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I agree that bullying people who are gay is a societal problem as is making fun of fat people, buxom women, people with disabilities, people with foreign accents and people who don't meet society's standards for attractiveness. So I think it is beyond just being different from those who are considered typical.

I agree that comedians rather than being self-deprecating, tend to make fun of others. And of course no one wants to be in that group, so they also make fun of others. I agree it's very cruel and sets a really bad example but as long as people want to be in the cool group, they have to put others in the not perfect group.

Being shy, I always associated with the underdogs and felt more comfortable with them. Hopefully, I was a good influence on my sons as they are kind and will stop to help anyone in need.

I don't really know what can change things other than letting people know when we are offended and trying to set an example.

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Remember Pam Spaulding who interviewed and blogged (PamsHouseBlend.com) about Clay at the HRC Carolina's Gala? She's written for CNN about the Tyler Clementi suicide: Why did Tyler Clementi die?

Good article, thanks for posting, jmh!

Now if only someone would point out just how similar some of the crap PH has pulled on folks (albeit celebs). I think he is using this and other incidents to boost/repair his image and it sickens me. As for Pam, I absolutely love her!

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I'm home today so watched the opening statement in the Caylee case and all I have to say is OMG. So the defensive is that Caylee drowned in the swimming pool and George Anthony found the body and they covered the whole thing up. Also the family is being painted as dysfunctional with her father and brother molesting Casey. OK I know George and Cindy want to stand by their daughter but would they go THIS far? He is now denying everything. I wonder if he was blindsided by all of this.

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