to it by now. :huh:

A couple of days ago I was listening to my local AC station and I heard the dj say "i have two words for you "Artificial Insemination!" Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy using artificial insemination. Here is his new song." An they proceeded to play OMWH. I was so taken aback by the unnecessary introduction that I wrote an email to the station. The first time i have ever responded to disses I have heard or read about Clay. But this hit me. I received an email from the dj (a substitute dj who has said unkind things about Clay in the past) thanking me for my email and proceeded to inform me that it was "factual" that Clay was going to be a daddy and that it was "factual" that he used artificial insemination and that his mention of those facts was "not intended to be rude." But it was, and I let it drop.

I'd like to keep this just at this board. I shared this experience because it shows how the stories are being perceived by at least one consumer who unfortunately has a large audience.

musikfest, have the happiest of birthdays. I wanted to comment on the picture of your daughter before and forgot. What an amazing picture to treasure and she is quite lovely. I miss the days when i would travel far and wide to watch my kids play sports.

Loving the video challenge. I can hardly keep up. Such a wonderful idea right now because it brings back so many wonderful memories. I remember when i first heard Good News at Sewell, NJ. It absolutely blew me away. His gospel voice and tone, just so gorgeous. Another very wonderful thing about Sewell is that I met the lovely duckyvee and her family for the first time. The MAP TITN. My friend and I drove 6 hours to watch Clay sing one song....and it was worth it. We had a blast, met tons of wonderful people some already Clay fans and some Clay fans in the making.

ALAWH....to me this is a gorgeously constructed song. I love the bridge to pieces and how it builds to a wonderful finish. Parts of the last verses, how he brings added bang for the buck to "and I'm going to love you" reminds me a bit of the end of TRD. The vocal quality. A really well produced song with amazing vocals from Clay. Can you imagine him singing this live? It will be a soggy mess with all the puddles of goo in the audience.

I love lumberjack Clay (the ET piece). He looks downright beefy and in a good way. Could his shoulders be more broad?

Edited for assorted flubs.

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Whenever people come here saying, "Oh, it's so great here; it's so much better than X place," I always think, "Oh boy, rude awakening to come." :cryingwlaughter: People are outspoken sometimes. We fight but we try not to brawl. Colored ink is a rarity--it's up to people to work things through. Or just let it go and move on.

Oh yeah... :cryingwlaughter: And it always seems to happen that way too.

Tone like everything else is subjective, especially on a message board. Maybe you don't think your projecting a tone, but someone else does and therefore you get "tone" back. Eh. Life goes on. Not everyone is going to see things your way because we all come from different places in life. What may seem like an innocuous observation to you may push someone else's buttons. As an example...about a decade ago, I became a single parent. Not by choice, mind you, but because someone else made a unilateral decision. I soldiered on and raised my kids and came out the other side much stronger for it. Yet I hear the term "single mother" attached to some sort of shame. Like somehow my nuclear family breaking down lessened our society. And I, as the "single mother" bore the brunt of responsibility. Yet my family was more stable as a single parent family than it ever was with two parents.

So yeah, the suggestion that something other than a perfect/fairytale/storybook family is less...well that does make me bristle.

MTTR I do move on and let things go...but that also is a two way street.


eta...waves to Scarlett. I never once censored my kids either. And they didn't get grounded or have curfews. They turned out just fine.


Work has been a bear. There are lots of things I want to comment on but just can't muster much brain-power for right now. The big deadline is this coming Friday. I can't wait.


Clay :wub:

eta 2 ... you know the drill...edited for blahblah and blah :cryingwlaughter:

eta 3 ... oooo....I like my friend cagney's "assorted flubs" ... I may have to steal that.

Why yes...I am still editing. What of it?

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Ahhh bottle I;ve missed your fancy emoticons... so I shall borrow them to greet our American friends a happy fourth.



Just a few points I've been meaning to make...sorry I can't be as brief as Couchie... :F_05BL17blowkiss:

topic du jour.... Tone, ldyj always points this out to me that the tone of the post is often the problem not necessarily the content. I do agree with this...however...at times its difficult for a poster to determine what words will make the tone of their post negative or confrontational. At times, wrong placements of a comma or forgetting to put IMO, or the phrase "In my experience" can change the tone of a post. So on the FLIP side....if the poster has to take care of the TONE of their posts...I also think the readers should try and give posters the benefit of the doubt. If something seems hostile and it comes from left field...it would be good to see if you misread the post first before getting upset and inquire through pms. I also recommend getting used to being disagreed with without getting defensive...don't take it personally and to know when to agree to disagree.

