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Spamalot summary reference thread


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What this is - You know how good information gets buried in the thread as people start having converstaions - you want to know what hotel recommendations there are, but can't find them amoung the chatter, or it may be on a different board buried some where there? Well, I hope to dig all this out and present it in on post per topic. Hope it does not get too long. So this is a thread not for chatter, but for a quick reference, so please don't post here, I will catch your remarks for mthe normal threads and bring them here.

Ticket prices, show schedule and box office number

Discount tickets currently available through 8/21/08 thru Broadwaybox.com

http://www.seasonofsavings.com/shows/on_broadway has discounts through November. (credit Mammat53 at CB) You can print and take to box office, or go to http://www.broadwayoffers.com/

Join playbill.com for free and get access to their discounts (Not at hom computer and can't remember password, so I can't see what is available right now)

Detailed Pricing Information

Orchestra: $111.50

Orchestra Partial View (Rows A-L): $111.50

Mezzanine: $111.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows A-C): $111.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows J-K): $66.50

Balcony (Rows A-F): $76.50

Balcony (Rows G-J): $36.50

Balcony Partial View (Rows A- B) : $76.50

Friday, Saturday (matinee & evening), Sunday matinees:

Orchestra: $116.50

Orchestra Partial View (Rows A-L): $116.50

Mezzanine: $116.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows A-C): $116.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows J-K): $66.50

Balcony (Rows A-F): $76.50

Balcony (Rows G-J): $36.50

Balcony Partial View (Rows A- B) : $76.50

For performances beginning November 25:

Orchestra: $116.50

Orchestra Partial View (Rows A-L): $116.50

Mezzanine: $116.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows A-C): $116.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows J-K): $66.50

Balcony (Rows A-F): $76.50

Balcony (Rows G-J): $36.50

Balcony Partial View (Rows A- B) : $76.50

Friday, Saturday (matinee & evening), Sunday matinees:

Orchestra: $121.50

Orchestra Partial View (Rows A-L): $121.50

Mezzanine: $121.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows A-C): $121.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows J-K): $66.50

Balcony (Rows A-F): $76.50

Balcony (Rows G-J): $36.50

Balcony Partial View (Rows A- B) : $76.50

For all performances 11/28 - 11/30; 12/26 - 1/4:

Orchestra: $131.50

Orchestra Partial View (Rows A-L): $131.50

Mezzanine: $131.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows A-C): $131.50

Mezzanine Partial View (Rows J-K): $71.50

Balcony (Rows A-F): $81.50

Balcony (Rows G-J): $41.50

Balcony Partial View (Rows A- B) : $81.50

Premium Seat Prices:


May 6 - November 23:


Friday, Saturday (matinee and eveing), Sunday matinee:


For performances beginning December 2:


Saturday & Sunday matinees:


Friday & Saturday evenings:


For all performances 11/28 - 30; and 12/26 - 1/4:


All prices include a $1.50 facility fee.

Special Ticket Offers

Standing Room: $21.50 at the box office only on the day of the performance. Only available when the performance is sold out. Limit 2 per person.

Box Seats: Available at the Box Office only.

Tickets purchased online and by phone are subject to a per ticket service charge of $7.00 and a per order handling fee. Handling fees vary by how your tickets are delivered.

Dates & Times

Tuesday - Friday @ 8pm, Saturday @ 2pm & 8pm, Sunday @ 2pm & 7pm

On sale thru January 4

Dates & Times Exceptions

Added Performance: Wednesday - November 26 @ 2pm, Friday - November 28 @ 2pm, Monday - December 22 @ 8pm, Monday - December 29 @ 8pm, Friday - January 2 @ 2pm

No Performance: Thursday - November 27 @ 8pm, Sunday - November 30 @ 7pm, Wednesday - December 24 @ 8pm, Wednesday - December 31 @ 8pm, Sunday - January 4 @ 7pm

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Links to help find hotels


Hotels In and around NYC

West Side YMCA. - Rhody

I seriously think you all should take over the West Side YMCA. My eldest stayed there last summer/fall, $75 a night, private room with a bath and a view of Central Park out her window. She said the cafeteria downstairs was good enough and resonable. The Y was clean and safe. It is several blocks from the Shubert.

West Side Y

West Side Y- a few reviews <- will fix links

Courtyard by Marriot/Elizabeth - Nicki503

I flew into Newark and took the bus into NYC. I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriot/Elizabeth which is right near the airport. They have shuttle buses to & from the airport. The folks I went with opted to take a bus into NY but there is a train from the airport into the city too. I know there is a Hilton at the airport but I don't know its cost. I also opted for a room by myself and it was $204 (if I remember correctly). It was a very nice room.

East Village Bed and Coffee. - Luckiest1

LOCATION: 110 Avenue C (between 7th and 8th streets) New York, NY 10009 (Manhattan, not Brooklyn!)

Here is the website: http://www.bedandcoffee.com

http://www.panamhotelnewyork.com/ = Luckiest1

I grabbed the last room on my dates. This place seems to book up FAR in advance. Although I guess anywhere in NYC in December is going to be busy.

On their reservation graph, be aware that the green rooms are available, the grey rooms are booked. I got it mixed up at first!

