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#45: He Owns Us...


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You know, it really is incredible how much 'stuff' Clay has experienced in a (relatively) few short years. I wonder if simply sits and shakes his head sometimes? I'm sure when he stood in line in Atlanta, he dreamed of platinum records and performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, but....

I mean seriously - did he ever imagine his caricature on the wall in Sardi's? That he would travel internationally as a UNICEF ambassador? That his hopes and dreams for inclusion for all children would be that much closer to fruition because of a foundation that he created?

I really believe that his story only could have happened in Season Two of AI - before we saw 'behind the curtain', while the show was still innocent (IMO only of course). Something special happened - and then five years later, that something happened again. He found just the right show, at just the right time, because I also believe Spamalot was the perfect venue to introduce him to that world. It has gained him new fans, new respect - and a whole new family as well.

How could he not just sit and shake his head at times? I know I do - and I have that ICG permanently etched on my face while doing it.


cindi... N.I.C.E. post. Maybe the head shaking is what messes up his hair... :cryingwlaughter:


anna... I like this, so I stole it!!! Thanks and ditto!!!

And while I'm here, right click to download my son's original composition called "Christmas Jam for the Fam":

Ben triple-tracked on guitar and drums

kimiye... I liked that. Thanks for sharing it!

Just thought we would post a lovely Christmas tree we saw in our travels tonight.


goldarngirl... being from the left coast with lots of lighted palm trees this time of year, I really enjoyed that picture. I can see the snow on our local mountains, tho and I don't believe you guys can from FL, so we're special! :cryingwlaughter::cryingwlaughter:

Just post EIDN from the Gala on Youtube

Merry Christmas and Enjoy

goldarngirl... luckiest.... A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I love your Best Of series, but this takes the prize for my favorite... mostly cause now I don't have to watch six videos to get all the angles anymore... you did all the work for me... thanks!!! :cryingwlaughter:

Well, it only took me 2 hours and 25 minutes to drive 70 miles. We had a lovely meal (bbq ribs cooked outdoors on the grill) and opened presents. I got Momma Mia, as requested. I can't wait to watch it... I kinda sorta like Pierce Brosnan even if he can't sing... :cryingwlaughter: Drive back only took me 1 hour. Whew!!!

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Its all about over now and it's been a lovely day. It was very hot and humid so the cricket match didn't last too long, just long enough for no2 son to try out his new bat, hat and stumps. We had too much food, as usual. I did a cold buffet of turkey, ham and salads and then my mum, MIL, and step mil, turned up with enough food to also feed all eleven of us so we probably could have fed 33! Thank goodness I persuaded them to take it back home with them.
Thank you aikim and muski for the lovely posts .
Thank you to all who hang here for the good wishes and support (and spirited debate!) I feel throughout the year. Hoping everyone feels peaceful tonight.
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Good Morning Everyone,

Merry Christmas to All!

2 Days until Clay is on The Waiting List! :yahoo:

10 Days until The Closing Night of Spamalot!


32 Days until Golfing For Inclusion! :yahoo:

Everyone have a great day!


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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

I am up early starting the food for today. I have both my sons, who live within a hour away, and their wives here this afternoon. My middle son who lives in Florida could not come home because of work but we have talked to him last night and he is going to be with some friends today. I decided to have non traditional food today. I am sick of ham and turkey. My one DIL does not eat red meat, so I am having a chicken casserole, brocolli and cauliflower salad, fruit salad, bean soup, beer bread, and assorted desserts. Also assorted drinks. Got the soup going in the crockpot this minute, about ready to start the veg salad, made the fruit salad last night, and then I can cook the chicken for the casserole. Everyone will be here about 2.

To Clay: You have made me enjoy myself this year with one of my dear friends who did at first have a hard time with the news but has resolved that feeling. We both never dreamed that we could talk our husbands into seeing you in New York, especially with the lost of my husband job, but we did and we will never forget the great time we had seeing you. I am so looking forward to a great year. Enjoy your Christmas with your family. You deserve it.

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Liney, I cannot BELIEVE you drove almost 2.5 hours and then had to drive another hour home! I am sure it was worth it but the thought of such a long drive stresses me!! LOL

Have a great day everyone, although the domestic goddesses on this board make me quite "sick"! (yes, lookin' at you aikim!!)

Here's something to keep you and/or your grandkids amused. Make sure the sound is on!

