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#46: Avoid the crazy, enjoy the good, and chill.

Couch Tomato

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    • Ain't it grand? We've come a long way babee!
    • I love quirky Clay Aiken
    • Fascinating, outrageous Clay. Give me more. I want more.
    • The twisty tie confuses me EVERYtime
    • Still hotness after all these years!!
    • All that said - Orchestra, Band, Kazoo, Bongos, a capella - I'm there. Just sing for us, baby!!
    • If he's singing, I'm there, no matter what, no matter where!
    • As long as he wears his smile all is well
    • That's not just any man... That's OUR man! You're a GOOD MAN, Clay Aiken!

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Now now muski that's not what I was thinking at all....err....I was thinking how you would get a good look at his rear!!! Yep that's it.

Nope, not me....I've never been particularly fixed on that part of Clay's anatomy (although I must admit that Spamalot dancing has made his ass quite a lot more appealing :hubbahubba: ) No, I'd be watching how he'd manipulate those long, flexible fingers in the holes and then curve that insanely long, tapered thumb over the slick surface of the ball. He'd stand there and bite his lip as he concentrated. Maybe he'd wiggle his fingers a little in the holes to find the best fit and then....and then.....


this sounds like the longest bowling game in history :)

would he wear a shirt with his name on it?

and wear those gross rented shoes?

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No content, just wanted to say hi to everyone.

Yay for the good news about you Mom not needing the walker, couchie!


Bowling... long ago when I still listened to radio, the main Houston pop station DJs referred to <insert appropriate local euphemism from "Grumpy Old Men"> as going bowling.

tribeca, I wonder if they carry shoes in his size?

:loveclaysbutt: and :Iluvclaysbutt:

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the last time I went bowling I was minding my business and ended up getting asked for my phone number from a man!! first time in my life (that was a couple years ago on my birthday)...he didnt call..not such a good memory after all lol

I suck too..but I do an awesome gutterball dance :)

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Hee, wanda. I got the skunk trophy for the lowest score in the league the one year I joined a 10 pin league - 55. :hahaha:

More from toni7babe at CH:

We are sharing our signed items and what he wrote at CV. If anyone is intereted I can bring over the others or I am sure Ms. Marmlade probably will

Here is my post if anyone is interested.

I brought my I Will Carry YOU CD. It was one sent to radio stations when the song was released for a single. I had bought it on Ebay. It's my fav professional pic of Clay after the All is Well CD cover pic. I told him that and he said All is Well pic he liked also. Jaymes had never seen the CD and wanted to see it and asked questions about it.

He signed

To Sam,

All My Love Always,

Clay Aiken

NOTE: Sam is my real name, toni board name

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How sweet!!

Clay took a lot of care with signing all of our items and wrote some cute or funny or endearing things on every item. All different I think. And guess what you can read his signature well haha!!


And this one is from another member of the group:

I think I'm the last one home. I had a 3 hour bus ride that took over 5 hours. Sheesh. And then a 1.5 car ride back to the condo with DH, stopping to eat and debriefing. lol.. It all seems surreal. I miss everyone already. What a wonderful group of fans. Val, you are the best.

I can't post what I had signed because my scanner is back in Pa. while we are wintering in Myrtle Beach. But Clay signed a picture of him and me that was taken during Broadway Cares the night I was the peasant and I am holding the foot. He signed it...Shirley, Find Your Grail, Clay Aiken. I'll try to remember to post it when I get back to Pa. in the Spring.

I want to send out a huge thank you to Kristy, Clay, and BAF for working with us and making plan B happen. It wasn't an easy job, but the evening went beyond all our expectations. Clay was adorable, relaxed, and extremely gracious. He treated us with respect and it felt like chatting with an old friend. I was lucky enough to sit directly across from Jaymes and Clay was beside her, so my vision was perfect. OMG, he is gorgeous.

Clay in a man in charge. And a man content. I got no vibes that he is anything other than happy with the blessings he has in his life. He was surrounded by love at that table and you could feel it.

From WinkAtMe from CV:

Here is my item....wasn't at all prepared since I had NO expectations of what happens at things like this.


Love the little WINK at the end!

From terter4aiken at CV:

Since claym8 posted her signed item I'll go ahead and post a pic of mine.




I just wanted to add that I had asked Clay to sign my hoodie "From one Carolina fan to another..." . He said he couldn't sign it that way, so he asked me what I wanted him to say instead. I jokingly said (not really ) "You could always say you'll love me forever" and laughed. When he handed it back I read it and melted.

From mercedes at CV:

I would just like to add that Val, our leader, was BRILLIANT!!!! It was quite an afternoon!!!!

She is the best and we love her dearly.

It was a fantastic experience and I am very fortunate to have attended. For those that said there was no EEEEEEEEEEE, believe me there was plenty. I was pinching Carol so hard when I first saw him . He looked absolutley gorgeous!!! I love him inside and out.

Clay signed the front and inside of my new Mac AIR. Don't know how to scan but it is real pretty to see.

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I don't think it was fair of Clay to ask that of the fans there since he has to know how much the poor underprivileged fans who can't afford to spend $26000 for something would want to share in that evening and what a bad position it would put them in and since I doubt he revealed anything too super-seekrit or personal, I don't see why he asked that of them.

While I agree that Clay would not have shared anything secret or personal, I think it's been adequately explained why he asked that of them - so he could have a relaxing evening where his every word (and those of his guests) did not have to be parsed or examined. IMO. Good enough for me.

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Hello, FCA! :BlowKiss:

So happy for the CV 10/11! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all their reports and can understand Clay's parameters. I sincerely hope the phone call to xxx4clay was magical, speeding up her recovery and return home. :friends:

Glued to the inaugural activities, I wrote a blog about Tuesday's events, including Clay's "Weight of the World" montage in the final paragraph. I was amazed that Google still picked up the Clay Aiken link. Hope you enjoy: Carolina On My Mind.

Have a great weekend, all! :clay:

Caro listen.gif

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