The Paramount saltwaterdog

We stayed at The Paramount last time, which was close and fairly nice. It's only a couple blocks from the theatre and I had gotten a great internet deal. The prices aren't so good this time

Two older hotels which are convenient are the Wellington (55th & 7th) and the Pennsylvania (34th & 7th) (you know Pennsylvania 6-5000) They were both very glamorous in their day but are really basic now, but clean and fairly well kept. Rooms range from $150 - $250.

From CV

Michelangelo Hotel. - cindydoe


I stayed here shortly after 9/11, so the rates were greatly reduced, it's ridiculously expensive now, but a beautiful Italian Hotel . If you can afford it, it's great! The rooms are huge, as are the bathrooms. We had two very comfy king sized beds. They have winter rates through March 31st.

Marriott Marquis - janscaped

I sincerely recommend that you do not write off the Marriott Marquis as a hotel choice! We had a great experience and the price was NOT out of line with the value that we felt we received. The room we had was large by NYC standards, with 2 double beds and a decent-sized bathroom. It was in great shape, clean, nicely appointed, and had wonderfully comfortable beds and lovely linens. Our rate was $239/night and included the breakfast brunch for two (@$27+/per person). We ended up with a third person in the room and, although she was right at the check-in counter with us and we asked for 3 keys, we were only charged for double occupancy. They let us check-in 3 hours early and extended our departure by an hour. We had an amazing view of Times Square and were literally steps away from the Shubert Theater. I could have/should have counted them. The staff there are incrediblly helpful, friendly, efficient, and made us feel right at home in this behemoth of a hotel. Even if you don't stay, take the elevators to the lobby on the eighth floor (restaurants/a Starbucks/public restrooms are there, too); they are pretty cool. To be able to have Times Square pulsing right outside the window is just awesome with that 24 hour show going on! (I'll never forget watching cab after cab "parked" in the middle of the street trying to catch the last few minutes of the Superbowl on the jumbotron. The next morning it was neat to watch the huge (15 story?) new billboard for America's Next Top Model being put up. Tyra is literally looking up Shubert Alley from her perch up there.

I was so pleased with our stay that I inquired about the rates in late March when cesperry comes up from NC to see the show for the first time. Yikes! $449! The hotel is almost fully booked raising the rates considerably. As much as I loved it, that price made me reconsider. BUT, if you can get a room there for $250 or less and share the cost with a couple of buddies, I don't think that there is a more convenient, exciting, comfortable, friendly place to stay on a Spamalot trip!

Milford Plaza brensmemaw

It is right around the corner from the Shubert. This is where we stayed this past week. We got excellant rates of $139.00 a night, but those rates aren't still in effect. The rooms aren't very large, but were just fine. They were clean and the staff was very helpful and like I said, it's right around the corner from the Shubert. I highly recommend it and they have special winter rates through March 31. If you go to their website, check show all promotional rates and several will show up when you scroll down. The only down side is that you have to pay $11 a day for internet service and they only have a coffee shop right now but Junior's, Sardi's, ect. are very close by. I highly recommend it!

Econo Lodge in Fort Lee, New Jersey - cameocat

When my mother and I went to see Clay in Spamalot at the end of January, we stayed at the Econo Lodge in Fort Lee, New Jersey, which is near the end of the George Washington Bridge. It cost about $62 total with tax and a AAA rate. That was for a room with a king size bed. The room was small and the bathroom was very small, but it was clean and the bed was comfortable enough. The room came with a fairly large TV (no remote), a refrigerator, and a microwave. Towels were thin, though, and there were no hand towels or a bath mat. No hair dryer, complimentary toiletries (except for soap), and no clock radio, either. They did have a free continental breakfast (not much of one, though) and wireless internet (free, I think). They also had a computer in their lobby that you could purchase internet time on. Parking was free.

We walked from the hotel to the bus stop (a couple of blocks), and then we took the bus across the bridge into the city to the bus station at 175th Street for $1. We then took the subway from there to 42nd Street for $2. It was a short walk from there to the theatre. We had plenty of time to go to the stage door and get autographs (we got Chris Seiber's and Clay's) and make the return trip in reverse back to our hotel. The bus station closes at 1:00 am, so we had to make sure we got there in time to catch a bus back across the bridge.

La Quinta Hotel - dksfriend

n W. 32nd Street (between 5th Avenue and B'way, in "Little Korea") in April and was pleasantly surprised with it.

It's an older property but it's in a very convenient location, the rooms are bigger than other hotels I've stayed at in NYC, breakfast is included, and they have a fabulous rooftop bar with great views of the Empire State Building. For Sat 1/19/08, a room with one Q bed is $139 - not bad!

Updated 8/18/08 - Desertrose - hoel not hold reservations even with plane delay, rooms had an odor and staff was rude. also difficult to get cab. <-I used to work there and did not have a problem getting cabs, you just have to walk east a little. Of course, that was years ago. Usually, if you can't get a cab on a street you alk over to an avenue, that is the best place to catch them.

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Transportation help

ON airfares, I have found different prices using expeida, cheapoair and orbitz. So I open a few windows and compare what I get back to find the best deal.

If you are coming by car, don't forget to look for the best prices in parkng at bestparking.com The bridges/tunnels are $8 one way now.


Amtrak discounts! Courtesy of EDLLWS on the CB - http://www.railserve.com/amtrak_coupons.html

Worth a look, many different kinds of discounts and specials.

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