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"waves to Claytonic"

I am afraid this morning I took the easy way out for breakfast...Cinnabon cinnamon rolls; juice, coffee...maybe some sausage and hash browns. Was going to make french toast but I am just too tired.

Two hours until chaos ensues!


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We opened a lot of presents last night, and will be opening stocking gifts this morning. Sometimes the best gifts are small, so there are still lots of treasures to discover! We will be traveling to Ft. Collins today to spend the later part of the day with my parents and sisters. It's only about an hour's drive, and we always have a good time with them! Plus, doing a pot-luck makes it more fun for everybody.

It warms my heart to think of Clay spending his Christmas with his new son. I'm so happy that he's finally been blessed with what he wanted the most!

And since this is so cuuute, and hasn't been posted on this page yet, here is ClaySanta!


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

A Buddhist said, “Tell me, what is this day you cherish so, that you call Christmas?” And the stranger from the West said, “Christmas is not a day, really. It is light, I think. It comes when days are shortest and darkest and hearts despair, and it reminds us that winter death is a temporary thing and that light and life are eternal. And it is hope. For it demonstrates how kind and generous and self-forgetting human beings can be. And we know that what people can be sometimes, they can, if they will, be most times. And assuredly it is love. Its symbol is a newborn babe, warm and safe in his mother’s arms. To be sure, he was born a long, long time ago. Yet through the ages his influence as he became a man and the truths he taught and the love he incarnated have proved stronger and dearer in matters that matter most than all the kings and armies and governments of history. Oh, whatever else it may be, Christmas indeed is love.”

“I think I understand,” the Buddhist said. “Christmas is like a lotus blossom. When it blooms, it holds, as in a chalice, the beauty of the world.”

“Yes, you do understand,” said the Stranger from the West. “When it comes, Christmas brings the light that redeems us from darkness, the hope that casts out fear, and the love that overcomes the world. ‘It is Christmas!’ We rejoice. And suddenly, the lotus blooms . . .”

- Waldemar Argow

Aw, that's beautiful! Thanks so much for posting it.

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The wonderful graphic artists that I feature in my blog are helping me wish you and yours the best this Christmas Day! Included in this holiday greeting are graphics by AmazingCA, above and, in the clickables, #1, photo by ClayIzzaQT, and #5; cindilu2, #2; ABeautifulMind, photo by fivegoldens, #3; and Ashes, photo by five goldens, #4.






Thank you for this very special board that is all about supporting Clay Aiken and the friends we have made through him.

Merry Christmas, FCA!


Caro listen.gif
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7.gifGood Christmas morning! 6.gif

Mamabear, the cats & I had a nice, quiet Christmas Eve. Decorated my little tree & ate finger foods - crackers & bread sticks with different cheeses, veggies and eggnog - while I tortured teased her by switching the tv back to TBS and the 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" every once in a while! :lol: Will be doing much of nothing today, then make Chicken Marsala for dinner this evening with steamed veggies & pumpkin pie - YUM!

My wish for all here and Clay & family

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Merry Christmas, FCA! Hope everyone has a great day!

All the gifts have been opened, the living room looks like a hurricane just went through, and everyone is having a nap or enjoying their gifts. We may go and see a movie later, then dinner with mom & the kids. No work in sight, wheeeee! Life is good. I hope Clay, Jaymes & Parker are having a lovely Christmas as well. I just get all gooey thinking of Clay celebrating his son's first Christmas. :wub::dadrocks:

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Hey CG..I wasn't really in the Xmas spirt..well a little bit..but not really...but now that I've watched the mother of all Xmas movies, Die Hard, I'm all set :cryingwlaughter::cryingwlaughter: What? It IS a Christmas movie. heee

Also I finally opened up the Walmart OMWH you sent me and I'm wearing my find my grail bracelet. I will wear it until I don't know..I find a job or something heee.

So that's what I am doing wrong! I'm not watching a good, heart-warming Christmas movie like Die Hard! Is Blockbuster open on Christmas Day?? :cryingwlaughter:

Well, its a Christmas miracle! I emailed Amazon with my tale of woe, not expecting a response until after Christmas but when I got up this morning, I had 2 responses from them. One was apologizing all over the place, understanding my "embarrassment" and saying they would refund my shipping charges and that I would be notified when the refund was processed. The other was saying the refund had been processed!

