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, I'm glad you've had no problems with what you're doing marking your cards etc. But, as someone involved daily with fraud and loss prevention, I URGE you to rethink that process. Glasses are one thing~they won't get someone into your home or car or bank account~but credit cards, cellphones and keys are something else entirely. Please, everyone, DO NOT mark items like this with any additional personal identification. You'd be amazed what professional identify people can do with a cellphone number added to what is already on the card.

A credit card can be easily replaced by your bank; if it can't, you need to deal with another bank.
Your bank account~not so much.

OK, let me be a little clearer - I am not as dumb as I look. (Maybe dumber at times... I'll admit)!!

The cell phone number is not registered to the same name as my bank account, and not registered to my home address. If the person who finds my card is dishonest, there is no information on my tag that would give them information to where I live.

My car keys don't have my car registration number on it, nor does it have even my first name. All it has is a request to call a cell number, the same cell number that isn't registered in my name or my home address.

Another fraud-safety measure I have used for the last 10 years is to have 2 credit cards, one with a smaller credit limit which I use online and anywhere that might be risky. If anyone wants to get up to mischief with my credit card, they won't get far because I keep that card close to the limit and transfer funds as I need them. I've since had a number of people copy this, and then I read this "TIP" in a computer magazine. To me it was common sense.

I am very careful because when I was working in Sydney at a new job, on pay-day, someone came to my handbag while I was away from my desk for like 15 minutes (which is why I am sure I was watched), and they took my regular wallet and passport wallet, plus my chequebook, two credit cards, driver's licence and a bunch of other stuff. By the time I realized my bag was rather lightweight, they had been to the bank and cashed my cheque, used my credit card to get a large cash advance, and then used both credit cards to go shopping in numerous places. The bank refunded the lost funds because I had been with the bank for so long and they knew my spending pattern. I still remember with amazement at the fraudulent signature on the cheque, it was so much like mine - they copied it from my credit card signature.

FromClaygary you are right in what you say, I had forgotten that I had taken extra measures. Some people I know think I am TOO "paranoid" about fraud but then they have never been a victim of fraud, like i have.

I also want to add that for the last 20+ years, I have paid for a private PO Box address for ALL mail. I don't receive any mail at my home address. This was immensely useful when I moved 18 years ago and didn't have to give out my new address to anyone except to people who had reason to know it. It also means that when I travel, I don't need to ask anyone to collect my mail as an overflowing residential address is a dead give-away that the occupants are away.

The mail box address is one of the best investments I make every year. When I take my dog for a walk, I always see residential mail boxes overflowing with mail, anyone can just pull it out and see credit card statements, giving them an idea how much credit is available. And what about when the bank sends you your NEW credit card and someone takes it out of your mail box and signs it, and then goes shopping with it?

The most bizarre thing I have ever seen was a heavy bunch of keys clearly tagged with the owner's name, address and phone number, sitting on the desk of my co-worker. Believe it or not, he was the company's accountant.

In some ways, I think being a victim of fraud all those years ago has made me very conscious of personal security. If something goes wrong for me, I would consider it bad luck rather than bad management because as my insurance company says, you have to do the best you can to make it harder for someone to compromise your security but if someone really wants to to break into your house, they will find a way. When my two wallets were stolen at my new job (large company that was expanding and had zillions of people coming in and out of the building), the only thing I could done to prevent it was to hide my handbag. I just never expected it to happen at work. It was a tough lesson to learn.

So FromClaygary, so I pass your security-safe test?

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Well that was disappointing. Turned out that even tho' Rosie's show was in my TV Times as being on NBC at 900pm, it wasn't. I did want to see the whole show especially after reading the responses over at CV, so that I could decide for myself what I thought of it.

I watched the Clack and our Clay was on for a total of 1 minute 25 seconds!! That just was not enough after all the anticipation. Mind you yes he does look good and tall and broad of shoulder, helped by those gardbrace armour bits on his shoulders.

I must be feeling a little lightheaded in that I actually searched a few sites to find the name of those shoulder armour bits!

As for the mild gay joke...didn't bother me; however, I was p/o'd by the crack on DWTS.

Clay only announced himself as gay 2 months ago. It is going to take a while for the jokes to stop. How long has Lance been out?

