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#43: Even more beautiful now, inside and out!

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    • God we have it so bad...yet it feels so good!
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    • What boyfriend wants he gets!
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    • Resistance is futile and once I heard that voice all was right with the world.
    • He's back. We're back. We're home again.
    • Yes, Clay, we still think you are sex on a stick! Southern Fried Sex on a Stick!
    • God we have it so bad...yet it feels so good!

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Hoping all is well... or better, at least!!! :F_05BL17blowkiss: :thbighug-1:

"Big boy, remember,

You mus' remember...

Stan' up an' fight until you hear de bell,

Stan' toe to toe,

Trade blow fer blow,

Keep punchin' till you make yer punches tell,

Show dat crowd watcher know!

Until you hear dat bell,

Dat final bell,

Stan' up an' fight like hell!"

(TOREADOR SONG - Carmen Jones)


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Good Morning Everyone,

1 Day until Clay is Roasting Matt Lauer! :yahoo:

38 Days until Clay's Golden Birthday!


73 Days until The Closing Night of Spamalot!


95 Days until Golfing For Inclusion!


Everyone have a great day!


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Ack! I hope he's getting lots and lots of TLC, poor baby. He has an amazing work ethic - so we know if he can be there, he will be. Does anybody know how/when he fell (which scene)???

Glad to hear crimsonice made it back to Canada and a nice warm bed! Hope she's feeling better today.


ETA: thx, luckiest!

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According to this post:

From Jax:

First act Clay was fine, definitely into the performance. Second act when he gets killed by Lancelot in the drunken guard scene is when he hurt himself. Sorry i didn't make that more clear and sorry again this isn't in red. I'm at a hotel without internt, posting on my phone. Ugh.

I take it it's when he pretends to die as a guard. I guess he just hit the floor the wrong way?

I'm assuming luckiestdaughter got some sleep last night. She will check in when she makes her way to TO today.

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I've read in a couple of places this morning and it seems the injury was to his ankle. But your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not that's true.

Wherever it is, I hope it gets better soon!

Hugs to crimsonice this morning!

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I hate hearing that Clay is hurt or in pain, but I know he will be okay. He is a real trooper!!! (((Hugs))) to Clay this AM.

luckiest1, I hope your daughter is feeling better and gets home soon.

Scarlett, Thanks for sharing that mp3! I will download it when I get home tonight :-)

I had a really bad day yesterday, busy at work & still trying to get better from the sinus thing, news about Clay getting hurt and to top it all off I think one of my friendships has completely disintegrated. Really was not a good day. I hope today will be a little bit better.

I found myself listening to "Weight of the World" and somehow it was really comforting. This is my favorite part:

I know its hard to see from where you are right now

I know its hard to breath just the world go round

Some days I just don't know what I'd do without Clay... we are so blessed to have him.

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"injured member"


It IS his member? :crying1:


I thought it was his backside parts or his ankle! :cry4::cry: :AddEmoticons0426:

NOOOOO! Not his MEMBER! :scream:

Okay. That's my torched puppy. <_< I'm outta here.

I mean, really. :rolleyes: How can I be a member of a fandom whose object of affection is member-challenged? If the man's member is compromised, how can one measure said man and consequently, know whether said man is worthy of one's membership in said fandom? How can I enjoy his singing if I know his member is.....

different. :unsure:

Huh? I ask you. :8:

Yep...just call me when his member has been restored to the RIGHT way. (well, actually I'm okay with it DTTL, too) :whistling-1:


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I love you, but do you really think the city is gonna have mercy on you???
Yes, liney, there IS a Santa Claus riding around in that little golf cart thingy in which a city employee scours the streets for hapless vehicular victims on those "NO Parking Wednesday---Street Cleaning" days! When I got home my note was on the windshield still, but there was no ticket accompanying it! :clap:

muski.... YAY!!! I believe, I believe!!! :clap::clap: I'm surprised, but I believe.

And, please calm down... I'm sure his member will return to normal in no time at all.... I hope!

luckiest... glad crimsonice is on her way home.

I watched the concert last night... again... Good.ness. that man was gorgeous and did he sang good, really really good!!!

