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#42: We're still having fun, and you're still the one!

Couch Tomato

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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title for FCA?

    • Endlessly entertaining, never a dull moment!!
    • Clay you seriously need to go back into the closet....to find another outfit!
    • I luv him, he is the anti-cool. He is his own cool that far exceeds cool.
    • The balls may be lavander, but they're still titanium.
    • He's Clay. He's gay. And whatever. When's the next tour?
    • He's made of awesome!
    • Even more beautiful now, inside and out!
    • God, what a MAN!
    • That is a MAN.

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Whoopee a new page.

Dudes, it's not the flowered shirt. The shirt is fine. It's the shirt/sweater combo

It's so Clay. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Which is why I always believed he was straight. <g> Just kidding - I know lots of gay men and several of them are challenged in this area. At least, IMO. <g> They probably don't agree.

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Is anyone else here watching the debates and thinking Palin reminds them of those actors who do those 30 minute commercials that run apparently all morning on the weekends. I just want to slap her. Somebody go out and get Tina Fey.

Clay content: I love that he dresses however he feels like. He's different and I wouldn't have him any other way.

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Re: the weather

Gotta remember that I'm on the Coast and Raleigh's inland, so they are not always comparable.

Raleigh for Oct 11 (as far as I could get in the future at weather.com)





October can have some very warm days, so it's hard to say what the weather will be this far out!



DH and I do have the debates on. Half my brain is on the debates and half my brain is answering emails and contemplating the gala! hee

Yeah. She gets on my nerves.

"Gosh Darn" and "Soccer mom" setting my DH off, too!

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Is anyone else here watching the debates and thinking Palin reminds them of those actors who do those 30 minute commercials that run apparently all morning on the weekends. I just want to slap her. Somebody go out and get Tina Fey.

Clay content: I love that he dresses however he feels like. He's different and I wouldn't have him any other way.

I'm doing everything I can to not change the channel. The woman fucking scares the hell out of me. She is stupid, she is ignorant and god help us if she gets the vice presidency. She has a huge fucking chance of being president if he is elected. Wake up, America - we can't aford her.

You couldn't pay me enough to watch a political debate. I'm watching Pala clack. :)

Smart woman. I’m about ready to open a vein. It's only Joe Biden saving me - he's got off some good shots and I don't think anyone can call him condescending. Her stupid "ya" and "gosh darn it" - beyotch, people see through it. You fucked that one with Katie.

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I have been waiting for years to hear someone in power say,

The trouble with No Child Left Behind is that the money was left behind!!!


The federal gov't pushed that No Child Left Behind and left it to the states to find the money themselves to enact the program.

Thank you, Joe Biden!

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Political debate??

Not for me! I was watching baseball!!!


Not that they couldn't lose the next 3 games and blow the whole thing. This is Philadelphia, after all...

ETA: I want to hold the BIG baby - the one with those awful glasses that I would just rip right off him!!!

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I promise not to mention politics again.

I don't even like politics!!!


Where da pics from tonight's stage door?

From CV

Stage Door report

WinkatMe just called me: Small stage door maybe 25 people or so. Clay was great out there. He was chatty and took pics with folks again and signed for everyone.

He had on a striped pullover shirt and a gray cardigan which was long and light weight over it, jeans and sandals. Hair was sorta messy but he looked beautiful!!

She had him sign a cd for her.

Show was great tonight! Orchestra was pretty full, some folks in mezz and balcony but she couldn't see how many.

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awwww utter cuteness... the puppy, Clay and Parker. Wonder if Parker will get his dad's sense of style.

I'm just waiting for his tiny little socks to stop matching.


Yes! :connie_42:

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Seriously, Gibby, thanks for bringing those pics over. They are bee-yootiful! He looks very, very happy.

Can I admit to a teensy, tiny (OK a whole hell of a lot) bit of jealousy for those able to go now? By the time we get there in January he'll be sick of the SD again, and there'll be a zillion more fans there too. I've NEVER had a M&G or a picture or ANYthing! :cry4: I'm Soooooooo jealous!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed them! Unfortunately, merrieeee now thinks I'm her enemy, when I merely posted purdy pics of Clay at your suggestion. I mean, really, how can that be so much of a sin on a Clay board??? But I guess she's into revenge, so I'm kinda skeeered. :confused-smiley-014: *sniff* Doncha feel sorry for me???