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FWIW, the site the above blog review is on does say “Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias”. *g*

I think the police officer sketch was too Broadway insider, for example, the reviewer seemed oblivious that it was based on "Urinetown" (the only reason I know that is because I read a preview). I think the show could develop into something good, with fewer guests and tighter scripting. IMO, it really needed a water cooler moment. Maybe some lessons from AI where they always try for a "big" open and a "big" close (during AI2, Clay frequently was the close). Liza Minnelli and Gloria Estefan didn't cut it. Even the Ed Sullivan shows I remembered didn't seem to have more than a half dozen guests.

A blog from the LATimes as posted at the CH:

Rosie O'Donnell's Rosie Live: What Was She Thinking?

Two words: Dancing food. “Rosie Live” ended with dancing food. There’s nothing else to say, really except perhaps, Liza Minnelli. “Rosie Live” opened with a little song and dance from Liza Minnelli who rose to the stage, as if from the grave, to sing a duet with O’Donnell, in a luminous white suit, complete with fetching Broadway hat. Liza, we love you, we will always love you, but there is no shame in retirement.

In between we were treated to Harry Connick, Jr. in a Santa hat, Conan O’Brien taking a pie in the face, and Jane Krakowski singing about all the free stuff audience members would get. Some of the items were pretty swell, but I’m here to tell you it wasn’t enough. Rosie made jokes about Spanx, Alec Baldwin appeared in a jacket two sizes too small with weird Einstein hair -- neither of which were part of a gag. Clay Aiken strolled over from “Spamalot” to participate in the world’s most painfully long gay joke ("What was the other thing we have in common," Rosie mused, "oh yeah, we're both Gaaa....briel Byrne fans.") and Alanis Morissette sang a song referencing the 12 Steps in front of, I kid you not, an endless loop of geese flying through a sunset.

Flying geese! There are not enough free video cameras or White Castle burgers in the world to make up for that. And what about the viewers at home? Where are our new cellphones and white strips products?

Rosie, Rosie, what on earth were you thinking? Were you thinking camp? Were you thinking this will be big and brassy and so-over-the-top even the dancing cupcakes will be irresistible? For those of us who are, and remain, Rosie fans, who think “The View” will never quite recover from her departure, who think her desire to resurrect variety show was, and is, a great idea, disappointment does not even begin to describe it. For weeks now NBC has seduced and tantalized with the promise of a cross between Carol Burnett and “Sonny and Cher.” And this is what we get? Rosie in a glitter top having Baldwin speak into her cleavage and making jokes about her weight? Someone get a hold of Tim Conaway, stat.

To be fair, not everything on the show fell as flat as a turkey at a Sarah Palin picnic, or whatever the line was—yes, there was a Sarah Palin joke but Rosie was in a policeman’s costume at this point and I had my fingers in my ears. The Argentinian Lombard Twins were very good, and never have I been so glad to hear “You Spin Me Round” as when Anti-gravity took the stage with their giant tea cups and their hula hoops. But then we had to endure Kathy Griffin as Nancy Grace and Gloria Estefan making a joke about the turkey being the only one not hungry on Thanksgiving (because, you know, he’s stuffed). Estefan was the final act but whatever collective relief that fact provided was immediately wiped away by a song was about eating and then, of course, the dancing food. Men and women dressed as slices of cake and giant cookies topped off by Rachael Ray making an appearance with a giant rubber turkey.

“Rosie Live” may enter the realm of unsolved mysteries, along with the fate of Amelia Earhart and the design team of the pyramids. O’Donnell was clearly attempting to recapture the uplifting unapologetic wonder of the big Broadway musical and the television variety show. But having a bunch of talented guests does not a terrific show make—you have to actually give them something interesting to do. Otherwise you're left with, well, a rubber turkey.

-- Mary McNamara

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Welp it's 11:30 so that means it's time to start cooking!

Wandacleo, Yeah I'm not wild about variety shows either. There's so much bad you have to get through to see the good. I feel the same way about shows like Saturday night live. You have to watch 1 1/2 hours to get 30 minutes of good stuff. And even talk shows and awards show can't keep my attention. That's why I love you tube and DVRs. Nobody has to just sit through I got a nervous vibe from Rosie too...it seems like a make or break special like this would have been better. I did enjoy seeing Clay and I love that he can joke so nonchalantly. Just more evidence that he's totally comfortable with himsel. So I'm happy.