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Some various stuff from CH that I haven't seen here.

msidolfan at CB via CV wrote:

Hi everyone. I haven't listened to the cellcert or seen any of the videos. I am really tired and kinda loopy, so I don't know if this will make sense. You have probably all seen the videos by now so all I can do is add my perspective. I met my CV friend Brensmeemaw at the airport in Gulfport and then met up with Clayperfect , at the airport in Raleigh, who shared the limo ride with us to the hotel. I was very happy to get to meet her. We had 2 hours to get all beautiful for our 5:00 meeting with Clay. Only 3 hours sleep didn't help at all. We got there a little early so had to wait around in the lobby for awhile. It was fun mingling with all of those people with the famous screen names. Everyone looked lovely in their fancy clothes. We saw Jaymes go into, what looked to me, like a gift shop. She wasn't dressed for the Gala yet. She went in, talked a few minutes and left. It was just interesting to see her. After we signed in, we were led to an area with all of the things available for the silent auction. Some of them were gorgeous. After that we gathered in another room with small, high, round tables. By this time, standing around in high heels, we were glad to have them to lean on. They served us wine and snacks. We all gathered in our little groups and waited to be called in for the group pictures with the man. We were all very excited and a little nervous. Some had never met him and were hoping they would think of something to say and not sound stupid. LOL. They were assured that he would lead the conversation and not to worry. We all wondered what he was wearing and how his hair looked----the usual stuff. I pictured a few things, but never what I eventually saw. It was finally our turn. Jerome was so cute. He asked us to hang all of our purses on his arm and pointed to where we could collect them after the pictures were taken. He looked pretty silly. He said, "It's a good thing I wore black, it goes with everything." We went into a small room, where a photographer tried to organize us for the picture, but all eyes and attention were on Clay. I was not expecting the plaid suit, but it looked great on him. He is very trim and just absolutely beautiful. He looked very young, and with his hair like that, he looked like AI Clay. He was very animated and looked so happy. He was just glowing. He was laughing and said something like, " get it together ladies, don't look at me, look at the photographer." Of course, who in the world is going to do that, with him standing a few feet in front of you. Diane Bubel was standing with us and whispered, "He is so goofy, he is sleep deprived." The photographer did some arranging of the group and then Clay said something like, " I'm not going to stand by the loud one. (that is not the exact term he used, but I can't remember just what it was) I am going to stand by the normal one. But this is a calmer group than the last one." At that, he went and put his arm around a lady in the middle of the back row. Awwww, I wanted his arm around me. I know I probably shouldn't have, but I reached back and lightly touched his hand. I just couldn't help it. I was afraid I would never get another chance to touch him. As it turned out, it was a needless worry. We all smiled, and the picture was taken. As we left the room, he shook hands with each of us, and said thank you and a few words I can't remember. It was one of those very special moments, that you want to freeze in time and keep forever. He gave each of us a brief, but precious moment, when he looked into our eyes, and gave us his full attention, while holding our hand with both of his. A priceless moment to treasure. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world.

I will write the rest tomorrow. I need to go to bed with that feeling still in my mind and my heart.


There is not much to say in part 2 of my recap. I spent all day yesterday reading recaps, downloading pictures and watching video. I will probably never catch up. Even though I was there, I didn't see a lot of it, due to our table location.