Also...we do not post as a gang here. There are no organized attack so pile on just happens because we have a lot of opinionated verbose women that like to post ho. Not because people want to browbeat someone. On the flip side....it is really ok not to post when the points you are going to say have been made already. I think that is why I haven't been posting too much lately...I often get on the board and have to do a lot of catch up and as I make points in my head...I see other posters have made the same points...so I just word them and move on.

I think there is this notion that we don't edit posts because we agree with them. NOPE. We try not to edit because we believe that everyone should take responsibility for their posts. IF posters choose to be controversial...if posters choose to be confrontational...if posters choose to call out people...then expect to get get a response and take the consequence of your post. Also be very aware that most people will judge you by your post and the history of your posts. We will not clean up after posters to make their tone more palatable. So it will be good to think twice before posting when emotional or upset.

One thing that is often demonstrated through the boards history is that we do not have a hive mind. Just because certain posters agree with each other on a certain issue...do not expect to agree on every issue. I think this is why some people feel that the board has changed and they no longer fit in cos major issues have moved on and its not as enjoyable to post anymore when they are in the minority opinion. This is why its really important to interact and post on non Clay issues so that people can find more commonalities and build relationships that will keep them invested in this community through times of disagreement.

Finally ...as much as we would love to be a home for everyone that registers, we recognize that not everyone will like how we run things. That happens.We truly cannot please everyone. Every board has a certain flavor and consequently, the views and attitudes of the posts will be skewed one way or the other. Couchie, LdyJ and I tend to be on the positive side. Does not mean we like everything that happens out there but we don't like to dwell on the negatives...we choose to celebrate rather than wallow. So it follows that that is the main flavor of the board that is reflected by the mods and members that got attracted to this board and have chosen to stay. Now this does not mean we don;t worry, or we can't criticize or complain...all opinions respectfully expressed is welcome. But it is simply the nature of this board to move those negative thoughts along and to try and look for the positive spins on issues...This may not be fun for some and that cannot be helped. But we still welcome people with all opinions and attitudes because that is what makes a board dynamic. That is also how a board grows and stay interesting. That is why I really commend posters that do take the chance and share their opinions, negative or positive out there. I just hope everyone will be prepared to get both agreements and disagreements...its part of board life.

BTW...this may seem like an adminy post...but its nothing really official. Just some things that I have been meaning to say after a few issues and kerfuffle on the board.

Now that I made this opus...no more time to comment of ALAWH...I really want to give that song some time cos I love it...

Sigh, kids are pulling at me again. Summer is not a good time for me to be on the boards...

oh and wish me luck....I just applied for an online job!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed...

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Happy Birthday to muskifest!

And Happy 4th!

We're going to a picnic at DD's house - hope the weather cooperates (since it's raining this morning and supposed to off and on pretty much all day) - maybe we can manage to eat in between showers - or move everything inside.

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Congratulations Claymatron on the wine test! That sounds so very cool...


:hb2: muski!!!!

Whenever people come here saying, "Oh, it's so great here; it's so much better than X place," I always think, "Oh boy, rude awakening to come." :cryingwlaughter: People are outspoken sometimes. We fight but we try not to brawl. Colored ink is a rarity--it's up to people to work things through. Or just let it go and move on.

Oh yeah. No message board is perfect. None. Yes, we do try to have fun here (and I did seriously question Scarlett posting that we're "anti-social" -- especially when we seem to have one of our drinking parties *g*), but we also do have serious conversations here. And yes, those get heated from time to time.

Tone like everything else is subjective, especially on a message board. Maybe you don't think your projecting a tone, but someone else does and therefore you get "tone" back.

Since I'm the one that almost always brings up the word "tone" around here, I've got to say that I agree with this. Message board conversations are terribly difficult to judge in that regard. And then, add a poster's history to that, and it can be even worse to figure out what exactly is being said. I personally try my best to not post when angry, but also to own up to what I post. And part of it for me is just letting stuff go. I hate "last word-itis" and and glad to let other people have it.

In preview, I see one more thing that Ansa has mentioned: I am enormously in love with the phrase "in my opinion." "To me" ranks a close second. In my mind, I can never use these phrases nearly enough. I know it should be "assumed" that on a message board, someone is frequently talking "opinion." I still think those two phrases should be used liberally, and so I try to that.