I've never had a M&G or a picture, either. Someday we'll get lucky, I'm sure! :thbighug-1:

I was at a rehearsal tonight, so didn't see the debate. Sounds like I didn't miss much!

Parker is soooo cute! I would love to see pics every month for awhile, cuz they grow and change so fast at this age. I'm sure that won't happen, but I'd sure love it if it did!

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I can understand not getting politics, just like I can't get into conversations about anything domestic, but it bothers me when someone says that it should go into the political thread if anyone even mentions anything about politics. I'm not trying to pick on anyone but there are so many things discussed on this main thread that could go into other areas that I don't understand why politics, unless someone is writing a book about it, should not be allowed here.

If someone addresses this and I don't respond, its not because I'm ignoring anyone, I just need to get to bed since I have a full day of classes and then I have to go to work tomorrow night.

And I love Clay. Night everyone.

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JustClay - politics are tough especially in an election year but yeah you're right we can take a comment or two without sending everyone to the poltiical thread. We don't mind that main topics can wander - makes it's fun. And FCA has shown the ability to discuss serious topics - religion has snuck into the conversation this week and it wasn't all damning to hell those religious zealots that are all over Clay at the moment. So something organic that arises out of say a debate is ok which is all that happened tonight. We tend to travel from topic to topic fast enough that we don't get bogged down on anything one subject too long - well unless it's cute and wears funky clothes. If the past is any indication I don't expect FCA main to turn into the hot spot for political discourse. Hell our political thread doesn't even see much action. But speaking of politics, and who knew just a two weeks ago I'd be saying this - but looks like neither future president will support Clay's right to get married to the man of his dreams.

I wonder what will happen with the "activist" Clay community now. They tended to support things close to Clay's heart. This roller coaster we've been on sure makes some very interesting twists and turns.

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from Ms Marmalade at CH


DIVA TALK: Chatting with Spamalot's Merle Dandridge


Question: I know that Clay Aiken recently returned to the cast. Have you noticed a difference in audience reaction?

Dandridge: It's a huge difference! It's very funny because the center of action can be happening on one side of the stage, but you'll see a sea of heads looking in the opposite direction. [Laughs.] They're very excited to have him back. He's such a sweet, sweet person and obviously so talented. We're really lucky to have him.

Interesting interview.....the full text is posted in the CNN Media links thread.

justclay12 IMO The reason that political posting is relegated to its own thread is that it, like talk of religion, can be so divisive. And that we can do without right now on the main thread.

Couch Tomato

looks like neither future president will support Clay's right to get married to the man of his dreams.

So maybe he will come to Canada to get married one day, after all his BFF is Canadian and his son has dual citizenship.

from tonite's SD

God he's gorgeous! I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. I think this came from dab1119 at CB


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Spam reports:

clayngels recap from last night:

First I want to thank everyone for all the compliements on my picture. I literally don't even remember asking him for it. The Aiken fog completely took over!

I'm pretty much recapping last night's show, but there may be some details from Tuesday that slip in here to so bear with me!!

I had a front row seat last night which is always amazing because you get to see all of those facial expressions up close and hear all of the little side comments he makes.

I still get butterflies the moment before Clay sticks his head out of that tower in his first scene. It's so funny that when we first heard he would be in Spamalot everyone was concerned about the English accent. Now it seems like the most natural thing to hear him speak that way. I love it!

During the Not Dead Yet song when Clay first starts singing and he hits the triangle he kind of hugged it when he says that he's scared he may run away and then when he hit it, it kind of made a weird clang sound. He kept poking Tom and looking confused as to why he was alive and then when he started dancing Clay was laughing at him and trying to mimic some of the moves.

He's so adorable during Knights of the Round table. He flirts with all of the girls and acts so excited when they pay attention to him. He did do the "come to daddy!" line again last night. Whenever the LOTL does her ad lib and adds the pop song into it Clay makes a comment. The other night she sang a part of Funkytown and he said "What's Funkytown?" When the monk spins the nun on the floor Clay always picks up his legs on to the table and looks amazed. He's gotten REALLY good at the dance at the end too! He looks like he's having so much fun and he does every step perfectly.

After that scene when god comes to see them Clay screamed "Oh good god sire! What's that?!" and he yelled it so loud! He plays the scene about the quail so funny this time around.

He's still waving the peace sign during find your grail and during the slo mo scene he acts like he's scared and crying. We still get some pretty great knee bends though!

