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#40: He simply makes me smile when I see him.


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    • He looks great, he looks happy and healhty...me likey, me happy!
    • He makes me go broke with a smile on my face!
    • He is excessively, endlessly, adorably CUTE!!!!!!!!
    • God the voice is gorgeous. I'll never take it for granted.
    • Break open those piggy banks! Remember - if you choose to rob a bank, just don't wear a Clay Aiken t-shirt!
    • Clay Aiken Makes His Triumphant Return!
    • Clay has some serious mojo!!!
    • He sings. He dances. He talks. He wears PANTS! verra, verra niiiicely. The rest is just noise!
    • Someone take the measure of that man!
    • Who CARES? He's hot!!!
    • But in the final analysis - he could be bald and I would still love him.
    • Is there ever enough Clay?
    • He's Clay, you know. The hotness intensifies as time goes by.

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The video from last night has a lip bite for those of you who swoon away at the sight of them.

Where is this video?

Here you go! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Short video HERE from LAST night.

Stage door pics from tonight - gotta love that smile! :flirtysmile3:



Off to :offtobed: Sweet dreams, all! :claydreaming_ClayIzzaQt:

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OMG! Those pics brought me to tears!

Wow, talk about capturing the spirit of the subject!

Oh my God, his spirit just shines. I do love him.

jtgranny - I love you!

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My God he looks great! Like he's on top of the world. I think the wig had a trim -- it seems a bit bangier now. I like alot.







Oooo what a hot sexy face he has.



Yes, HeidiHo, that pull. The moth to the flame thing. Resistance would be futile, if we had any resistance that is. Guess we're just smart chicks who gave up without a fight and saved the energy to work and make money to see more Clay.

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Getty Images pics are up and you can click on them and make them bigger! He's about to bust a button on that vest! I think the boy has been eating one too many hot pockets!


Thank you so much for the link. I like to give them hits when they host his pics.

Exactly right. These are the smiles that KILL me! Every time.

They are rare but seem to burst right out of his heart and soul and his light just draws you into his happiness. I feel like I am getting a glimpse of heaven when he smiles like that!!


FromClaygary! His hair looks great in tonites pics and vids!!! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Did the wire images link get posted?

Remember? I went to bed. So if you must look at them TWICE, well then I guess you'll just have to look at Clay TWICE! HA!

Wire Images gallery

I'm not a member. Is there someone who can bring the large pix? I could bring the small pix, but they aren't worth the trouble is someone can access the large ones!

There are some . . . interesting . . . angles, IYKWIM AITTYD!

I'll check tomorrow. Am trying to get a full night's sleep which has been quite illusive of late. P shaw!

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