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Jennifer Hudson


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I just got an email with this link.

It has a question-mark in the headline, so I hope it is wrong but I think that would be wishful thinking. I suspected that the little boy would have been killed because he saw what happened, and too much time has passed.

Killing an adult is horrendous enough, but to take the life of an innocent child is beyond the unthinkable.

How will they ever recover from this? I feel so sad for them.

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Well, the brother-in-law (estranged from Jennifer's sister, Julia) had sold Julia's car without her knowledge. When she gave him hell over it, he threatened to take the boy, Julian, from her if she didn't stop "playing" him (I don't know that term but I guess it means if she didn't stop hassling him about it). Apparently she didn't think he would do it because she knew he didn't want to go back to jail.

The guy has a criminal record and had spent 7 years in jail for crimes that included atttempted murder. No wonder the cops held on to him.

I hope their faith in God gets them through this somehow. I keep thinking about what Jennifer said when she picked up her Oscar (or Golden Globe)... she said "Look what God can do". That's why I'm such a cynic..

ETA: Update

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Substantial story:

Hudson Deaths Latest Chapter in South Side Chicago Violence

Really, those who have always tried to justify the Iraq situation (when no WMD were found) have to be kidding themselves when they say that it was nevertheless necessary to capture Sadam Hussein to spare the Iraq citizens from his reign of terror.

The Iraq war is now costing the USA 10 billion a month. (That's a conservative figure I have rounded from various articles). 10 billion per month could do a great deal for the communities such as the one the Hudsons live in, who don't even think of dialling 911 when they hear gun shots, because it's become part of their comfort-zone. That is such a scary environment to be raising children in, where children do not know of any other way of life.

According to the link posted above

Looking at (suspected Hudson killer) William Balfour's background, his father and brother were in prison and he was affiliated with the Gangster Disciples. How difficult is it for someone who grows up in the neighborhood to avoid a life of crime?

William Balfour should have been removed from mainstream community when he breached his parole conditions some months ago. Had this happened, perhaps Jennifer Hudson wouldn't be in the situation she is in today. Yet, he was let him off - I mean, there are so many crimes committed daily that they'd need to create housing facilities simply to lock-up those who are a threat to society. So these high-risk criminals are walking time-bombs because their country's leader wouldn't spend the funds needed to clean up his own backyard...yet was able to try and justity spending a fortune meddling in the domestic affairs of other nations.

Oh, and I hate guns. And Sarah Palin (so I've been told) is a proud life-time member of a the NRA.

ETA: Claytonic had to edit out that URL you had posted..topic said it was background info on Jennifer Hudson but when I clicked on it it went straight to someone in my family's email account. Very weird. And when I had someone else check it to make sure I wasn't seeing things it went to a yahoo email sign in screen. Don't know how that happened but I had to delete.

ETA - that is very strange. I have replaced the link the way it really is so you can see what it is, i.e. from abc news.. I have tested it and it looks fine. In future I will test the link after posting. Claytonic

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Claytonic, that's an interesting article about that area of Chicago. I had no idea how common violence was there.

I don't know what happened with the link. I don't think it had anything to do with you or what you posted. I can't think of a way the glitch of it going to an e-mail might've happened either, but I don't think it was your link in the form that you created it that was causing it, because that would mean that you had the e-mail address in question, which doesn't make sense. The note about editing out the url is in quotes, which is weird too--normally an edit note would be in a different form, I think, and normally it would be signed. So it's a mystery.

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sorry..I did the edit but was on the run to work...

It was so weird. I clicked on it..and it went straight into my mom's open yahoo email. And So I IM'd Cindilu and asked her to do it as well cuz I couldn't believe it and it took her to her yahoo sign on page.

Have no idea what that was all about..but found it strange so I delete it.

from the article claytonic linked:

Author Alex Kotlowitz, who lives just outside Chicago, has been writing about the problems and the promise of inner-city Chicago since penning "There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other America."

Ooh I read this book years ago.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

How evil can someone be?

So i wasnt going to write about this but it is really really bugging me. Especially when people are calling my phone saying how nice it was of Beyonce to come to the funeral and show her support. And i have to sit back and hold everything i wanna say inside. But i cant do it no more. Beyonce did not come to the funeral nor did she call, text, send a card or hell send a damn email. If there are millions of people who are leaving Jennifer and Julia and myself messages and sending there prayers and condelences and these people don't even know them why couldnt she? Every singer that Jennifer admires and had been a role model for her growing up even until now has called, from Aretha to Shirley Murdock to even present day singers like Chrisette Michelle. And yall know how much Jennifer loves Beyonce and she couldn't even have her assistant call or nothing. But yet her camp is allowing her to recieve credit for coming to the funeral and being there for Jennifer and her family. Bullshit! This just pisses me off. Once again thanks to everyone who has be there for us. And sorry if i offended any of Beyonce fans by writing this but if i just couldn't keep sitting back and reading articles and emails and having my phone ring about how nice it was of Beyonce to come out !


The above is the MySpace blog for someone called Superstar James, who has the #1 position on Jennifer Hudson's MySpace.

The main reason for posting this (since I know I am one of the few on this board who is a J HUD fan) is to show further proof of how unreliable the media is, especially on the net. However, I do have a whole new perspective on Beyonce now as I cannot imagine that SSJames would lie or even mislead about something like this on MySpace.

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After reading The Troubled Life of William Balfour, I could not help but feel "sorry" (for want of a better word) for this young man who never had a chance in life.

  • Balfour's father has a 30 year prison sentence, for murder.
  • He idolized his older brother who was also a criminal.
  • He, himself, spent 7 years in prison for attempted murder. (He was on parole when he married Jennifer's sister).
  • His mother is a complete and utter fruitcake. Really, some people just have no business having children.

While I do feel that everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions, how does a child who has only ever known anger, violence, cruelty and abandonment evolved into a responsible adult?

"Was Balfour destined to kill three people when he was born? I don’t think so. It sounds like he was failed by so many people on so many levels and eventually became a cold blooded murderer.

Where could Balfour have been helped before he became a monster? Because although the Hudson family deserves justice, isn’t that justice futile if we don’t begin addressing the larger issues that are causing these violent crimes to proliferate our city?"

Excerpt from :

The above excerpt from the blog cited pretty much says how I feel when I hear of horrific crimes.

I am always so shocked at the way people in the USA are able to buy guns, like they were buying the latest gadget. I personally want strict gun laws. My entire life, I have never lived in a house that had a gun in it. I have no idea what it feels like to pick up a gun. As a child, I hated cowboy movies because it involved watching people being shot at. (I did watch Rin Tin Tin but only because of the dog). The idea that people can walk into a store and buy guns and bullets like they were buying an ipod and batteries... well, that just blows my mind. (At least that is how it looked in the documentary I watched recently. Businesses have slowed and people are losing their jobs, YET those with businesses selling arms have reported a 400% increase in business. )

And we are afraid of terrorists with "strange" religions?

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