I hope he has a great thanksgiving with Parker and Jaymes and family and friends. I guess somebody might be making that ntasty pineapple dish LOL

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Ruined vacation notwithdstanding, my mom has been a lot healthier this year than the last two. No more political ads on my TV. I have a NYC trip to look forward to. Tomorrow I getto have a taste of peach cobbler. Life is pretty good.

Thanks FCA for helping me keep my sanity the last couple months. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. If you're not celebrating, or worse, working -- I'll knock down a thing or two for you.

ETA: I find both reviews of the show pretty fair. If the ratings are ok and she doesn't get widely panned maybe she'll get another shot. I honestly don't know much about Rosie. I used to love her talk show years ago - the first season or two - but don't really know what else she's been doing on the artistic side. I don't count the View. She was being herself there. I really agree with it taking more than just accumulating talent to make something work.

Back to cooking!!

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Clay Aiken On Rosie Live <<(link to You Tube)

HAHA that was fun!! I didn't know Rosie had a son called Parker.... so that's what she and Clay have in common?!?!

ChaCha, those are AMAZING cookies.... how long did it take you to do those? And people are really going to DESTROY your work of art with their teeth? If I'd made those, no one would be allowed to touch them...

p.s. did you know Barbara Walters' dog is called ChaCha, or was it ChaChaCha like the dance?

ETA: Kimberley Locke: ‘Clay & I Aren’t Really Friends Anymore’ I wonder why she feels the need to say that, why not just say they haven't seen each other for a long time. Why make it sound 'controversial' when they were such close friends during a life-changing time in their lives. I am sad to hear that because clearly Kim proved that she is a loyal and trustworthy friend, i.e. Clay said she was the only one he told about being gay, and she respected his privacy all this time.

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I only watched the clip, not the show. Clay was on 95% of it. :) He looked great and did his part perfectly and the only thing I'd change is that I would've used the other camera more, the one that's nicely zoomed on a head and shoulders shot.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it today!

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Happy Thanksgiving, USA! I have to work. Oh joy. The big boss is in town. Greeeeeaaaat. Turducken for lunch. Ewwwww. And I hope y'all will bring lots of parade reports to the board! I'll be relying on the clack for this one, unfortunately.

In studio report from Rosie's Gala, via CH:

irishbookgal just called from after the show:

They were given 6th row seats off to the side.

They could see some of the actors in between scenes but never saw Clay.

They could hear the director talking to Rosie and they were running behind. They heard him tell her they were changing what side of the stage Clay (referred to as the actor) was to exit the stage to keep things moving along better. Rosie said you better tell the actor.

No Clay, A. Baldwin or Harry came out to take a bow at the end. Others did including KG in regular clothes.

Lots going on when they were at commerical. Rosie joked with audience as they touched up her make up.

They received blackberrys, video camera, GPS, loads of gift certificates and bag of toothpaste and electric toothbrushes. 2000.00 worth of goodies.

From CV:

on the phone now with ibg & ClaysFayevorite they are at Juniors for dessert. They asked a couple of girls who had been to Spam if Clay did the 2nd 1/2 and they were told no.

claytonic, maybe Kim was asked the question and just gave an honest answer? I bet it was just a small part of a much larger interview, but she can't control the way they spin it, any more than Clay can when he is interviewed and things he says are blown out of proportion or used in the wrong context or whatever.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

All I did yesterday was make the pie. OY! The squirel tails made from the leftover pie crust taste good. Happy eating!

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Day parade. Looking forward to seeing Clay again. I wonder if he'll be dressed as Sir Robin again? If not I'm looking forward to his sartorial splendor.
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Enjoy the Thanksgiving Day parade. Looking forward to seeing Clay again. I wonder if he'll be dressed as Sir Robin again? If not I'm looking forward to his sartorial splendor.

