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Claypedia is Live!!


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Hi everyone,

After a number of hours of blood, sweat and tears, Claypedia is ready to go, it can be found at www.clayaikenwiki.com

Feel free to add content into the site there is a large quanty there now but we need more

We are still making loads of content changes and will be implementing OpenID Support soon....

The name Claypedia was concived out of this Clay as in Clay Aiken and Pedia came out of the word Encyclopedia, the fusion of these two words Clay & Pedia made Claypedia and show our efforts to promote Clay Aiken and Associates

This Wiki has been started by his fans known as Claymates, in an effort to spread and increase the knowledge of Clay Aiken in the US and around the world.

Web 2.0 which is taking the world by storm is the future one part is Wiki's so why not get Clay going now, it will be considered leading edge by the time Web 2.0 is all go

You are free to create a account and help build the Clay Wiki

The Clay Aiken Wiki has only just been established, the admin team where possible will post updates to the wiki on the New Content Page which can be found at http://www.clayaikenwiki.com/index.php?title=New_Content [1] - You can also view all recent changes by clicking the Recent Changes option from the Navigaion Panel on the left hand side

This wiki is built and managed by the fans of Clay Aiken, it in no way a reflection to the
thoughts of Clay Aiken, RCA Records, 19 Entertainment Limited, SparkArt, Sony BMG Entertainment or any other officals of Clay Aiken or the associated companies.
Due to any member of the public being able to Add or Alter any information the Admin Team can not be held responsible for any misinformation in the wiki, our admin and moderation team reguarlly check content for its authenticity and remove incorrect content, should you find any content that you wish to qurery with the admin team, please open a support ticket in the Helpdesk
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