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#44: We think we'll keep him!!!!


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    • I'll connect with this man in any way at any time.
    • He could sing me the Invisionfree terms of service agreement and I'd love it, so any new songs are obviously going to be coolness squared.
    • He owns us.
    • Just sing to me, pretty boy!

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Taxi into the city. In the terminal follow the signs that say taxi. They will lead to the taxi stand where you need to get into the line with your luggage. The line moves fairly quickly as it is managed by staff who want to get you out ASAP. When you get to the head of the line tell the line manager your destination and also tell the driver when you get into the cab. Take the paper/card/whatever that is handed to you that sets the flat rate. Keep it just in case the driver wants to charge you more though it probably will not be needed. The rate differs from each airport. It is a flat rate to which you must add any bridge/tunnel tolls and a tip. Flat rate from JFK in the winter was $45 plus tolls and tip so expect it to run about $60. Be ready to pay in CASH. Also be ready for a fast ride if traffic allows because time is money for a taxi driver.

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My suggestion at the OFC was that the cast record something (Christmas carols, a podcast, backstage Q&A's) that wouldn't involve royalties or other significant recording or engineering expenses and make it available for download from i-tunes. That would allow the reach to be international and the price to be very reasonable.

I love that suggestion, but unfortunately selling something on Itunes is not a piece of cake. This type of recording would probably not make the cut....AND if it did, there would be a huge kickback to Itunes, which seems counter-productive.

Selling it on the Spam website and OFC would likely work though.

Nothing is easy, huh? :shrug:

ncgurrl, thanks for the additional taxi info! Great to meet you in Raleigh!

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I'd like to know how long it goes on too because I finally have front row tickets, yay me, to the show on the 25th and I can actually swing the $100 for pictures. Don't really care about the picture but want to actually be close enough to touch him. I swear I won't pinch any cheeks. I'd also like to know, for anyone who's had one taken, if they take cards or if I have to go to an ATM beforehand.

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The online portion of the funding raising for Broadway Cares seems to be running through December 7th. One would assume Spam will be doing stuff through the month of November at least, keeping in mind the performance schedule gets funky around Thanksgiving, I think. No clue if any of that would impact picture taking.

One of the attenders will have to confirm, but I'm pretty sure they take credit cards for the pictures.

Yes, pictures started with yesterday's matinee (Clay, Tom and Rick) and then just Clay last night.

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FromClaygary (via the last thread)

Also~I have a suggestion for those not able to go during fundraising time and get a picture. May be/probably is dorky, but hey, never said I wasn't! hysterical.gif

So, a suggestion and a request, all rolled up into one smile.gif Is there someone that is going during fundraising time that would be willing to ask Clay to take a picture (of him alone, or with Rick and Tom) holding a sign (which my helper would take along) saying something like "Hi Lori" or "For Lori" or something of the sort? I think he would do it (why not?...more $) and I have Paypal for my helper. smile.gif

ETA: I personally would love that, and it's the nearest I'll ever get!

I think this is a GREAT idea - in fact, it could just be a matter of Clay himself writing your first name on a sheet of paper, be it a plain white A4 size or on Spamalot stationery. It is something could be incorporated into his own schedule (away from the Theatre), and who wouldn't want their name in Clay's handwriting in a pic of him holding it? The pic could then be simply emailed. No shipping costs. Clay could take orders, paid in advance, for the current BC fundraising.

In any case, I've seen some great ideas mentioned that could be documented and submitted to Clay for future fundraising events. With Clay being Clay, there will always be fundraising events that his fans are involved in.

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Lovely new banner! :Iluvclaysbutt:

also like to know, for anyone who's had one taken, if they take cards or if I have to go to an ATM beforehand.

Yes, they take credit cards. Have fun!

Home from cleaning/painting/packing for the move. Off to do homework... :whee:

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From getclayaiken:

From chrispycreme at the CB:

Clay's name is on the board, so he will not be performing tonight. The guys in the box office also verified this. She is now out looking for tickets to some other show.

Seems like compared to the last run Clay is missing quite a lot of shows this time round. According to other reports I read, his voice was somewhat raspy this afternoon but he told some who had their picture taken he wasn't sick!

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Woo-eee, what a fabulous new banner! (Not that there was anything wrong with the old one, of course.)

And, I love that picture with the puppy. *melts from the super-cuteness* Where does it come from?

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Muski! Sorry. We were getting FromClaygary to her hotel. It was supposed to be ET on Thursday night. It didn't happen. Curses, foiled by ET again.

Are you driving back to Raleigh to return home, or flying out from Charlotte?

jmh....yep, I'm catching up on some sleep here in Charlotte one more night since the last meeting finished today at about 1 pm...I hightailed it upstairs, put the "Stay the hell outta my room!" sign on the door and was asleep almost before I got to the bed. Slept for four hours, then went to a 'down home' style restaurant and had a fried chicken dinner---with yams, green beans and cornbread!


Wanted to get banana pudding to go, but they were out! :23: So I had to take one for the team and get the peach cobbler instead. :lilredani: Ordered a barbecue sandwich to go, too, to take on the plane with me tomorrow! (I have a little fridge in my room)...

So driving to Raleigh in the morning for an afternoon plane home. And then---not going back to the office until Wednesday---hell, maybe Thursday! :tongue09:

LOVE the middle picture of Clay in the new banner!

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muskifest and claygasm- this is something you might want to know

Hello Fellow Claymaniacs,

I write this with a heavy and sad heart as I bring news to you of a fellow Claymaniac. There is no easy way to say this...

LadyC/Kris passed away on Saturday morning, November 8th.

We received a short e-mail from her daughter, whom some of you know, Kandise/minime. They aren't sure at this time if the cause was respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. All we know is a beautiful, funny, strong, intelligent, beloved member is gone.

Kris was only 38 years old. This woman had a wonderful sense of humor and had been ill with various things for as long as I was on Claymaniacs. Most of you would not know her, but if I mention the hysterical meet and greet where the fan asked to touch Clays hair, and her hair got stuck to his, you may remember. That was one of the funniest meet and greet stories I have EVER heard.

Kris was a wonderful lady and we at Claymaniacs will miss her deeply.

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The mouse rollover (or whatever it's called) for hidden message in the banner?

We have a winner! :friends:

~ ~ ~

Marilyon98, I didn't know your friend but it is always sad and shocking to hear of someone passing so young. My sympathies.

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