Of course, they also said if I hadn't received the packages by the end of business on July 22, 2008 I should let them know! :cryingwlaughter:

And Couchie, I am glad you are enjoying the CD and the bracelet. I think I may have to start wearing mine....

Off to join the family festivities, where it's a tradition to stick bows from the gifts

on the pets Raleigh-1.jpg

I miss Raleigh!!! And Durham!! I would love to see new pictures of Clay's first babies!

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Bottle... BWAH!!! I like your tradition!


I didn't find him under my tree, but he is still right there in my heart.

cindi... Love this! I have had your blue stars/Christmas tree screensaver on my computer at work all month. Don't think you can top the beauty of that one for January, but feel free to try! :cryingwlaughter:

My son cooked up a mess of delicious BBQ ribs and green beans and the special potato cheese cornflakes casserole they are famous for and it was great, even tho the 3 youngest (2.5, 3.5, and 5 yrs old) were too excited to eat, so dinner was not exactly peaceful... :cryingwlaughter:

Sad story (not too sad, but a little sad)... my daughter calls me a few weeks ago. "Mom, I bought too much for the girls. Have you bought their gifts yet?" "No," I say. She says, "Well, you send me a check and I'll wrap the special Barbies they wanted to be from you." "Cool," says I. She then says,"I want you to give the Barbies to them at DS's Christmas Eve, ok?" "Ok," says I.

So, guess who forgot to bring them last night... and guess who had no presents for the girls! The 5yr old didn't ask, but she looked at me, like... don't we get any??? They'll get them this morning, but it took some of the fun out of last night for me.

I raided my photobucket this morning, so...




Wishing everyone the most fun-filled, love-filled, safe Christmas day!!!


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I know goldarngirl posted a youtube link for the EIDN montage, but I thought I'd drop off this link for anyone who has access to the CV vault. We have uploaded all 5 gala song montages:


Hopefully they will be transferred over to the CH vault and the Clack Unlimited vault soon. And we will keep working to try and get them up to our own site as well, but we are having some techinical difficulties......

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I know goldarngirl posted a youtube link for the EIDN montage, but I thought I'd drop off this link for anyone who has access to the CV vault. We have uploaded all 5 gala song montages:


Hopefully they will be transferred over to the CH vault and the Clack Unlimited vault soon. And we will keep working to try and get them up to our own site as well, but we are having some techinical difficulties......

luckiest.... thanks so much... BUT, it is asking for a login and password.

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May the joy of the season surround you...

Hey annabear, I'm on the laptop at the moment, watching "A Christmas Story"! It's a tradition to watch at least part of it every year. Right now, Ralphie just shot his eye out! Oh no!

My Christmas has been...kinda blucky actually. I was nauseous for most of the day yesterday, and almost didn't make it to church to conduct my bell choir. No Christmas Eve dinner for me. I feel much better this morning, except for a headache. So far, the French Toast and sausage my husband made for breakfast is still tasting good....

Hey Gibby, we have a Wii, and hubby gave me Wii Music to play today! I thought of you the other day when you said you got a Wii -- I'll have to let you know if you would like it!

People.com Star Tracks for December 25


Talk about seeing double! Spamalot star – and new dad – Clay Aiken comes face-to-face with his official Sardi's caricature Tuesday at the Big Apple restaurant famed for its sketches of the stars.

With a CUTE picture!

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Merry Christmas, FCA!

Presents are unwrapped, trash picked up...Alex went back to bed, Carrie's busy loading her new iPod, hubby's braving the nasty weather outside to go get some bagels and coffee, log's burning in the fireplace, Luther Vandross is crooning some Christmas songs on the stereo, and I'm sitting here in my new cozy socks and a verrra, verrra snuggly, soft throw (courtesy of hubby)....checking in with my peeps. :BlowKiss:

I hope everyone finds peace and joy and happiness---or at least a warm hug from someone!

We'll pick up Mom a little later and bring her over for a while. For a present this year, I bought one of those big picture frames that have multiple places for pictures. Then the girls and I went through pictures of them and chose some to put in. I figure we can change the pictures for future occasions---birthdays, Mother's Day, etc. And that will mean more to her than any things we could buy. Got her her usual Whitman's Sampler box of chocolates, too, of course! :)

For Clay? I'm happy for what he seems to have found---love in a thousand different ways!

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