*checks to see if I've used those phrases lately* Hmmm, guess I've got more work to do.

Lumberjack Clay? I like that. Hee. It was so nice to see him last night on my TV. Gotta admit, the shirt wasn't as bright on my TV as it was on the download. Maybe I need a new TV.

Clay, I've been sitting here for 5 days now with my credit card in my hand. Ask me -- please!

One year ago...I was trying to stay away from the boards, because I was flying to Houston the next day. But I couldn't totally stay away... "Achy-Breaky Heart?" "Like a Virgin?" WTF? Turned out to be my favorite part of the whole damn show. And then, later sharing keepingfaith's "afterglow" -- wow.

Hey, what's one more edit? Thank you Cotton and laughn for reposting the Clay Capitol Fourth piece. I'd forgotten how good he sounded that night.

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Was anyone watching The Today Show this morning? For the past few days, I think, they've been talking about replaying one of their concerts this morning and you could vote between five or six or so - well, Kenny Chesney won, so the lead-in to replaying his concert was "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" - and it reminded me of Clay, of course - and that I'd much rather hear Clay sing that song than Kenny Chesney! Because - for me- once Clay sings something, it's pretty much his!

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I don't wanna work today! Boss is on about banked time, holidays and the like. I don't want to commit to my remaining 7 days until I hear from Clay. Eeeep.

ALAWH - GAH. Ever since the whole IIT baby thing, I hear this song differently. Can't help it. I mean, he has stated that it is the song that brought he & Jaymes together. It makes me wonder what about it spoke so loudly to each one of them, individually. And when I hear it I automatically think of his dedication to Jaymes on ATDW. Whatever their relationship, platonic or romantic, baby or no baby, this song just makes me all schmoopie. :wub:

Oh, you mean I was supposed to talk about it musically? Heh. Back with that later.

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laughn, you're making me feel invisible.

I posted the Capitol 4th youtube last night.


awwww, cotton, I'm sorry. I didn't see that....but it's a great performance, isn't it?

I think we should both post it again. :imgtongue:



Love it!

Isn't there a recorder in the beginning?

Or flute?

I love the sparse instrumentation in the opening.

And - some sort of Aboriginal persussion - dum dum de dum dum. Sort of echoing - low register. Wonder what that is?

Love it.

Love it even before Clay's glorious vocals start.

And - the soft, breathy voice just kills me! A pleading, confused quality to his voice.

And then - is there a tympani boom boom boom? thump thump thump. Love it!

Oh and then the fiddle. I can just see a lone Fiddler in a kilt up the Scottish moors.

I think it was Gibby who mentioned the swaying feel of the song. YES!

I love the way Clay sing EARTH!

And - of course, WHY and WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Clay's voice just FLOWS on . . .

When you're with me, I breathe easy

You are my need, right now love me . . .

Then it SOARS on . . .

As Long As We're Heeeeere


Why -y-y-y-y-y-y!!!

I've heard people describe it as a Celtic sound - but to me, it's more of a Global sound.

Because, as I said, I feel the Scottish flavor, but I also feel some Aboriginal, African, percussive influence.

I just love it. And I see SWEEPING imagery when I hear it.

Does that make sense?

I see myself flying low in a bi-plane watching the Earth pass beneath me - barren desert, diamond-scattered ocean, dark green forest, towering city, grain field - all flowing under me.

And people - stopping to look up - all kinds of people - in colorless clothes of poverty, bright colorful fabric of cultural origin. Dark people, fair people.


But not just soldiers, but desperate people - those who fear letting "the light of the world in" - like those who hide behind computer screens to spread their filth in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

And beauty.

The Earth is covered with all of it.

So - As Long As We're Here - "let's make the most of our time"!

I love the music.

I love the lyrics.

I love the guy singing, too!

And I think we'll all breathe easier when he's back with us!!!



Timely quote for today . . . from Real Simple

July 04, 2008

None who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free.

— Pearl S. Buck

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Happy 4th July to the large majority of this board!

“Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice.”

(Don't know who said this but it rings very true to me)

Happy birthday, Muski! My, my, are you really only three? This is the best 3rd birthday quote I have:

James James

Morrison Morrison

Weatherby George Dupree

Took great

Care of his Mother

Though he was only three


A. A. Milne*, 'Disobedience', When We Were Very Young, 1924

*Best known for his Winnie-the-Pooh books.

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