Act 2 was fantastic last night!

The knights of Ni did the "I can see Russia from my house! What country can you see?" line again last night and then when they were leaving said "Let's go put some lip stick on that pig that I found." The audience of mostly NJUs were cracking up.

YWSOB was just amazing. There are literally no words to describe how well he does this number. He has really gotten into it and all of his dance moves and facial expressions are funny and perfect.

Prince Herbert's scene was one of the best I have ever seen. Clay may not braid the ribbons anymore, which I miss, but I am slowly learning to love the new way he plays it. And I love how he has the costume pushed behind his ears so that they stick out! So cute!!

After Lancelot kills the guards and Herbert's father comes in was when it got really funny. He went to go up the stairs and his daggar fell out of its sheath. He did the "Excuse me!" line and then went down the stairs to get it. In the blank space Tom said "What?" Later in the scene he said "Don't be afraid of him and his daggar brave Sir Lancelot!" and when the father cut the rope and he was falling he yelled "Nooooo! the daaaaggaaaar!!!" The whole audience was laughing hysterically and those of us who knew what was going on were practically in tears it was so funny! When Herbert's father went to kill him again the daggar fell again! Rick said "Oh! There goes that daggar again!" Brad's fill in tried to kick it off stage and Rick said "Careful! You're going to trip on that on the way out!" I could not stop laughing through the whole next scene!

Brother Maynard was perfect as usual with Clay playing up all the pauses and he said "amen" a little differently. It was kind of high pitched and the rest of the knights tried to mimic it.

The peasant was a guy and he was a really good sport. He did not expect it at all! He held that statue like he was so proud of his accomplishment and Clay was copying him and giving him thumbs up! When he went back to his seat Lancelot was blowing kisses and Clay was trying to get him to stop and acting embarassed.

Clay has so much energy in the finale and he looks like he is having so much fun. The little choreographed number on the side with David and Wally was like the Midnight Train to Georgia dance from the JBT. So cute and funny!

No one really stood during the curtain call except a few Clay fans, but everyone got a good amount of applause.

The SD was just amazing. He is so sweet and funny. Like I said I don't remember much about when he was near me, but I have a picture to prove I was there!!

At the end of the line there was a guy with a playbill to sign that wasn't Spamalot and Clay said "I'm not in this!" and he turned and showed it to everyone. He played like he wouldn't sign it and then turned it over and signed the back cover.

Have I mentioned how much I love him??? Well you can never say it too many times....I love Clay Aiken!!!

Intermission report from Clayngel:

The extremely vast majority of the center orchestra is full. Considering the economy and the fact that SO many Broadway shows are closing, this is really good news. Lots and lots of NJU who are enjoying the show. Not a loud group, but they're definitely laughing and applauding. Bradley Dean was out last night, but he's back tonight.

She said that Clay got mad in the guard scene and was practically yelling at the king. Clay's line "Listen,in order to maintain an air-speed velocity, a swallow's gotta beat its wings..." was especially animated tonight with this new anger. LOL.

The "Maaaybeee!", which is the line instead of "I've got a brother who's a guard" was drawn out tonight, and when Tom got up and started dancing Clay was waving to him.

From jax at the OFC..she said it could travel

Knights Of The Round Table was so good tonight. The waitress with the drinks kissed him on the cheek and there was a lot of tongue action.

-He did the shimmy and "Come to daddy" thing while the girls were dancing and he kicked his leg at them. Then he rubbed his thigh like it hurt.

He caught the LOTL armor and said "She threw it to me!" He was flirting with the girls during Find Your Grail and waved the peace sign. He rocked out at the end and did the body roll.

She ended her update by saying Clay is amazing..as if we didn't know! LOL

From dab1111 at CB:


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thanks Gibby for bringing over the reports. I love reading them...

oooh yummy. thanks for the pics - I love that smile.

It's always amazing how Clay can send the creative juices flowing. With regads to the poem brought over earlier I definitely agree with the sentiment that Clay is Clay and his coming out hasn't changed the essence of the man. Bu I have to say..that I don't think Clay is in a "darkness." I think he's finally in the light. And I swear he looks absolutely fantastic. I bet this is the happiest time of his life. He has his family, including that precious baby - he's back doing what he loves and he doesn't have the weight of secrets on his shoulders.

Jamar I never gave you a great big hug..and a maybe next year. Hopefully my team will be back in it so I can actually enjoy the season.

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