After we left Clay in the photo taking room, I found my way to my table and I was not thrilled with the location. We were on the front row but way over to the right and almost lined up with the edge of the stage. We would be looking at Clay from the side and there was a huge speaker that partly obstructed our view. We decided that after dinner we would move our chairs to a better location, if possible. The organizers were well aware of this and very apologetic. Aron Hall and Jerry Aiken both came over and apologized profusely. We ask if we could reposition our chairs and they said, go for it, if we could do it without being in someone else's way. They said they figured out the table arrangement by looking at the room on the computer, but he speakers were not in the picture. A little bit later, Jerome came over and told us to stay seated and before the singing part began he would come and get us. He said he would have chairs set up for us between the speakers and the stage. We all appreciated his thoughtfulness very much. He did not come and get us until the singing part, so we were in our original position for the speeches and auction. We did move our chairs so we could see him better. There were a few perks for this. We were right in line to see Clay at his table. I never actually saw him take a bite of anything. He didn't stop talking long enough, and his beautiful hands were going a mile a minute. We couldn't hear him, but he must have been telling some funny and exciting stories. He was pointing, tapping his finger on the table and making big broad gestures. The clothes for the auctions were on a table right behind us, so we went over to look at them. The Wango Tango shirt was soooo tiny. He would never be able to get into it now. The leather jacket and SES shirt were larger. The SES shirt must have been very loose on him during Idol days. Jerome was right behind us during the auction part and it was neat to be able to see his reaction to Clay. He smiled and clapped and laughed out loud at some of his shenanigans. He is obviously much more than just a paid employee to Clay. We could also see the hotel staff standing along the wall behind us, laughing and enjoying it all. They looked amazed at the price that people were paying for the shirts. Clay looked amazed himself at times. It was so much fun to watch him. He was so cute and silly. He made the bear do the bottle dance. I am sure you have seen all of this by now. He sang "Someone Else's Star" so beautifully. We were surprised that he remembered all of the words. When the auction part was over, Jerome came and got us, led us through the kitchen and to a row of chairs on the other side of the room. We were still looking at him from the side, but there were no obstacles to look around. We were happy to see a small band instead of just a piano. I wish there were words to describe the emotion in the room. The love we felt for him, and his love for us, was like a living, breathing presence in the room. It wasn't until he sang to us, that we knew, without a doubt, that this was still our Clay. The same beautiful, sexy, silly, wonderful man that we have always known and loved. "Right Here Waiting" was so heart wrenching. By the end, the tear's were flowing and sobs could be heard all around the room. I feel so lucky to have been there, and so inadequate to express the feeling in words.

When the program was over, we went to pick up our pictures and then just lingered around in the lobby, talking and enjoying being with fellow fans. No one wanted to leave. I found my friend itsadonut from GetclayAiken and we did a lot of talking and hugging. She is so cute and sweet, just like I knew she would be. I was really happy when I looked up and saw Cincy. It was wonderful to hug and talk to so many friends, that we only see at Clay events, and to finally meet so many others. Hi Phyl. Clay has given us so many beautiful things, but most precious of all---is each other

I thought this one was interesting as it explains the ladies who were seated by the edge of the stage just prior to his performance. I would have killed for their seats. ;)

annieg9 at CB wrote:

Clayfan1000 and I were at the Spamalot and the SD tonight We were right there when Jerome came out and said Clay wouldn't be coming out. He said he'd sprained his ankle and someone was looking at it.

Clay did the YWSOB dance very well but I noticed that he didn't skip as Brother Maynard. He came out for the grand finale and danced a little bit and actually hid any pain or discomfort he was feeling IMO. He let Merle know that his applause was louder than her's in their own personal competition.

She came out to the SD and graciously signed a few autographs. She does an excellent job as Lady of the Lake. Great voice!

The peasant tonight was a NJU and he was totally surprised. He shook Clay's hand and seemed to enjoy all the attention.

The substitutes for Tom and Rick were both good and both came from the Las Vegas production. Tom and Rick were missed for sure. Tonight the Knight who says Ni said he was looking for his 401k. It had fallen or disappeared. Last week Rick as the Knight who says Ni said he had to find a pig to put lipstick on.

The young gal sitting next to me was a NJU and she really loved the whole play!.

Patsy noticed Clayfan1000 and waved at her while he was mayor of the town in Finland.

I feel that Clay will be there tomorrow but I can't say for sure of course. that he will.

So it sounds like it's his ankle.

From CV:



MYFOXNY.COM -- Here is more content related to Thursday's Good Day New York. Check out how you can see Ashanti on Broadway while supporting a charity. Also learn more about the flu vaccine. And find a place to pick your own pumpkin.


Grammy winning singer, songwriter and actress Ashanti is involved with a benefit performance of "Wicked." It's called "The Yellow Brick Road Not Taken."

Spamalot's Clay Aiken, Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Ashanti, The View's Joy Behar, comedian Mario Cantone, Ugly Betty's Mark Indelicato, Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, and Cheers George Wendt will be among the cast of THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD NOT TAKEN, a one-night-only benefit performance celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Broadway smash WICKED.

THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD NOT TAKEN, directed by Matt Lenz, will take place on Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm at the Gershwin Theatre (222 West 51 Street). The evening's proceeds will be donated to Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project.

Prime Benefit tickets are $1,000 (includes Premium Seats, post show VIP party and special WICKED gift bag); Premium Benefit Tickets are $500 (Prime Orchestra Seats and special WICKED gift bag), and Super Orchestra Tickets $350 (Orchestra Seats and special WICKED gift bag). Tickets for the performance only are also available from $250 - $100. Tickets are available through:


Anyone going to be there on the 27th?

