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American Idol 8

Couch Tomato

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YO DAWG, my homeboy!

I have only just started watching this on YouTube although a friend told me I could watch it live. The broadcast time is not good for me.

My favorites are Adam and Anoop. I think Adam has a great voice and is a seasoned performer. Not sure about Anoop's voice but I just love his personality, his parents are fabulous. Anoop perfectly fits the description of tall, dark and handsome with a personality and intelligence to boot. The girls will go wild for him. But I was a little disappointed with his Michael Jackson song choice and performance.


Someone made this comment on YouTube

Anoop said that he only tried out for American Idol because he knew that Latika, his true love, would be watching

I thought it was hilarious (of course you'd need to have read the book or seen the movie - Slumdog Millionaire.)

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I DVR'd AI this week and watched it last night. I was reminded more of Season 2 than any season since, and maybe because I thought the medley was decent, the finalists are living together in a mansion, and there are some quality singers this year.

My personal favorites (with the caveat that all I've seen is this week) are the 16 year old girl with bright red hair -- Danny -- Lil -- and Kris, the cute guy with the guitar. Adam is a showman, and he did a great job on his MJ song, but I wonder if he will wear well, week after week. I'm skeptical. But as a whole I think this could be the best season Idol has had in a few years. I started watching last year and dropped out early because there were too many singers I couldn't stand to hear sing!

I thought Kelly looked and sounded great last night, even though I'm not a fan of that song. I prefer her voice and stage presence about a 1000 times over that of Carrie Underwood's.

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Problem with that article is that Alexis was voted off last night--and according to Dial Idol, she was last.

yeah I guess they didn't fix it right :lol: the article disappeared a while ago

http://www.theinsider.com/news/1865406_ ... _of_Motown

Wednesday March 25, the remaining contestants will pay tribute to the historic record company and perform classic Motown songs.

The following night, Thursday March 26 -- legendary Motown singer and producer Smokey Robinson will take the stage to perform. "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard will also appear on the show to perform his new single "Together".

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Jeez! Can Adam Lambert even sing or just hit those freaking falsettos?

ETA: Not that the falsettos aren't interesting, but it's a little one-note... no pun intended.

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From TopIdol:

As I reported before, the Top 4 will be performing Rock songs next week.

However, it will be limited to classic rock, i.e.,

songs of the 1970s-80s.

This week, the contestants WILL BE doing TWO songs, however…in another

twist differentiating this season’s Top 4 show from previous ones,

American Idol will be taking inspiration all those international editions of


The Top 4 will not only be performing solo renditions of classic rock songs from

the 1970s and 80s…the even number means there will be also be DUET


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Adam Lambert's performances

I think Adam is an extraordinary singer, I'd like to see him do a duet with Lady Gaga. I didn't like the winner's single, and I have yet to find someone who does.

I am trying to find Kris Allen's performances, I would be just as happy for him to win.


This link has all the performances


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