Is that what we're calling his variety of fugly sweaters now? :cryingwlaughter:

Seriously, I hadn't thought about what Clay would be wearing before you brought it up. I hope it's one of his expensive and tailored overcoats. In deference to merieeee, I will refrain from posting a front view of the sNOwflake photo, but you have to admit it was a verra, verra nice coat....


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I watched the show until Ne-yo started singing, then went back to work.....yeah, she was trying too hard and there was too much politics.

I thought Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin were GREAT!!!! - looked to me like they were trying to calm Rosie down, she was a bundle of nerves, and IMO needs to understand that a family-friendly variety show doesn't mean just HER family and friends, a lot of the stuff was more like a later-at-night talk show.

Liza startled me, because I had just watched one of those complete-history-of-Judy-Garland shows the other day, and she looked so much like her mother it was striking. I almost was afraid it was one of those singing with Bing or Nat moments! :-O But Liza seemed infectiously happy, and also looked like she just wanted to sit Rosie down and make her more comfortable, Rosie seemed (to me) kinda terrified.

Clay was adorable. And yes, to me, cracking jokes on yourself is vastly different than being made fun of.

Not all of us Republicans are ultra-conservative or homophobic...I happen to agree with the review...I didn't think it was family friendly, it was unfunny and I didn't think Rosie was a very good host.

You know I really am getting tired of being bashed for my beliefs...not only are you intolerant, but insulting as well...

I can see why you felt bashed, people do take things personally on a fan board. Why, some here ALWAYS assume every post with a differing opinion is meant just for them! :-O

Anyway, why worry about the opinion of someone who hadn't, ya know, even watched the show?

Totally irrelevant opinion! I skip 'em or just disregard them, it's easy!

As a liberal non-homophobic Democrat, I had to agree with a lot that guy said. The jokes and politics talk were jarring, to me. I was hoping for more of a Carol Burnett type of thing.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! It has been such a bad year for me that I am thankful I am here - with a LOT of help from my friends! I feel like watching Elton John's I'm Still Standing video! (It made my top ten video list - which only has about 6 or 7 on it!)

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Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Days until Clay's Golden Birthday!


38 Days until The Closing Night of Spamalot! :cry:

60 Days until Golfing For Inclusion! :yahoo:

Everyone have a great day!


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm off to visit my Mom for today...and to break to her the news that I won't be there for Christmas this year, because I will be seeing boyfriend. I'm honestly not sure how she'll take this. But we'll go see her again right after New Year's.

luckiest, I've actually always wanted to try turducken! Sure, it looks weird, but since I really like all three ingredients....

Sad I'll be missing the parade live!

Seriously, I hadn't thought about what Clay would be wearing before you brought it up. I hope it's one of his expensive and tailored overcoats. In deference to merieeee, I will refrain from posting a front view of the sNOwflake photo, but you have to admit it was a verra, verra nice coat....


Guh. I've always loved that picture. Nice coat too.

Oh man before I leave...I think I need to watch Sir Robin from last night again...

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EEEEE! Bottlecap, thanks for the early reports!

ldyj, I will try to go in with an open mind. I am not that much of a meat eater, but I've been assured that the turducken is served buffet style.....so maybe I can fill up on the veggies? :P

I had to rewatch Clay's bit from Rosie's special twice this morning. He was just so cuuuute! It was such great promotion for both him and for Spamalot, IMO. And I agree, cracking on yourself is vastly different from someone else doing it. Plus, I really liked the joke, I thought it was funny, and it emphasized (to me) how there are many other similarities between the two of them more important than that they are both gay. YMMV obviously.

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Mayor Bloomberg is the first guest during the parade coverage. He's actually at the desk with the anchors chatting with them, which is what I hope Clay does. It works much better than having the anchors try to do an interview remotely while the subject is out along the parade route.

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I find the "Clay and I aren't really friends anymore" thing kind of sad, whatever the context. Oh well.

ETA: Haven't heard anything about Clay yet... *pins and needles*

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Happy Thanksgiving FCA!!!

I don't know what Clay will be wearing on the parade this morning, but here I am all decked out for the holiday:


ETA: EEEEEEEE!!! There he is!!! :flirtysmile3:

ETA2: Awwww, I loved hearing him talk about Parker and how he thinks of him first now and that the world is for him... :wub:
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