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Spamalot's Clay Aiken

I like that.

Sounds like a really cool benefit. Wish I could go.

*investigates last minute flights to NYC*

I hope Clay is feeling much better today. Maybe seeing Parker every night now (as well as Jaymes) will help in his recovery!

I also hope that Clay has his "script" ready for the celebrity roast tomorrow!

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luckiestdaughter thanks everyone for their concern (she was like, ah, mom, you made a post, didn't you?!?) :P She is still feeling like sh*t but is on the way to TO this morning where she plans to call in sick and get some more sleep!

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Hee! I *heart* Jerome! From the recap luckiest brought over by msidolfan:

Jerome was so cute. He asked us to hang all of our purses on his arm and pointed to where we could collect them after the pictures were taken. He looked pretty silly. He said, "It's a good thing I wore black, it goes with everything."


Sorry you had such a bad day yesterday, claylove. Hope today's better. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Hope crimsonice and Clay are feeling better today, too!


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annabear, I :cryingwlaughter: at that Jerome thing too...

*big sigh of relief*

From the CH via CB via CV:

annie9 posted on the CB

"GOOD NEWS!!! We just called the theater and Clay will be appearing tonight!!!


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Another version of last night's events:

Clayngel at CB wrote:I was in the front row and Clay was kicking butt tonight! He had so much energy and seemed like he was having a lot of fun. The guard scene with Herbert was hysterical and Clay was making all of these funny faces and being totally crazy. When he fell it seemed a little different than usual but not in a bad way. Two of the McVargas' were next to me and Jess and I both noticed that he was moving around a lot when he was supposed to be "dead." Then when he got up to go offstage he was wincing and seemed to be limping. We were all set for him to come on for the coconut dance, but he didn't enter with the other knights. Jess and I just looked at each other and we knew it wasn't good. Clay walked on separately after the dance part but was limping pretty badly. He didn't skip as Brother Maynard either. Jess and I were like in tears we were so worried because he just looked like he was in pain and he wasn't putting any pressure on his foot. He smiled and danced as best as he could and seemed like he was doing as much as he could to get through the rest of the show.

We were pretty sure that there wasn't going to be a stage door and at first there weren't even any barricades set up. They were put up a little later, but still didn't think he would come out. After a few minutes Jerome came outside and when a fan asked him if Clay was ok he said no. That certainly didn't make me feel any better! He went on to say that even though he wasn't a doctor it appeared that Clay sprained his ankle so he wouldn't be doing the SD and he said he hoped he'd be able to tomorrow.

Jess, Kristen and I saw Clay leaving the theater and he was walking on his own but definitely limping. He appeared to be in some pain, but it didn't look as serious as it did on stage, so hopefully it's a minor sprain or he may have just twisted it. I'm still really worried about him, but hoping for the best. I'm supposed to go to the show tomorrow, but I have a feeling he might be out for the next few days. Keep sending postive thoughts his way! Love you Clay

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I have come to the conclusion that Spamalot was one of the smartest career decisions Clay ever made. He is gaining a lot of new fans, has become well respected and is shown to be willing to volunteer his time for a good cause.

I think i'll keep him.

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I think i'll keep him.

With merrieee's permission (PWEEEZE!!!!), I'd like to modify this to...

We think we'll keep him!

And suggest it as a thread title!

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Just got off the phone with couchie. Please send some good thoughts toward her mother, as they went to the emergency room last night (which couchie said, seems typical for them whenever there is vacation time!). It sounds as if they are going to keep her Mom in the hospital until at least Saturday. In the meantime, couchie was waiting for her transportation back to the resort -- they took her and her Mom to the hospital in an ambulance, which means she had no car to get back "home!"

Clay related: couchie was wearing her beloved Clay Aiken hoodie, and just as the techs were starting a test on her Mom, someone asked couchie about Clay! I think couchie had more on her mind than Clay at that moment! LOL!

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{{{{couchie & mama couchie}}}} :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Clay related: couchie was wearing her beloved Clay Aiken hoodie, and just as the techs were starting a test on her Mom, someone asked couchie about Clay! I think couchie had more on her mind than Clay at that moment! LOL!

No doubt! Hopefully, though, his mention provided a much needed stress reliever moment.

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